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10+ DIY Homemade Fleshlights & Pocket Pussy Ideas

10+ DIY Homemade Fleshlights & Pocket Pussy Ideas

Homemade Fleshlights
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When it comes to sex toys, men are not at all deprived of sex toys, but over the last decade, production increased by 1000%. Whether you go to an online website or an actual store, there are plenty of fleshlights pocket pussies available for guys. 

But what if you don’t want any fleshlights? What if you think spending money on a pocket pussie is just useless? Well, we agree – except, we think instead of buying these, you can just make a few at home – and watch wonders happen. 

Yes, you can make these at home! Stay tuned to find out more about the same

10 DIY Homemade Fleshlights & Pocket Pussy Ideas:

Now that you know you can mke fleshlights at home, why do you even want to buy them? 

Nonetheless, buy them if you can afford to do so or if you prefer real toys.

But if you don’t want to buy fleshlights, then it is quite easy to know how to make a homemade fleshlight for your dick to grind into. 

So if you are that hard up, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands, by that, I don’t mean literal hands cuz that’s way too boring by now. Now let’s get creative, guys!

1. Towel & Latex Glove  

Towel & Latex Glove

Among the most popular and cheap homemade fleshlight pocket pussy is made with towel & latex gloves. This is nothing but a simple rollout of the towel that has been folded in half.

Then inside it, put a latex glove with a condom inside of it, just leaving it an inch out of the towel roll. Lastly, tie all of it with a rubber band, and there you go, are all set.

2. Toilet Paper Roll  

The Prison Fifi

“Unless you’re a very aggressive masturbator, you could probably still use the loo roll after.” One of the cheapest ways of making a homemade pocket pussy with just a toilet paper flashlight.

It is quite easy to make such a homemade fleshlight, just take a roll of toilet paper and pull out the cardboard from inside. In that place, attach a glove and a condom, and there you go, your fleshlight is ready.

3. Sponges & Pringles Can  

Sponges & Pringles Can

If you wanna creep yourself up with a homemade fleshlight, then make one using a Pringles can and sponges. I know it’s just sad, but desperate times call for desperate actions.

So just insert two sponges inside the Pringles can, and just like others, add a latex glove and condom to the mix of all things, and you are ready.

4. Banana Masturbator  

Banana Masturbator

Are you that desperate to jerk off? Then here is an even nastier and cheap way of making a homemade fleshlight, using just a banana. Take a banana and cut one tip of it, then hollow it from the inside.

If you think it’s yucky, then you are not wrong, the insides of the banana are going to act as your lube, and any cum that comes out will be caught by the other end of the banana.

5. Plastic Bottle & Damp Sponges  

Similar to the Pringles one, you can create a fleshlight by just using a plastic bottle, sponges, latex gloves, and a condom.

Just cut open the bottle from one side and insert 2 sponges inside. Then insert a latex glove and condom in the middle to hollow space for your dick. Although the inside is about 4 to 5 inches long, you should make do with it, probably.

6. 3 Socks & A Latex Glove  

If you wanna keep it simple when you make a homemade fleshlight, then you will only need 3 socks, a rubber band, and a latex glove. You need to fold 2 socks, and make 2 sides in a hole, then place a glove inside them.

Now wrap the last sock around the special “vagina” that you have created, then pull the glove from the edges. Then seal the place with a strong elastic band.

7. The Prison Fifi  

The Prison Fifi

If you are searching for a fleshlight in the market, then you can easily hear the word “Fifi.” When you talk about Fifi masturbators, it is the most simple type of men’s sex toy, using simple disposable sleeves.

But once you have jizzed, you need to throw it away. This is what is used by the guys who are on a budget. The name is given by prison guys, you used to make them with towels and lukewarm water and with 3 gloves of latex.

8. Naughty Plush Toy  

Naughty Plush Toy

When toys are made with naughty intentions, then who are you not to use them for your own pleasure? For teenage boys using plush soft toys with a hole in the middle, it makes a great option for a homemade fleshlight.

Since you can’t add a glove to it, you should wear a condom on your dick before you jerk off. There are many types of plush toys that you can buy online or in stores as well.

9. Gummy Bears & Towel  

To add an extra layer of pleasure, you can add gummy bears along with your latex gloves. So to make the homemade fleshlight, you need to fold a towel and then add a glove on top of it, leaving one side open.

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But you can add a few gummy bears inside the towel roll to make the sensation more pleasurable. After placing the rolled-up towel inside a plastic cup, pull the rim and secure it around the rim of the plastic cup with a rubber band or duct tape.

10. Jar Of Floral Beads  

Jar Of Floral Beads

“Before I found out about this homemade fleshlight with floral beads, I didn’t even know what floral beads were. Now I know all too well.”

This is an easy one to make, take a jar of floral beads and empty the jar of about ¼ part of it. Then take the latex glove with beads inside of it and pull the open side and pull it over the rim of the jar.

Now you need to properly seal the rim with a rubber band or duct tape. After adding some lube inside of the latex glove, and then you can get down to it and start your jerk off. The squishy and soft texture of the floral beads makes it pleasurable for your dick.

11. Pillow Pumper:

Now, this one’s a classic. You just have to kneel down right beside your bed, and obviously put your dick on the mattress’ top. Then take a cushion or a pillow, and just keep it over your dick, holding both sides over your dick as you start pumping in and out. 

This can be best executed with the help of a glove or a condom especially if you just want to reduce the mess, and it also depends entirely on the mattress’ height. 

Wrapping Up!  

Now that you know these great ways to make the perfect homemade fleshlight, if you are going to start jerking off, make anyone of the fleshlight and pocket pussy.

To make things more interesting you can make multiple of these toys to make things much more interesting for you. So if you like this article, then you can give us a like and comment down below.

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