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What Are You Looking For In A Relationship? Just Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Today!

What Are You Looking For In A Relationship? Just Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Today!

What Are You Looking For In A Relationship
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If you have landed here seeking an answer to a very strange and personal question like, ‘what are you looking for in a relationship,’ then chances are you are about to get into a relationship. It is also possible you have just met someone who is making you ask these questions.

If you think about it, how will I tell you what YOU are looking for in a relationship as an individual?

I might be looking for loyalty, but you might be looking for someone who will make your wildest dreams come true. Or maybe you are just looking for a partner who will make you feel stable and secure. But stability and security might not be my immediate relationship priorities.

What I am trying to say is that different people have different expectations from their romantic relationships. So, it’s always better to ask YOURSELF what it is that you are seeking in a romantic partner or, to put it in a better way, your significant other.  

But having said that, I can understand that sometimes, love is not enough to be in a relationship with someone. Or attraction is not enough to make the relationship strong. And no, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. I am here to help – your favorite relationship blogger on the internet.

While I don’t know what you exactly need from a relationship, I can help you with the questions you need to ask yourself to determine what it is you are looking for in a relationship. And that my friend will give you the direction you need to figure such stuff out. Let’s get cracking, shall we?

But Why Is It Important To Know What You Are Looking For In A Relationship?  

In case you have no idea what you are looking for, then how will you even know if you have found the right person? Do you know why the best of us end up in relationships that are inherently wrong for us? Because we are so indecisive about our relationship standards.

After all, you can’t take these casually – they’re a significant part of your life. When you know what you exactly want to need from a relationship, you will know who is right for you. Moreover, it will also stop you from settling for just about anyone who shows interest in you.

When you ask what are you looking for in a relationship, you are trying to find out what kind of life partner you need in your life.

This basically indicates that any individual who does not come close to your standards is not really worth your attention, energy, and, most importantly, time. Knowing what you actually want saves you time.

What Are You Looking For In A Relationship? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Why Is It Important To Know What You Are Looking For In A Relationship

Now that I have been able to establish why it’s important to know what are you looking for in a relationship, let’s check out all the questions that will help you find out the answer!

Yes, scroll down to find out the questions you ask yourself if you want clarity on what it is that you need in a relationship.

Don’t forget what I said at the very beginning: Everyone is different and has different priorities! But the questions we need to ask ourselves to find out what we need is similar. After much research and experience, here we are with the top 20 questions you need to ask yourself before getting involved with someone for real!

1. Space, Time, And Everything In Between:  

If you love your own space and enjoy spending time alone, then a clingy partner is not the one for you.

That’s not really a compatible scenario, but if you both can understand each other’s needs in terms of space and time, then that can work out.

Question To Ask: Do I like being on my own for some time every other day?

2. To PDA Or Not To PDA:  

While a few of us don’t care about PDA, there are many who love it. The question is: which one is you, and more importantly, which one is your partner?

If you love PDA, but your partner is more into a private display of love, then that’s not really a good thing for you.

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Question To Ask: Do I like PDA, or am I into a private display of affection?

3. Money Matters:  

The truth is money matters, and the faster you understand this, the better. Now, how is your relationship with money?

For instance, I dated someone really rich compared to me a long time ago, and eventually, I ended the relationship because it was just not my thing. For me, I need to be on par with my partner. But what about you?

Question To Ask: Will I be comfortable with earning more than my partner? Or, will I be comfortable with my partner making more than me?

4. Boundaries Of Love:  

It doesn’t matter what anyone (including me) says, but boundaries are important in any relationship. More importantly, boundaries are not the same for everyone.

So you not just need to establish your boundaries but you also need to find out what are your potential partner’s boundaries. For instance, what you might think of as cheating is healthy flirting for your partner.

Question To Ask: How do I define cheating in a relationship? What are my boundaries in a romantic relationship?

5. Modern Love:  

2023 is almost over, and of course, we are no longer interested in traditional roles in a relationship. But that’s what I assume. It is possible that there are people who seek a traditional relationship, and your potential partner is one of them.

Meanwhile, you are not interested in keeping up with traditions – now, that will make things difficult some day or the other.

Question To Ask: What is my idea about roles in the relationship? Is it a 50-50 partnership, or is it all rooted in gender roles?

And It’s A Wrap!  

So, what are you looking for in a relationship? Just ask yourself the five questions I have mentioned above. And trust me, you will know what you are looking for in a relationship. Even if you need to do some more thinking, you will at least have some clarity on what you need in the relationship!

Don’t forget to come back and let us know if this is helpful. I need some validation at the end of the day, too!

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