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Google Translate Is The Reason Why Madina and Matthew Are Happily Married

Google Translate Is The Reason Why Madina and Matthew Are Happily Married

Madina and Matthew Are Happily Married
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Medina, a beautiful girl from Kazakhstan, and Matthew, a handsome guy from Australia. 

They first met at a friend gathering back in 2018 in Australia. They didn’t understand each other’s language because they were from different parts of the world. But as they say, love doesn’t have any barriers.  

Matthew, 31, instantly got attracted to Madina, 33, but he was worried because he won’t be able to see her again. And then Madina asks him for coffee the next day. Madina said about their first meeting.

Madina & Matthew

They were sitting together at the same restaurant table, but they didn’t talk with each other. It is because he didn’t know Russian or Kazakh, and she didn’t know English. 

On the other hand, Mattew was really concerned about the language barrier and first refused Madina when she asked him out. After the meeting, Madina went back to Kazakhstan. But they kept in touch. 

Madina Matthew

They gradually learned each other’s language and shifted from messaging to Video calls in English. Matthew gave all the credit for their relationship to Google Translator. This amazing feature of Google makes them understand each other’s love. 

Later in the same year, they met up in Amsterdam. Then, they opt for online dating just the way many of us have done during the global pandemic time. They never let neither distance nor the language barrier comes their way. 

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Madina and Matthew Are Happily

They have also handled the hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic and all. Now they are married and living happily in Australia. 

What an amazing love story it is. This makes us believe again that what was meant to be yours will always be. And it doesn’t matter what you are going through; true love will always find you. 

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