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How To Tell If A Guy Has A Small Package? [15 Ways To Know]

How To Tell If A Guy Has A Small Package? [15 Ways To Know]

how to tell if a guy has a small package
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Packing a large package is a matter of pride for most guys, but is it that easy to find a guy who is well-hung? 

And you will end up singing “five fingers on it,” by Riri’s Sex with me song. But most of the time, you don’t require five fingers to hold onto it… Sorry girls! Not all guys come packin’. 

But when size matters to you, then why settle for less than what you deserve, teeny-weeny things are not gonna satisfy your thirst and satisfy your needs. But how will you know if you guy has a huge dick or a teeny wiener? 

Signs Of A Small Dick

To know whether the guy you are dating has a huge wiener or not, here are a few signs you should know before having sex, as.

“Banging a guy with a small dick is just fucking nuts!”

1. Always A Chip On His Shoulder

Chip On His Shoulder

As I said before, men feel pride by having a bigger dick, so on the opposite, they always have a chip on their shoulder about a small dick. These men feel inferior when talk of the penis is being talked around them. 

The inferiority complex is very common in men with a teeny weeny. This complex stays with them throughout their adulthood and hampers their confidence even while talking to women. 

2. Always Gives A “Big Dick” Energy

Big Dick Energy

The force of big dick energy can be felt by everyone girl who has seen a few guys… if you know what I mean. You can’t fake big dick energy, but you can force it on other people by overcompensating. 

Guys with a smaller package tend to convert their inferiority complex into aggression and even overcompensation. These are the men who can’t stop talking about their “Game with the ladies,” and how they are the alpha male in every moment. So it is better that you don’t waste your time on these men. 

3. Will Avoid The Penis Subject At All Cost

Will Avoid The Penis Subject At All Cost

“We don’t talk about small penises!” is like the motto for guys with a smaller dick. They tend to avoid such topics at all costs, but we can understand why it’s hard to get over the stigma around the dick size. 

Although it is not a failure to have a small dick, but that is what society has deemed the dick size into. The size of this dick is a matter of pride and even concern among men. 

4. “Size Doesn’t Matter” Is His Go To Topic

Any guy with a smaller dick size always has a defense ready in their favor. The age-old argument that size doesn’t matter is that they have locked and loaded. During a debate, he might outright defend himself or out himself, but he will definitely bring this statement up. 

5. All About The Oral Sex

If during sex, the guy is all about oral sex, then you should know something’s up, but not high enough. Oral sex is good, but that too for a certain time; it can’t be the main attraction. 

But if he is only sticking orally, and that is not enough for you, then it’s best just to cut all ties and leave no strings attached. 

6. Emotional Connection Comes First To Him

If the guy is all about emotional connection and not much into a physical one, then it might seem like a red flag for some people, but not always. 

Building a strong emotional connection is always an important building block in a relationship, but having a satisfying physical relationship is also a very important factor in any relationship. 

7. Has An Inflated Ego

Inflated Ego

The bigger the ego, the smaller the dick size; these things are indirectly proportionate to each other. Though these are not facts, it is often seen as the case most times. 

Ever since you know that you have a smaller-than-average-sized penis, there are two possible things that happen, first is when the guy is a defining factor in their life and wallows in self-pity. 

But on the other side, they overcompensate on other aspects by buffing themselves up, and they work on making them as manly as possible in every other aspect they can. 

8. Ask About His Condom Size

Condom Size

If you are not the type of girl who can psychoanalyze a guy to figure out a guys dick size, then why not just as for his condom size? This is the easiest way to know such things. 

But you cannot outright ask a guy about his penis size, you need to spend time with him and make him comfortable around you before you invade his privacy. There is a process to all these things, have patience. 

9. No Dick Print In Sight

No Dick Print In Sight

Talking about invading privacy, you can check the size of his dick by seeing the dick print or the bulge from outside his briefs. The bigger the junk, the bigger the dick print or bulge.

If you can’t see a prominent bulge or a dick print, then know that there is nothing to see. Other than a cute little thing. 

10. Go For A Swim Together

Have you seen a guy in swim shorts?? They are tight!! Everything is pretty clear and obvious. So if you wanna know the dick size of a guy, then just go for a swim with this guy. Then everything will become crystal clear for you. 

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11. Is He Afraid Of Heights

While rock climbing, you will see that guys have to harness that cinch on both sides of their thighs, and it definitely highlights his thingy. So to know it all, rock climbing seems like a great date idea. 

But wait!! Is your date afraid of heights? Check that before planning such a date. 

12. Check His Butt


I have heard a weird belief that says if a guy has a flat bottom has it packed in the front. But that is not true in all cases, bubble butts also have long dicks. Trust me, I know!😉

13. Try The Fingers

It is often said and researched that you can tell the length of a guy’s dick size by the size of his fingers. According to research, the shorter the index finger of your guy in comparison to his ring finger, the longer his penis is. 

The research is based on 144 adult males, but that doesn’t make this conclusive. So it’s up to you how seriously you wanna take this study. 

14. Feel Him Up 

Feel Him Up

One other easier way to know if the guy you are dating has a big package or a smaller one is if you simply feel him up from the outside. There are other ways to feel a guy up without going all in, so start with a makeout session and then slowly feel him up. Then you will know for yourself. 

15. See For Yourself

One of the easiest ways to know how to tell if a guy has a small package is to just see for yourself. If you have no idea, it’s like Pandora’s box, you won’t know what comes toward you. It can be a caterpillar or an anaconda. 

Wrapping Up!

If you are really interested in a guy, don’t just let him go because of a small dick because there’s more to life than smaller or bigger dicks. So don’t live your life thinking of how to tell if a guy has a small package, but how to have a beautiful relationship

But if you are looking for looking forward to a one-night stand when, why compromise on the size? Your needs are meant to be met.

If you enjoyed this article vigorously then, then leave us a comment down below.

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