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20 Hilarious White Lies Everyone In A Relationship Tells

20 Hilarious White Lies Everyone In A Relationship Tells

white lie ideas
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We have always heard, “A little white lie doesn’t hurt anyone.” We have all said a little white lie now and then; there’s been no harm since I last checked. 

But what happens when you start having white lie ideas in a relationship? Nothing, basically, until and unless no one’s feelings are getting hurt. In a relationship, it is essential to keep the romance alive, so to do that, if we tell a few white lies, it’s worth it.

Hilarious White Lies In Relationships

Hilarious White Lies In Relationships

In every relationship, there comes a specific time when you have to lie to keep the peace intact. These white lies are what we are going to talk about today. 

Are telling these white lie ideas OK in a relationship or not? Does it help to have a normal relationship from now on? 

Well, in my opinion, the severity of the lie is essential in a relationship. So, if the lie is very petty, then the white lie idea should not be a big deal. 

But if the lie hurts your partner’s feelings, then I’m sorry, but you are an asshole for lying like that. 

Here are a few little white lie ideas that will not hurt anyone’s feelings and might even strengthen your relationship. 

1. “No, your snoring doesn’t bother me.”

your snoring doesn’t bother me

Well, this lie can be for either of you; any of you can lie about not being bothered about the other person snoring. It’s OK to lie because your partner might not even know they are snoring. 

2. “I have no idea where the cookies went.”

I have no idea where the cookies went

Cookie season is approaching with Christmas, and lying about eating each other’s cookies will skyrocket. So you probably know that your partner was lying and ate the cookie already; just let it go; it’s not the hill you want to bury your relationship under.  

3. “That ring is exactly what I would have picked.”

ring is exactly what I would have picked

It is highly possible that he might not get the engagement ring precisely what you wanted, but saying you liked it would make him happy, which is more important than the ring. 

4. “Don’t worry, it was on sale.”

Don’t worry, it was on sale

Come on, ladies, we say this little white lie more often than any other. I can understand what shopping feels like, so I think of you. He doesn’t need to know the price. Shhhh….

5. “You don’t look fat, babe.”

You don’t look fat

All the guys lie about this; it is like a reflex. Why upset her by saying, “Babe, you gained weight,” and upset or, even worse, make her angry? So, it’s better to lie always. 

6. “No, I never talk about our sex life with my friends.”

I never talk about our sex life with my friends

Girls talk about everything with their friends. And when I say “Everything,” trust me, it’s everything. Even the perimeter!! So, it’s better to stay in denial than to know the truth. 

7. “Sorry, I didn’t see your text.”

I didn’t see your text

This white lie idea again goes for both parties. Anyone can lie and say they haven’t seen the other’s text. It’s a lie, but a safer one. 

8. “I don’t mind carrying your purse.”

“I don’t mind carrying your purse,” felt no guy ever, but said all of them. So ladies, don’t make your boyfriend carry your purse; if you can’t have it, don’t bring it; it is as simple as that. 

9. “You’re so beautiful, you don’t need makeup.”

You’re so beautiful

He’s not lying about you being beautiful; he doesn’t want to wait an hour as you do your makeup to perfection. 

10. “I love your girl best friend.”

We girls know that most of the time, it is not valid, and we are lying through our teeth. If it makes him happy, we can deal with our problems ourselves. 

11. “I am very low maintenance.”

Season 6 Friends GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Well, your partner already knows this is a lie, but if you want to feel good about yourself by saying this, then that is good for you. 

12. “I know exactly how you feel.”

I know exactly how you feel

Do you? Do you know “Exactly” how I feel? 9 out of 10 times, it’s a white lie idea. But the other person feels comforted by this, so maybe it’s OK. 

13. “I would love to watch the game with you.”

I would love to watch the game with you

Ladies, if you are not a sports lover, then by saying this, you are only going to torture yourself and no one else. So it’s better to tell the truth. 

14. “I would love to order a salad as well.”

I would love to order a salad as well

Guys, I don’t like to eat a salad! If they do, it’s because the girl he went out with is eating a salad, and they need to show off that they are also healthy. Also, they will probably buy a burger on their way home. 

15. “I don’t think about our future at all.”

We all know that’s a lie and an obvious one. Thinking about the future happens involuntarily only after a few months of dating. 

16. “Of course, I know the names of all your cousins.”

If your partner has a huge family, then it’s impossible to know everyone’s name, so when your partner says this, just let that go. 

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17. “Sure, my father loves you.”

If your girlfriend says this, then always know it’s a lie; no girl’s father likes their boyfriend from the get-go. You need to make the effort to make her old man like you. 

18. “My number of partners are very less.”

My number of partners are very less

Well, this is awkward. None of you are going to tell each other about your “number” of either sex partners or relationships. Also, it can get uncomfortable fast. So lying is best for both of you.

19. “I’m will be there in five minutes.”

I’m will be there in five minutes

This is a universal white lie party idea for guys and also a white lie party idea for girls if they can’t find a better excuse for being late.  

20. “Of course, I’m listening.”

I’m listening

Are you listening to me while I was rambling on with all the white lie ideas for you all? I think you are lying to me! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions about white lies everyone tells in a relationship.

1. What Are White Lies People Tell In Relationships?

So, white lies are typically trivial lies that are said logically. While at times, white lies are meant to flatter, at other times, these are intended to avoid any hurtful feelings. You are looking like such a Romeo, or I am doing good, are common lies, while others include enabling partners to believe something that is not true.

2. What Is The Most Common White Lie?

So, the most common white lies are as follows:

  • “Thanks, it’s just what I’ve always wanted.”
  • “You’ve lost weight.”
  • “You haven’t changed a bit.”
  • “I didn’t touch it.”
  • “I have no idea where it is.”
  • “I’ll try to make it.”

3. What Are The Worst Lies In A Relationship?

The worst lie in a relationship is infidelity or a problematic addiction. It isn’t easy to recover from and requires effort from both parties involved. Also, dealing with dishonesty in a relationship can be difficult. Communication, forgiveness, and honesty will be important to overcome the challenges.

Wrapping Up!

Now there you go, these were 20  funny white lie ideas that you could easily say in a relationship, But make sure that you don’t end up hurting your partner with these lies, then it won’t be funny anymore.

So, if you liked this article, comment below, which is your go-to white lie to tell your girlfriend. 

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