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Picnic Date With Bae: How To Plan A Romantic Picnic For Your Partner?

Picnic Date With Bae: How To Plan A Romantic Picnic For Your Partner?

Picnic Date idea
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  • Gen Zs are ditching restaurant reservations for the outdoors – echoing the racy beginnings of picnics. 
  • Pinterest searches for picnic date ideas have increased by 385 percent alone in 2023. 
  • While picnics are common and have been so for most of history, a picnic date isn’t that common. 

The hottest reservations have moved out of restaurants to outdoors. From tailgaters in the U.S. coming up with fancy flatware, cushions, and tablecloths to Instagram-worthy backdrops in UK’s royal parks, picnics have evolved.  

In 2024, you can no longer associate picnics with tepid flasks of lukewarm tea and smooshed sandwiches – these are catered events.  

Moreover, picnic companies are coming up across the world, aiming to create delicious experiences for the event attendees. In fact, there are picnic companies in Australia that offer mystery picnics.  

In these picnics, the organizers gather ingredients from gourmet shops end route. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, you can ensure that your favorite songs are playing while you are walking towards a customized picnic setting inside Regent’s Park.  

Luxury picnics have made a comeback in recent times, thanks to TikTok and Instagram making it a trend, the idea of stepping out on a picnic date is still relatively new. 

Picnic Date With Bae

While taking your date out for a fancy candlelit dinner is a grand romantic gesture, there is something inherently romantic and charming about going on a picnic date. After all, picnic dates give the chance to enjoy the weather outside, indulge in some leisurely alone time, and have in-depth conversations.  

Moreover, picnic dates are very casual and can actually take the pressure off of your regular dates. Plus, with the right type of setting – like a beach or a park – some wine, soft music, flowers, a candle, and delicious food, it can feel so much more romantic.  

Ahead, we have talked at length about planning a romantic picnic date, including what food to carry, ideas for activities that will help you and your date bond, and what to look for in any location.  

How To Plan A Picnic Date In 6 Simple Steps?

How To Plan A Picnic Date In 6 Simple Steps_

So, how do you plan a picnic date?  

From finding the perfect spot for your picnic to figuring out the menu, it is only normal that you and your partner would want to put some thoughts into the plan.  

Yep, you have to pay attention to the details here – it ensures that everything about your date goes well without any glitches. That way, you will go back home with a happy partner and even better memories.  

Here are six simple steps, all scheduled to make your picnic a memorable one! 

Step 1: Find The Perfect Location

The backdrop of your picnic is literally everything – it will either end up enhancing the romantic vibes of the location or detract you from the same. Ideally, it is better to choose a location that is flat – that way, you will be able to lay your blanket down to sit on. 

It would also be better if you sit under some shade – opt for a location that is more isolated to make it somewhat more romantic. A beach or a park is the ideal setting for a date. So, just plan ahead to make sure that there aren’t any major events planned in the same area. That way, it won’t be very chaotic.  

Step 2: Plan Your Menu

It is not even a proper picnic without some delicious food items – come on, you can’t have a picnic without any food. But that doesn’t mean you can carry anything and everything to a picnic – it’s always a good idea to stick to food that cannot just be served but also eaten at room temperature.  

Moreover, food experts believe that anything that people are able to eat with their hands on a picnic is an even better option. After all, simplicity is key, even though you might plan your picnic date with a sophisticated menu.  

Step 3: Come Up With Fun Activities

Apart from enjoying the date in each other’s company and indulging in some delicious treats, brainstorm some fun activities for the two of you. It could be something simple like playing a word game or painting together.  

You can also make things extra special by planning a hike to a scenic spot nearby – the two of you can enjoy a beautiful sunset after the hike.  

Step 4: Pack Picnic Essentials

Before you head off to your date, ensure that you have packed all your essentials, including a food basket filled with drinks, food, cups, plates, utensils, small pillows, and a blanket. Also, carry some antibacterial gel or wipes as well as SPF, portable speakers, and bug spray.  

That way, you can soak in some Vitamin C and play some background music, especially if you choose the beach for your picnic date. Packing your picnic essentials is an important job. And if you are the one planning the date for your park, you need to keep track of all the essentials.  

Step 5: Enjoy Your Picnic Date

Once the special day arrives, pack the essentials and go to your selected location for the date. Of course, you will have a great time. Also, don’t forget to snap some cute photos of your date. But don’t get so obsessed with the photo aesthetics that you forget to give your date time.  

You are on the date to spend time with your partner – so keep that smartphone tucked away for the most part of the day. Additionally, if it’s a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or engagement, think about hiring a professional photographer to capture a few snaps of the special moments.  

What To Carry On Your Picnic Date?

What To Carry On Your Picnic Date_

The major benefit of hosting an outdoor picnic date is that it is mostly a low-key, casual rendezvous. Having said that, you do not have to carry plenty of stuff to make your date a success.  

The Host:

Like we were saying just a while ago, you have to be responsible for all the picnic essentials, including food, drinks, blankets, and other stuff such as sunscreen, bug spray, etc. Also, it might be helpful if you choose to carry hand fans and a sun umbrella to protect yourself from the sun and heat.  

If your date wants to take part in the picnic date planning, then you can ask them to get dessert or some small item for the two of you to share. In this case, the purpose is to spoil your date – so take responsibility for most of the planning and everything else that follows.  

The Date: 

Ask your date if there is anything that you can help them with, but if they tell you they have got you covered, then just trust them.  

Otherwise, you can just show up on the date in some comfy clothes, ideal for the weather, and ensure that you are able to slather the SPF before simply heading to a beautiful spot in the outdoors.  

The Best Food Options For A Picnic Date:

The Best Food Options For A Picnic Date_

The best food options for a picnic date are anything that’s not very messy – anything that is finger-friendly and can be eaten at room temperature. Instead of worrying about spoiling or melty messes, keep the menu simple.  

Here’s our choice of picnic salads, sandwiches, desserts, and snacks! 

Picnic Date Snacks:

Begin your date with appetizers or finger foods. Take this opportunity to interact and enjoy your date’s company in between delicious bites. These picnic snacks will start your date on the right note.  

Here are our top choices for picnic date snacks: 

  1. Individual Charcuterie Boxes. 
  1. Vietnamese Shrimp Toast (Banh Mi Chien Tom). 
  1. Mini Cream Cheese Stuffed Peppers (with season and thyme). 
  1. Mini Caprese Skewers (with tomato, mozzarella, and basil). 

Picnic Date Meals:

Yes, we agree that snacking delish appetizers while gazing deep into each other’s eyes sounds wonderful. But then there is more to your date than just that – like entrees, for example.  

After all, nobody wants a hangry picnic date. So, it’s best to pack a few picnic-friendly meals to make sure that everything works out smoothly.  

Here are our top choices for picnic date meals: 

  1. Mediterranean Chicken Wrap.  
  1. Tangy Veggie Wrap.  
  1. Muffuletta (with cheese, Italian cold cuts, and olive bruschetta). 
  1. Cold Veggie Pizza (with crescent rolls). 

Picnic Date Salads:

While you are on a picnic with your partner, eating a salad might not seem like the best idea. Yes, we understand you are worried about the lettuce leaves getting everywhere or something similar happening.  

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But, if you are able to think a little outside the box, then you won’t write off salads from your picnic menu. Plus, you can keep these salads from falling on the table or on your blanket.  

For this kind of food, you can wrap some utensils up. Moreover, there are salads you can make for a romantic lunch outdoors without worrying about things getting messy.  

Here are our top choices for picnic date salads: 

  1. Smashed Cucumber Mint Salad.  
  1. Watermelon Cucumber Salad with Basil and Mint. 
  1. Zesty Italian Pasta Salad. 
  1. Lemon Orzo Salad. 

Picnic Date Desserts:

Of course, a good picnic lunch will need an even better finish. While all the food was great, missing out on a delish dessert might not be the best idea. Here, the real problem is finding anything that is impressive and portable.  

As a result, dessert items like ice cream are a big no. Moreover, anything that is too fancy might get ruined in transit. So, the secret here is to find options that are classy and practical for a picnic.  

Here are our top choices for picnic date desserts: 

  1. Delicious Raspberry Shortbread Bars. 
  1. Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes. 
  1. Pralines Roses. 

Fun Activities For Picnic Date:

Fun Activities For Picnic Date

Of course, the main event of the date is to gulp down all the delicious treats in the company of your partner. But it’s always best to plan a few activities for the two of you to do during your date – trust us, you can’t have a date outdoors with only food and conversation. You need a few activities – isn’t that the point of having the date outside? 

Here are some ideas for keeping things fun and simple during your date.  

Get Down Into The Water:

If you are planning a beach picnic or even a picnic by a lake, there are so many fun things to do in and around the waterbody itself.  

If it happens to be warm enough, then you can enjoy a nice, long swim together or even consider renting a kayak or canoe to spend the afternoon paddling around. Also, if you are on the beach, then you can build sandcastles with your partner. 

Play Board Games:

Playing board games, or even cards, for that matter, is one timeless date activity! We can never take it off our list. Once you complete your lunch, just take out a board game and then spend the next few hours in friendly competition with your date.  

You can take things a notch higher by playing games meant for couples. You can also make things spicier by playing Truth or Dare.  

Paint Each Other’s Portraits:

Carry some art supplies and enjoy painting portraits of each other. So, what if you can’t draw? It’ll be even more fun and light! You do not have to be a professional artist. Moreover, it is a nice excuse to look at each other.  

To make things more exciting, hide the portraits from one another until both of you are done. Then, the two of you can laugh together once you get to see the horrible (or even beautiful) results.  

Happy Picnicking!

Picnic dates are always fun and exciting. Fun time with your partner, nature, fresh air – what is there not to love about these? It is possible that things will not go as per your plans – but don’t give up just because it rains on the day of the picnic. Instead, have a picnic indoors!  

After all, picnics are one of the best ways to take some time off from your busy schedule and spend some leisurely time with your partner.  

We agree there’s much work that goes into the planning – but don‘t let the workload derail you from having a great date outdoors. Plus, when you think about it, it will not take you much effort or time – you just need to plan the food and come up with some fun activities. 

All the best for your next date – happy picnicking!  

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