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Dating A Narcissist: Common Signs And Red Flags

Dating A Narcissist: Common Signs And Red Flags

dating a narcissist
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“Sometimes you need to stop seeing the good in people 
and start seeing what they show you.”

Have you seen the old movie Gaslight (1944), the movie form where the term “gaslighting” became a thing? The film beautifully showed what is the true nature of a narcissist, by saying lying is their only answer to justify a dysfunctional behavior. It said,

“Narcissists often have addictions and are unfaithful and they will lie to cover up their affairs or drinking, gambling or drugs. This can make the gaslightee doubt their perception of reality. Narcissists will often create a conflict so that they can go to see their affair partner or create the space to take part in their addiction of choice.”

Dating A Narcissist

“Never try and defend yourself against a narcissist. 
They already know you’re right, 
they just want you to go crazy trying to prove it.”

The two things that create the base of a narcissistic personality are extreme cases of self-centeredness and self-obsession. These are common in people who do not give a fuck about what others need, wish, and think. 

In theory, narcissists have great jobs, money, they are good-looking and overall successful. Traditionally you might think that is all you look for in a long-term partner in life but never fall for such traditional beliefs. Once you are in a relationship with such a person the behavior shift is more subtle. 

At first, it will be all about candlelight dinners, gifts, the over-pouring of love, romantic texts, and compliments. But all these are just roles they are playing to ultimately gain what they want, it’s all about what they want. 

Recognize A Narcissist: Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

“I walked away because you were too busy finding faults in me 
and I was busy overlooking yours.”

You don’t have to be a psychologist to recognize a narcissist. These are diagnosable personality disorders, that can make a person very difficult, irritating, and dangerous to be in a relationship with. 

There are certain clear red flags that you should look for if you suspect someone is a narcissist. 

1. Everything Is Always About Them

The one thing a narcissist loves is to talk about themselves. They will somehow divert every conversation to themselves. 

If you are dating a narcissist, then I can guarantee that you know more about them than they know about yours. As a narcissist is not interested in talking and listening to anything that is not about them. 

2. They Are Entitled

A narcissist thinks the world revolves around them. They will always talk about how they know certain people, all the places they have traveled to, and the things they have. 

They are the epitome of “self brag,” no one can brag more than a narcissist. So they think they deserve special treatment just for being born and their “achievements.”

3. They Are Charming

You will never see a narcissist who is not charming and good-looking, no matter whether a guy or a girl, they are very attractive. But they are like a chameleon, who will change their appearance whenever they want, to trick you.

For them, seduction is just a game they love to play and they usually like to win. Once they won you over, they are quick to lose interest in you and scan for a new target.

4. Always A Hero Or A Victim

If you are looking for red flags in your relationship with someone with a narcissistic personality, listen to their stories closely. 

In every story they tell either about their family, friends, past relationships, or their jobs, they are either the victim or the hero of the story. This is a way of seeking attention and validation from the listener. 

5. They Love To Look At Themselves

One thing you should know about is that a narcissist loves to look at themselves, this is something in common for people with a personality disorder.

So it is highly possible a narcissistic people will always have a mirror with them or they look for one to look at themselves. 

The other way is, for someone with narcissistic behavior will take a lot of pictures and selfies, when they are out with you. 

6. No Empathy

The one thing that you can count on from a narcissist is that they will not be showing any form of empathy towards anyone, no matter what. Emotions like these are not something they are used to.

These people are just bad when it comes to understanding how others are feeling, and how certain actions and words of theirs might affect others. They are way too self-obsessed to even try to understand others.

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7. They Need Constant Validation & Attention

When it comes to receiving attention and validation, narcissistic people are like a never-ending dark pit. They would never get tired of hearing about themselves, especially from others.

When you dig deeper, inside their psyche, you will understand that they are a hollow pit of emotions, that stems down to some childhood issues. For them, no amount of external attention and praise can fulfill their emptiness.

8. They Have A Great Ability To Dispose Of People

At the slightest conflict and problem, people like these will dispose of you quite easily. They are great at cutting ties with people and moving on with their life. 

Narcissists don’t have emotional attachments with people other than themselves, this is why they don’t have many long-term friendships or relationships. 

9. They Are Overly Concerned About Their Reputation 

The thing that people with narcissistic behavior care about is what other people think of them. They don’t care about others, emotions, or anything else, but only about their own reputation. 

If the two of you fight in front of others, then they are more concerned about what the other people are thinking than fixing things with you. 

10. They Get Injured Easily

People with narcissistic behavior and personality, are quick to take offense at things that were not intended for them. They will take everything very seriously and get angry and hurt in the process. 

It is important that you notice red flags as such that way you will know what to do early in the relationship. Always trust your own instincts whenever you are dating a narcissist. 

Wrapping Up!

If you are already in a relationship with a narcissist then you already know and suffered through a lot. It is not only physically and mentally exhausting but, emotionally exhausting as well. 

But if you are not sure whether you are dating a narcissist or not, then this article is going to be a great help to you. Make sure to like us with a comment down below, if you wanna know more about narcissistic personality.

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