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How To Stop My Husband From Yelling At Me [10 Helpful Ways]

How To Stop My Husband From Yelling At Me [10 Helpful Ways]

my husband yells at me
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If you ask anyone on this whole planet, then you will see that no one actually likes to be yelled at, not even as a weird fetish that some people have. Getting yelled at is demeaning, disrespectful, and traumatizing for the person. 

We can try to avoid or step away from a heated situation when they are strangers, but what when my husband yells at me? Then what do I do if my husband yells at me? To know the answer to this question, keep on reading the article. 

How To Stop My Husband From Yelling At Me? 

Anger is one of the cardinal human emotions, so it might be unfair sometimes to judge on the basis of that alone. But that doesn’t mean you need to suffer through their angry outbursts and yelling all the time, you have your limits. 

But it’s your husband who’s yelling at you, then what are the things that you should do, what can you even do? 

If you sometimes feel helpless by the constant yelling and this emotional abuse, then you should remember that you can do a lot to understand the root cause of these angry outbursts.  

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1. Have A Casual Discussion

Casual Discussion

Whenever your husband is yelling at you, it is most often due to a lack of communication and conversation between the both of you. 

So when the yelling ends and things are back to normal again, strike up a casual conversation and discussion about communication skills and relationship issues

A healthy conversation between a couple is very important to have a healthy relationship in the future. 

2. Take Cooling-Off Periods

Take Cooling-Off Periods

When things get tough, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and start yelling at each, but what good will that do? So when you see a situation going towards a heated argument, then just walk out of that situation. 

It is not worth indulging more in screaming and making things uglier than it really needs to be. So going to different corners of the house will do you and your husband good by calming both of you down. 

3. Identify The Actual Problem

Identify The Actual Problem

Anger is an emotion that derives from other strong emotions, so other than figuring out what do I do if my husband yells at me, try to understand the reason behind his yelling. There might be a reason that caused the anger in him that made him yell at you. 

It is possible that while you try to understand the real problem, you will get to know that you have nothing to do with that; he’s just projecting his anger onto you. 

If your husband is the type of guy who doesn’t get angry at you like that, and this is a rare occasion, then knowing the reason is important. 

4. Acknowledge The Problem

Acknowledge The Problem

Once you have understood the root cause of your husband’s anger, then talk it out with him to acknowledge the same. 

It is important that your husband knows that if the problem is related to you, then you accept your mistake and understand why it made him angry from their point of view.  

But if the problem is not related to you, then open their mind to a third person’s point of view while addressing the problem. 

5. Make Them Realize Their Mistake

Realize Their Mistake

Suppose it is possible that there is no solid reason behind the angry reaction, and it was just a frustrated outburst. If that‘s the reason, then after all the yelling is finished, wait for everything to be back to normal. 

Then sit down and talk with your husband that his action was wrong and that he should acknowledge his mistakes. Make him raise that what he did was wrong, and he should accept that.

6. Stay Patient

Patience is the key to everything. You need to be very patient while you get this in your brain, “my husband yells at me.” As a reaction, you should never yell back and end up causing reactive abuse. 

It is very important that you stay patient and let your husband vent out everything he has to say; only after that do you say anything you have to say. 

But that more calmly, without creating a scene yourself. This way, you are able to have a conversation other than a screaming show. 

7. Point Out Your Limit

Point Out Your Limit

If this screaming of his is a constant in your life, then after a point, let him understand that you have a breaking point and won’t tolerate any of this constant emotional and mental abuse.

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It is important that he knows that you are not someone he can yell at whenever he is angry or just frustrated; he can’t take you for granted. 

8. Comfort Him By Saying He’s Being Heard & Loved

If you find out the reason behind your husband’s yelling and screaming is something serious, then you need to make him feel loved and heard. Don’t let him feel that he is all alone in this problem, be the pillar of support that he needs right now. 

It is a common social convention for men to show emotions, so when your husband is showing his emotions to you, give your utmost importance to them. 

9. Treat His Anger As A Call For Help

Treat His Anger As A Call For Help

If your husband is showing a certain pattern with his anger, like with the words he says while yelling or the things he does, notice them and try to understand them. 

This way, you might be able to find out that the root cause of this anger is a cry for help; he’s trying to reach out but doesn’t know how to. 

Don’t ignore him in that situation; try to help him, and try your best not to get offended by his yelling. 

10. Courage Therapy

Courage Therapy

If you think that the problems he’s going through are rather serious and deeper than you have realized, then you should encourage therapy for him. 

Make him realize that through therapy, he can benefit a lot a live a happy life with you by his side to support him all the way. 

Wrapping Up!

If you are here looking for the answer to your question, “ my husband yells at me,” then like I have explained, there is no right answer to how to stop my husband from yelling at me. 

There are some obvious and aggressive approaches, of course, like getting legal help. But if you are someone who is willing to understand the reason behind the outburst, then there are a few ways as well. 

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