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10 Best Romantic Kiss Ideas In 2021

10 Best Romantic Kiss Ideas In 2021

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When you see any couple kissing images, you instantly understand how the love bonds are becoming so deep between them. After each romantic kiss, your love is becoming strong and ever-lasting. If this is your first relationship, hence the 1st kiss is very important for you. The first kiss is remembered life long.

You hear about many romantic kiss stories, but in reality, the 1st kiss does a really tough job. Many new couples want to know “how to kiss my lover?” But do you know a kiss is a flow when you are in love you always want to make your relationship special by making the moment romantic? Kissing is starting off your relationship and is a continued lifelong. And with each kiss, your love is going to be more profound.

10 Romantic Kiss Ideas In 2021

Everyone wants to be a master in kissing, but very few are succeeding. The love kisses romance is entirely different from the casual love of kiss. 

Here we are discussing ten romantic kisses to make your kiss day unique and unforgettable.

1. French Kiss

French Kiss

If you ask us what is the most popular romantic kisses among all types of kisses. What comes first into your mind? Who is the most popular passionate kiss among all types of kisses? This passionate kiss is to set up the mood.

If you want to stop your partner’s talks, you can easily follow this trick. First, lock your lips to your partner’s lips. And tilt your head. Do not rush, though, and just enjoy the divine timing with your partner. Use your tongue and suck the tongue of your partner.

2. Ice Kiss

ice kiss

Are you a player-type person? Then do the romantic kiss with some dramatic touch. Hold small ice cubes between two lips. And then start kissing passionately. Kiss until the ice melts completely.

After the ice cubes meltdown, do the passionate french kiss if you want to add some cold colorful twist with the romantic lip lock kiss. Use colorful popsicles instead of ice. More time the popsicles are going to take to meltdown. The heartbeat is getting faster.

3. Find The Lip Games

Blindfold your partner’s eyes, and then tell him/her to find your lips. Play with her/him. And touch the nose of your partner and let them smell your lips.

Take time to be flirty. The game is becoming more enjoyable when your partner is searching the lips and when they can’t find your lips. You start kissing on the lips. Do a small one-shot romantic kiss. Your small kisses are working like bait.

4. Upside-Down Kiss

Most of the couples are dreaming of doing the spiderman kisses. But doing the upside-down kiss is not a tough one. Maybe you and your partner do not have the power to hang from the wall; hence you can do these romantic, loving kissing.

When you are lying under the sun or the beach, this is the right place to do the kissing. First, tell your partner to keep their head on your lap. And then do the passionate kissing on to their lips. You are doing the kissing. Your partner can smell your body.

5. Ear Kiss

Ear Kiss

Who says only romantic lip kisses are effective to make your relationship strong. The ear is the tender part. You only have to grab the partner’s ear within your lips. And closely suck the ear lob. You can do the small bites to make the relationship more sensational.

Put out your tongue and perform the sucking. Use your tongue to tug the earlobe downwards. This ear kiss is more sensual than any type of kiss. Use the tricks, and we can guarantee your time is not getting wasted.

6. Icecream Kiss

Icecream Kiss

A romantic kiss is time turning into sweeter when you are adding ice cream with it. Share ice cream with your partner. And coat your lips with the cream, and then do the lip lock.

Or share ice cream with your partner. And then clean your partner’s lips with your tongue. The time is shorter, but the kiss is converting into a most romantic kiss within this short time span.

7. Underwater Kiss

Underwater Kiss

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The underwater romantic kiss is very common among swimmers. First, take a deep breath and hold your breath underwater. Then start kissing.

Hold your partner’s head and start kissing. Empty your breath during the kissing. Do not leave the breath from your nose. Leave the breath slowly from your mouth. This kiss is very passionate and romantic. Among the all love kiss romance, the underwater kiss is a combination of adventure and romance.

8. Kiss Like A Vampire

We were kissing like a vampire, very arousal and passionate. You are taking all the juice out from your partner’s lip. Even one tiny love bit is also welcome here.

Do the lip lock, then slowly hold your partner’s lips by using your two lips. Do not use your teeth. Only use the tongue and lips. When you are doing the lip pressing, you will feel how your partner is getting aroused.

9. Taste Sweet Wine And Lips

A deep kiss and a romantic kiss are two different types of kisses, but they make the time enjoyable. Sweet wine tastes sweeter when you are putting the wine into your partner’s mouth and start to lick the wine from his/her lips.

First, take one sip of wine. And then do the kissing and transfer the wine into your partner’s mouth. During the transfer, do the lip lock and enjoy the warmth of the lips. And do not forget to use your tongue during the kiss.

10. Single Lip Kiss

Single lip kisses are the best way to tell your partner that you love him. Just do the light kiss and do not bite or use your tongue. This is a more loving kiss than the wildest one.

Just hold your lips in your partner’s lips and start sucking the lips of your partner. Do not take out your tongue. This is one of the best ways to greet goodbye to your partner. When you are in a very romantic place, use the single lip lock idea and tell your partner how much you love her/him.

Wrapping It Up:

As romantic kisses are really hard to learn, but practice makes perfect. Once you want to be a master in kissing, start practicing from today. These all ten processes are quite popular and romantic. Because of their popularity, many successful couples are following simple tips to strengthen their relationship bonds. And if your relationship is serious and strong by the natural flow of the relationship, you are going to kiss. So what about your choice of a kiss? Do not forget to comment back to us.

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