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How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone [Guy Or Girl In 2023]

How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone [Guy Or Girl In 2023]

how to stop obsessing over someone
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It’s quite common to obsess over someone, everyone has done it once or twice in their lifetime, if not more. But there is a difference between obsessing over someone and becoming a creepy stalker over your obsession with that person. 

Stalking is never the right thing to do, moreover, it’s a crime and you can be put behind bars in some states, for stalking. So you must know the difference, and if the obsession is going out of hand, then learn how to stop obsessing over someone. 

So if you are looking for ways you can stop obsessing over someone, then here are the best ways you can go about that. Also, so keep on scrolling to know what these ways are. 

How To Stop Obsessing Over Someone?

how to stop obsessing over someone

Obsessing over someone is fine till it doesn’t cross the line between sweet and creepy. But then it becomes unhealthy and illegal when it becomes creepy, and that is when you need to know how to stop obsessing over someone you can’t have.

Here are 10 ways you can stop obsessing over someone, and get back to your normal life. So keep on scrolling to know all of them.

1. Stop Stalking Them (Online Or Real Life)

Stop Stalking Them

It’s time that you keep aside your spy cameras, and night vision goggles, and stop scouring social media to see when they are online and what they are doing every minute. 

This is when you need to understand that you wasting your precious time on someone else, who doesn’t even know you exist is just not worth it. 

2. Remember that they have flaws too

Remember that they have flaws too

No human being is perfect, so it is important to understand that everyone has flaws, no one is perfect. 

So as soon as you understand that, the faster you will understand that the guy or google you are obsessing on, is not perfect as you are making them be. This will make it easier for you to get over your obsession with them. 

3. Distract Yourself

There are many things you can do to distract yourself from obsessing over them. So somewhere, or the easiest way is to go shopping. This way at least for a day you won’t feel the need to stalk them or obsess over them. 

4. Let Your Friends Help You

Let Your Friends Help You

What are friends for, if not to help you through tough times, or while you are doing something rather stupid, for which you might get into trouble? 

So if you are thinking of doing something stupid, call your most trusted friend and tell them everything and see what they suggest you do. 

5. There Are Other Cute Guys & Girls

Why are you even obsessing over someone, who doesn’t even know you? Look around you, there are many fish in the sea for you. 

There are enough cute girls and guys for you to choose from, who will like you back and know about your existence. So go find someone like that other than stalking someone random person. 

6. Think About Them Once In A While

Think About Them Once In A While

Okay, I can understand that it’s not easy forgetting someone, you have been obsessing for so long. They have become such an important part of your life and not thinking about them is not as easy as some people might think. 

But don’t think of them all day, every day, once in a while is enough to think about that person. Don’t forget to live your life in the process. 

7. And Then Let It Go

Then Let It Go

You may be thinking of him for a maximum of half an hour. But once that period is over, force yourself to divert your mind and not think of them the rest of the day. 

That way you can control your obsessive behavior and not let it go out of control into something illegal. Letting go can be difficult but not impossible if you try hard enough. 

8. Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

You should realize that you have spent a lot of time obsessing over them and let yourself go that shouldn’t be happening. 

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So the best therapy you should treat yourself with is self-care therapy, with skin care treatments, a spa, and a mud bath since you deserve, to feel the best self. 

9. Do Things You Love

Do Things You Love

What do you love the most, watching movies, reading books, or going out with your friends? So what are you waiting for there is no best time to do what you love than the present. 

Time doesn’t wait for anyone to catch up you need to go along with it then you shouldn’t waste such precious time obsessing over someone when you can be ‘obsessed’ with living your best life

10. Slowly Distance Yourself From Them

The best way to know how to stop obsessing over someone is if you slowly distance yourself from them, and remove their existence from your life. 

And then you will notice that with time their memory will fade away from your mind, and their presence won’t affect you at all. This is what closure is all about, it’s not a myth if done right. 

Wrapping Up!

Growing an obsession over someone is not in your hands, you can’t always control it, but you can learn how to stop obsessing over someone. 

The road toward closure is difficult, but not impossible, so if you think you have wasted a lot of time obsessing then, it’s time for you to let them go.  

Now that you are aware of a few of the ways how to stop obsessing over someone, then you can apply these in your life as well. If you like this article then give us a like and comment down below.

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