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Becoming A Sexy Wife: It’s All About The Confidence!

Becoming A Sexy Wife: It’s All About The Confidence!

Sexy Wife
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Marriage = Lifetime Boredom.

I know that all of your newlyweds won’t agree with this statement but once that honeymoon phase fades away, things start getting serious.

You take each other for granted, you don’t dress sexy, you don’t bother smelling nice, you don’t bother making an effort to bring the spark back into your life just because you have got a ring on your finger.

Now, you may accept this phase as life, but trust me, dear, there’s much more to it.

I mean, just imagine, there was a guy who used to drool all over you when you first started dating and now he doesn’t even look at you and forgets to pay you a compliment even when you are all decked up for a party.

You can say that he is busy and you don’t care but I think you do.

“There’s a place in your heart where nobody’s been. Take me there.”

In fact, everyone likes it when our men give us compliments, hold our hands in public, and show some PDA.

So, if you want to bring that spark back into your life, you must be the sexy wife your man desires and dreams of.

Let’s learn how.

How To Be A Sexy Wife?

You have read enough sexy wife stories and seen enough sexy wife pictures but has the spark come back to your married life?

I don’t think so.

This is why we are here to help you. 

We will bring back the man who could not keep his hands off you and used to have sex with you in all the crazy places. Once you read this post, you will learn the tricks to being a sexy wife so that your man does not masturbate to some sexy wife photos on the internet but to his own wife instead.

1: Be Sexy In Public

As a man, you may fantasize about your wife being sexy in public because when you see other people desire someone who belongs to you, you get turned on.

So, my ladies, it’s time to turn that fantasy into reality!

Just because you are married doesn’t mean you have to stop all the eye contact, winks, and flirts.

I mean, I am not telling you to approach a guy at the restaurant and take him to the washroom to hook up.

But, you can check other people out and dress in such a way that other people check you out too.

So, put on your sexy wife lingerie that accentuates your curves, dress up nice, and see how your man responds at night when he sees other guys checking you out the whole day.

2: Spice Up Your Sex Life

Nothing is sexier than a girl who knows how to take control, and that is the secret to being a hot wife

You can only prove to be a hot sexy wife if you know how to make your man feel pleasure in ways he has never imagined before. 

So, enough of that comfortable missionary pose. 

Try having sex with him in weird places like horny teenagers, such as parking lot, on the stairs, in the shower, etc.

I understand it will take some time for both of you to get used to such postures, but once you find your groove, you won’t ever imagine going through the dry spell ever again.

Having regular sex is the ultimate sign of a sexy husband and wife, and as much as you’d like to conceal the fact that you people are freaking wild on the bed, trust me, it’s sexy when you don’t.

3: Self-Love Matters

Being dependent on your husband for your happiness is the least I expect from you, independent women.

You talk so much about women’s empowerment, but you always need a man beside you when it comes to satisfying yourself.

Well, long gone are those days when you needed praise from your husband to know that you were a sexy mature wife.

It’s time to take the leash into your own hands.

Buy all sorts of sex toys and explore your body. Once you know the things you like, you can also break the monotony of your routine sex.


Start having a life of your own.

If you have kids, arrange a sitter, dress up nice, wear that sexy LBD, put on that red lipstick, and party with your friends.

Once your man sees you are perfectly capable of handling your life, he will find you to be one sexy hot wife.

4: Let Your Bedroom Ooze Out Sexy Vibes

You don’t have to be a sexy wife nude in your bedroom from the start.

Choose some sexy lingerie to wear in the bedroom, even if they come off in a few minutes. You must understand that your body is a gift to him, which must be sensually wrapped.

Apart from that, you could hang some sensuous art on the wall and choose a satin sheet for the bed.

It will need some time to get used to this new ambiance, but if you want your husband to moan ‘my sexy wife’ all night while making love to you, these are the efforts you got to make.

5: Sexting Still Works!

I know what you are thinking, and I know you are not a horny teenager anymore, but sexting is not exclusively made for them, right?

Think about it this way.

You are sending some flirty messages to the man you love, and if you do it right, he is bound to respond to it the way you want.

You cannot expect a reply if he is in an important business meeting, but if you send him just a sneak peek of your

6: Always Be Ready For A Quickie

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a quickie means short-lasting sex.

Hence, if you want to be a sexy wife and don’t want your husband to google sexy wife pics and jerk off to them, surprise him with a quickie now and then.

It can happen before he goes into the office, or in the parking lot while dropping you off, or in the shower, which is pretty intense and may not end up staying a quickie if you do it right!!!

But, before you plan the quickie, make sure it comes as a surprise to your husband.

If he suspects you are going to do it beforehand, things will soon start being monotonous. Therefore, don’t repeat the same timing and the same places more than twice or thrice.

7: Throw Out Those Baggy Clothes

I know it’s your home and you are supposed to wear comfortable clothes.

But, comfort won’t play cards in your favor much longer if you ignore your role as a sexy wife.

Hence, I suggest you wear those 6 inches heels and some sexy clothes that highlight your curves and wear them with confidence as you strut the house.

You can wear your frumpy clothes all day long, but when he comes back home in the evening, you better look like a sex goddess that will help him forget all the stress of the day that he has been dealing with.

You can dress sexy and do the household chores after he comes back and I’m pretty sure he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you long enough.

8: Bring Out His Inner Alpha

Sex and sexy lingerie is not the only way to be a sexy wife. 

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You got to do something for your man that helps him take control of your life, and what’s the better way to do that than making him realize his true potential, right?

Of course, it is.

Be your husband’s rock and support him when he is down. Instead of empathizing with his stress, boost his ego, shower him with confidence and remind him how determined he used to be in his younger days.

Make him remember how he is the man who married you despite those hardships.

Once you can channel his inner alpha, he will always seek your company and will come crawling back to you as soon as he is done with his daily tasks.

9: Plan A Date Night

This suggestion is mandatory for all your married couples because now that you are married, it doesn’t mean the home is the only place where you two can cherish your meet-cute.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can always plan a dinner date at home and let your eyes tell him all the things you want to do to him from the opposite corner of the table.

If not, planning a date outside also works.

A sexy wife doesn’t forget the special times to celebrate in your life, so plan a date night on those occasions and don some sexy outfits to make your man a little insecure.

Once you catch him off guard, hug him tightly, kiss him, and ask him to punish you for your mischief.

Just wait and watch how things start to work in your favor!

10: Play A Little Hard To Get

It’s a basic human instinct to go after the things that are forbidden, and if you are a sexy wife, make your man chase you as he used to when you were younger.

Just because he has put a ring on your finger doesn’t mean you are his property.

Well, yeah, he doesn’t own you, but if he has been quite off lately, it’s time to make him repay.

You can wear all the sexy lingerie you want and decorate your bedroom in the sexiest way possible, but use these tactics to tease him.

Unless he makes a real effort, don’t submit to his desires.

Playing a little hard to get is bound to work in your favor because when you finally submit yourself, your husband will feel like he has earned you, and that feels way better than if you willingly submit yourself to him.


1: What Are The Appropriate Things To Sext Your Husband?

Ans: You can always start by sending him a the picture of your boobs. Sending him a porn clip also works because it will tell him the things you want to do to him later. Never send these texts with emojis because they simply ruin the sexy vibe. 

2: What Are The Sweet Nothings To Whisper In Your Man’s Ears?

Ans: You can start by saying how hot he is and how much he turns you on when he stays busy or when he is too focused on things that cannot be overlooked. You can also tell him the things you want him to do to you because it gives you the upper hand to control the 

3: How To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Ans: You must be the sexy wife he has always wanted and use some lubricants and sex toys to bring the spice back into your monotonous sex life. Handcuffs and blindfolds also work well if you use them right. You can always try switching places and trying out new postures because that’s how you keep the spark ongoing in your relationship.

The More Buttons You Undo! The Faster I’m Undone!

Michale Faudet surely thought of all of us sexy wives when he wrote this quote.

So, if you want to embrace your role as a sexy wife, you must always be in the role.

Never for a second can you think of anything else than him touching you all over because only then can you follow my tips and be the sexy wife of your husband’s dream.

I am not saying that you won’t have other things to worry about in life but make sure you can set them aside on time and embrace your part as the beautiful sexy wife. 

Your relationship matters the most, and the sooner you realize that the better you can make him understand that too!

If you need more help to spice up your married life, please post your concerns in the comment box below.

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