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Big Differences Between Making Love And Having Sex

Big Differences Between Making Love And Having Sex

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Is there really a difference between making love and sex?

If you have to ask that question, there is a possibility of a seed of doubt already being sown. Now, there is nothing wrong with having a little speculation. But it is healthy to be mindful and analyze the relationship you are in currently.

Especially if going gently through the night has led to a few betrayals in the past relationship. In this excerpt below, we will give you dating formulas to understand the difference between love making and sex. 

So that you can analyze data with a sane mind rather than going crazy with petals of, ‘does he/she loves me, ‘does he/she love me? Not.’

How will you understand the difference?

sexual drive

– To begin with, you should always ask yourself. Your intuition often doesn’t lie. However, there is a difference between intuition and anxiety. So, how will you know the difference?

Anxiety is often a loud voice that stresses you out, and intuition is the calm voice in your head.

Sex is a basic instinct of human nature, and according to Freud’s pleasure and aggression theory, sexual drive reduction is a fundamental function of life. But there are many things that Mr.Freud said are questionable, so let’s not get in there.

But with this, you will understand that indulging in sexual activity because you need a release of that libido, or having sex for the pleasure and the emotions you have for that individual, is different, aka love making.

– From the psychology of love making to crude language, and in layman’s terms, if there are no emotions involved, someone can f*** anyone just for that release.

So, what is making love? Let’s find out!

What The H!*l Is Making Love!

He Is Making Love

Is it just a cheesy phrase we have gathered from the endless series of romantic novels and tear-jerking romcoms, or is it a real thing? Should we completely dismiss the idea of emotionally attached sex, something that physically prevents us from finding that release elsewhere?

The simple answer is no!

When you express your deep feelings towards your partner during the act of sex, that is known as love making. This means this is a sex which is traditionally more romantic and thoughted through rather than just giving into your basic human instincts.

Whether we are talking about passionate love making or someone just starting to explore the physical side of affection, two people tend to be emotionally connected. Some might even bring up subjects of spiritual connection.

So, if you are wondering whether your man or woman is indulging in love making or just having sex, then here is your answer. 

(Ladies, here are signs he is making love to you.)

1. They Are Consistent With Their Efforts

Consistent With Their Efforts

If you have yet to understand the difference between consistent effort and booty call, you are just playing naive!

A couple making love will always give equal effort from both ends. That means it is not just random sex at 2 o’clock in the morning when one of you is obliterated drunk and gives the other a call.

It is about going on dates, getting to know each other’s interests, and doing things the other person likes once in a while.

Yes, orgasms are amazing, but ensure that you do not become someone’s free orgasm machine. 

2. If They Are A Demisexual

Demisexual is a brand new term that is coming into the dating limelight quite often. Demi sexual is someone to whom love making is a matter of emotions. In simple terms, it is never just about ‘sex’ for them.

They physically find it impossible to perform sexual acts with just anyone unless they have a strong emotional connection towards them. Now, you might be asking.

But how should I know they are demisexual?

Begin your research through subtle questions during date nights or late-night texting. Try to sound a little philosophical just to hide the fact that you are collecting data for them.

– Do you think there is a difference between sex and making love?

– How important do you think sex is in a relationship?

– Are non-platonic love and sex two different entities or do they come hand in hand?

However, do not scare them with this s**t on the very first day. Instead, stick to your favorite colors and animals. Patience is a virtue!

3. If You Two Are Exclusive

Exclusivity between two people can say a lot about their sexual acts. But, unfortunately, understanding whether someone is exclusive with you will take a little sleuthing and nuanced interrogation.

No, we are not asking you to stock them, but there is nothing wrong with having a discussion. If the sex is just with you, it means they are not seeking sexual pleasure anywhere else.

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This means, with you, it is not just about sex; they are making love, baby! You are their chosen one for a reason.

4. What Happens After The Act

What Happens After The Act

No matter how passionate love making is, it will come to an end at some point. So, if you are still not sure whether it is a romantic or mutual pleasure release, see and understand what happens afterward.

Drop them if they step out of bed and prepare to leave every time you two just finished the act!

– Do they cuddle?

– Ask you questions about your day?

– Offer to bring you food or stay over?

These are the top green signs that they are, in fact, indulging in love making.

5. You Are Exploring More

Now, many might contradict this statement.

‘Sexual exploration has nothing to do with emotions, if you have a particular fetish it is easier to explore that side with a stranger.’

However, your little sex buddy is not really a stranger! You literally meet them frequently, but it is just to have sex. Sometimes when the relationship boils down to just the physical act, many (especially women making love) do not feel the comfort to sexually explore.

Yes, they can get off with the act, but they will rarely talk about their desires and fetishes if you find yourself letting your guard down and exploring some interesting side of sex. Passionate love making has never been so amazing.

The Pleasure Is Mutual!

When couples make love, there is an innate emotional connection. So much so that even romantic loves making scenes on television try to portray them.

You will find the two looking into each other’s eyes, kissing passionately, and sometimes even whispering things to each other. That is making love in all its glory!

It is not always about sex, it is about the action that happens, and it is a pleasurable safe haven for both partners.

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