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My Wife Yells At Me: How To Deal With This? [8 Helpful Ways]

My Wife Yells At Me: How To Deal With This? [8 Helpful Ways]

my wife yells at me
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It’s not uncommon for a wife to get upset with her husband from time to time. It is also possible that she might yell and even scream at you if she is very angry and upset with you. 

If your wife screaming at you is an occasional thing, then it might not be that much of problematic thing. But if dealing with a screaming wife is a regular thing for you, then it’s possible something is wrong with your relationship; take some time out and think about it. 

How To Deal When My Wife Yells At Me?

How To Deal When My Wife Yells At Me

It is possible that you might not always know the answer to why my wife yell at me but don’t just assume it’s for nothing. It’s definitely for something. If you don’t know, figure it out; never just let it be. 

Know how to understand why your wife is angry at you and is yelling. Now that you know the reason for her screaming and yelling at you, the tricky part is how to stop that or control that. Keep on reading for a few tips and tricks. 

1. Wife: I Called You And Texted You Like Hundred Times

I Called You And Texted You Like Hundred Times

This is something that every guy should understand before they get married, Never ignore your wife’s calls or texts! Or else you have to listen to her yelling. 

It is possible that you are busy at that moment, but get back to her, the moment you are free. Maybe the reason she is calling or texting you is that there is an emergency, and she needs your help. 

In situations like this, don’t give silly excuses, (cuz she will know!) and just own up to your mistake. All she wants is that you to be sorry for your mistakes and won’t repeat them again. 

2. Avoid Shouting Back At All Costs

Avoid Shouting Back At All Costs

The one thing that you should never do when your wife screams are yell back at her. This is something you should never do, even if it’s not your fault, let her calm down before you talk to her. Nothing good is going to come out of it if the both of you are screaming at each other. 

This is the basics to know the tricks of handling an angry wife. Let her get everything out of her system, maybe she’s angry at something else and doesn’t even concern you, she’s just using you as a medium to vent out. Let her, she will know her mistakes after she calms down, but never scream at her. 

3. Figure Out What Made She-Hulk So Angry 

Figure Out What Made She-Hulk So Angry 

There is a reason why my wife is yelling at me, figure out why she went from the sweet woman to absolute She-Hulk form in a matter of seconds. Other than fighting and arguing with her, try to understand the reason why your wife is always angry at you, there must be a reason. 

Once you know the reason for her being angry at you or anyone else, you can talk to her and deal with it maturely. 

4. I Know All She Says Is, “I’m Groot Or”, But Listen To Her

I’m Groot

It is highly possible that you don’t even understand why “my wife yells at me,” it’s fine. But even if you don’t understand a word or why she’s screaming, at least be present, listen to her, and don’t just run away from the situation. 

Being present in the moment and listening to her is much better than arguing with her, about why she is screaming at you. 

And you need to understand that women tend to vent out when she is angry, they will calm down once she is done, in the mean time just take it like a man. And understand that whatever she is saying, most of it is not how she feels. 

5. Shut Her Up With A Kiss: It’s All In Her Mouth

Shut Her Up With A Kiss

If she is angry with you because when haven’t washed the dishes again for the fifth time, then what will you do? The best thing that you can do is just go to her and give her the most passionate kiss ever, and if that leads to sex, well what’s wrong with that? 

Make up sex, is always the best anyways, the raw animal tendencies of both of you come out. Her anger gets mixed with your passion to create something steamy and sexy. 

6. Act Like A Responsible Man

Act Like A Responsible Man

If you know the reason for her yelling is justified, and she has the right to be angry at you and even yell at you, just take it like a man. Own up to your mistakes and be responsible for your mistakes. 

Giving sitty and petty excuses to her, won’t help you, she will definitely know that you are lying and then the yelling will intensify. So to stop her from yelling, just own up to your mistakes.  

7. Bend The Knee & Apologize 

Bend The Knee & Apologize

If you are not articulate with your words and don’t know what to say when just use your body gestures. 

I’m not saying to bend the knee in a literal sense, or else she would think you went crazy, but just surrender to her. 

If you failing to agree with her, just surrender what’s the worse that could happen? The sooner you surrender and give up, the sooner will she calm down and stop screaming. 

8. It’s Your Fault, Even If It’s Not

It’s Your Fault

Just understand one thing, once you are married, you are never going to win an argument, so stop trying. If she says it’s your fault for the silliest of things, just accept it, and don’t try to fight it anymore. 

The faster you accept that it’s your fault the faster it is towards the bedroom for steamy make-up sex. So decide on what you want, more arguing or makeup sex? Choose wisely!

See Also

But Why Does My Wife Yells At Me?

Now, you might be thinking it it is all right for your significant other to start yelling at you. This can get pretty embarrassing when done in public. But why is your spouse yelling at you – scroll down to find out all the possible reasons behind the yelling. 

1. When You Do Not Take Responsiblity: 

When you fail to take the slightest responsibility, your wife will obviously yell at you. For example, you might have informed your significant other that you were supposed to do something, and subsequently failed. It is not surprising if she begins to express anger, by simply yelling at you. 

2. Financial Worries:

When you worry ‘why my wife yells at me,’ it is possible that your finances were a big issue. In case, your income exceeds your needs, it can become an issue for your wife, especially if she is financially dependent on you. It can also mean this reflects her panic about her family’s future. 

3. Feeling Helpless And Stressed:

There can be several examples where your wife might just be feeling stressed and helpless. Your family and children were perhaps not able to give her the support and help she requires. It would be ideal to help her around her house, if your children make a mess or even if your house just needed some cleaning. 

4. Past Trauma And Abuse:

Screaming and yelling in romantic relationships might come from past trauma or even abuse. In this case, she iss not feeling safe or facing trust issues in their relationships. Since long-term abuse or trauma is somethig your wife has undergone for a long-term, it is best to consult a professional. 

Wrapping Up!

Whenever you are typing on Google “my wife yells at me,” it’s obvious that you think that you are incapable of calming her down. But that shouldn’t be the case, it’s your goddamn wife, you married her, and you should know how to calm her down when she is angry. 

The internet can only give you certain tips and tricks and nothing else. You know her best so be a man and take responsibility. 

If you find this article helpful in any way, then comment down below on how you calmed your wife down. 

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