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How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Likes Someone Else? Is She Cheating On Me?

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Likes Someone Else? Is She Cheating On Me?

how to tell if your girlfriend likes someone else
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“The human mind is a beautiful mess”

She loves you, she’s loyal, and she’s contributing her part to the relationship. But her heart is not in the right place. She’s late from work; she often forgets the regular kissing you goodbye. She’s laughing at her phone’s screen … (frequently). But, most importantly, she spaces out and does not pick up or return your call. 

But she loves you … still. 

Now, this question is dawning on you – does she like someone else? Now you are sweating; your heart is beating faster. So you took your phone and Googled – “How to tell if your girlfriend likes someone else.”

And Google brought you to this page. 

It is in a boyfriend’s nature to feel suspicious. You might be right; you might also be wrong. But if you are curious to know about the signs she is interested in someone else, I can help you. 

But, before digging deep into her past and personal life, you should know if you are doing the right thing. Anything you do, don’t risk breaking her trust. 

So, if you are ready to know if your girl likes someone else or the signs she is interested in someone else, then you need to read this article. 

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Likes Someone Else?

So, how to tell if your girlfriend likes someone else? Scroll down to check out the biggest signs that she might just not be into you anymore!

She Starts Talking About Someone Else

She Starts Talking About Someone Else

“Oh, what are we doing?
We are turning into dust.
Playing house in the ruins of us”

It’s nighttime. You are sitting with her side by side on the rooftop. You are talking to each other, talking about each other. 

All of a sudden, she brings in someone else in the conversion. Maybe the guy is related to the conversation, or perhaps she’s trying to make him relate to the conversation subconsciously. 

She’s got a crush on this other guy. She’s not saying it upfront. But she’s not hiding it either. She says all these nice things about him, and she’s truly, spontaneously vocal about how good this other guy is.

She’s Spacing Out… Even Emotionally 

She's Spacing Out

The human mind is like a seesaw. It leans onto the heavier side. With this new person in her life, she will feel emotionally detached from you. You are sitting in the same room, yet you will feel like you don’t exist… to her. 

“When I’m speaking
It’s the voice of someone else”

She’s with you, but she is not. She’s spacing out in between conversations. She loves you, but it doesn’t feel as warm as it was before. Sometimes she behaves coldly like her heart is a jar full of ice. I can’t help but say it – these are signs your girlfriend likes another guy

She’s Clumsy About Her Routine

She's Clumsy About Her Routine

You are wondering – how to tell if your girlfriend likes someone else? 

Have you checked that her routine has changed? 

“Well, you look like yourself
But you’re somebody else
Only it ain’t on the surface.”

When she likes someone, her mind is occupied with the thoughts of that person. Sometimes, she cannot think straight, and the pattern of her daily life has changed. She does not eat on time, she skips work, and she’s late sometimes.

Are these the signs she is dating other guys? They might be. She might also be dealing with some other issues bothering her. But, when your girlfriend has a crush on someone else, she might not do so well in her daily activities. 

She’s Not Romantic Like Before 

She's Not Romantic Like Before

“You can’t play on broken strings
You can’t feel anything.”

As a boyfriend, you are pouring every ounce of your heart into this relationship. But it does not seem the same way from the other side. You are in a relationship, but she’s losing the flare of romance. She doesn’t look at you the same way anymore. 

She does not want to cuddle very often. When you try, she tries to avoid it. It feels like her romantic energy is spent up elsewhere. These are signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you. 

So, how to tell if your girlfriend likes someone else? That’s how. She’s losing her romantic interest in you. It might indicate that she likes someone else. 

She’s Checking Someone Else’s Instagram… A Lot 


The more you notice the previous patterns, the more you want to know how to tell if your girlfriend likes someone else. There are other patterns, too, suggesting that she’s into someone else. 

When your girl likes another guy, she will spend a lot of time on social media. It may very well be the profile of that person she is into right now. When your girlfriend feels attracted to someone else, they will pay a lot of attention to that other person’s life. 

She Isn’t Sharing With You Like Before:

If your significant other doesn’t share their feelings, opinions, and thoughts with you regularly, then that is definitely a sign that something is not right in the relationship. You guys have to address the ‘something’ in the relationship. 

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One probable cause of such an issue can also be external attraction, even if your partner has not really acted on it. It also shows that your partner is not sharing with you both important and trivial things. Maybe they are busy sharing their daily life details with another person who is clearly not you. 

You can ask them more details about their day-to-day life or express how this lack of conversation is bothering you. It might help to close the distance between you guys.

She Is Obsessed About A Friend’s Relationship:

While it is very normal to form opinions about your friend’s relationships and their partners, there is a very thin line between showing interest and getting fixated. If your significant other is busy paying attention to a specific friend’s partner and relationship then it could also be a big sign.

If your partner appears to be really jealous or bothered by a friend’s romantic relationship, partner, or even a potential romantic partner, then it is possible that your partner might be attracted to their friend. Typically, you will hear her say how her friend can do much better, and her jealousy will always be beyond the simple concern for her friend’s wellness. 

If you can relate to this signs then you should definitely consider asking your partner why they have been feeling this way.

Frequently asked question

You may find some of these questions very relatable. 

1. How Do You Know If Your Gf Is Losing Interest?

When she is losing interest, she might show these signs –

• She is busy all the time. 
• She does not want to spend time alone with you.
• When she loses interest, she won’t put in any effort.

2. How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Is Loyal?

A loyal girl is likely to show these signs-

• It is very easy for her to be honest. 
• She gets you through a tough time. 
• The relationship is a priority to her. 
• She does not hide things from you. 

3. How Do You Know If A Girl Is Toxic?

• They show no respect to you.
• There will be a lack of support. 
• Most of the communication is toxic.
• She’s jealous or envious. 
• She is dishonest. 

What If It’s True! 

Despite you being her boyfriend, your girlfriend might have a crush on someone else. Most of the time, it is not deliberate. It just happens. People get into a relationship and find another person more lovable or attractive.

“Only know you love her when you let her go”

But you can deal with it. You can start by asking her nicely and comfortably. Give her some time to process all of these different emotions, and then let her decide what she wants. You cannot force her to like you back. If she realizes her emotions, it’s fine. But if she’s more into the other person, you should let her be.

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