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Happy Valentine’s Day: 9 Cupid-Approved Things To Do If You Are Single

Happy Valentine’s Day: 9 Cupid-Approved Things To Do If You Are Single

happy valentine's day
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**Disclaimer: Happy Valentines Day! My apologies to the whole Valentine’s Day Industrial Complex. But for 2024, we have decided to break up with your overpowering couple-centric narratives!**

If you are here weeks before Valentine’s Day, chances are that you are feeling a little weird about being single on the day of love. I know that rom-coms and erotic literature (if you like things that are spicier) lead us to think that finding your significant other is the end goal.  

**Spoiler Alert: Being single is freaking amazing – it doesn’t matter how old you are or what day it is! It means you have high standards, and you just don’t care – and trust me, even Cupid loves your badass independence. 

TBH, I cannot simply stress this enough. Whether you are getting over a difficult breakup, navigating a complex situationship, or just being happily single, there is nothing wrong or even weird about not having a date on 14th February.  

While you cannot always ignore this holiday, celebrating this day on your own can turn out to be pretty great.  

I can even dare to say – it can turn out to be more fun than wearing uncomfortable heels and making small conversation in some crowded place. Also, everything is so damn costly that I refuse to pay a single penny to this industry. I understand, and so does Cupid. I have a hotline for Cupid, and he confirms! (after all, he is just a blind baby!) 

Having said that, I don’t want to sound annoyingly optimistic about using this day as an opportunity to identify the important relationships in your life. It can actually be revitalizing and super fun. Also? Valentine’s Day rarely looks like a scene out of Fifty Shades or Bridget Jones IRL. You aren’t missing much!  

The best part? You can do anything you want on this day because your plans are not defined by anyone else. So, get out there and seize the day of love! 

Happy Valentines Day: 9 Cupid-Approved Things To Do If You Are Single

Happy Valentines Day_ 9 Cupid-Approved Things To Do If You Are Single

From hosting a Galentine for your girlfriends to indulging in a soothing, not to mention luxurious spa escape, here’s how you can seize Valentine’s Day as if it was tailor-made for just you!

Happy Valentines Day – have a great one!  

1. Embark On An Epic Adventure:

Embark On An Epic Adventure

Literally, there is no rule that talks about waiting for the right person to go on some epic adventure. This Valentine’s week, have you considered getting all wanderlusty and setting off on an exciting, solo expedition?  

Whether it’s an artsy café in the trendy part of town or a charming little English village far away from home, make the world your beautiful and metaphorical oyster. Sip a smoothie as you watch (and judge) people passing by, linger in a museum, and experience new things.  

Also, if you don’t like the idea of a solo trip, then you can book your trip through travel groups with others like you.  

In 2021, I had actually booked a trip with this group – we went to Goechala, 1600 feet (about 487.68 m) high in West Sikkim. I went with 16 strangers but came back with new friends I still meet regularly. 

2. Host A Movie Marathon:

Host A Movie Marathon

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day – the calendar says so. But in reality, it is also the best day for some couch/bed-rot. So, just transform your room into a movie den with weighted blankets, comfy pillows, and plenty of snacks.  

Whether you want to stop thinking about the day of love with some creepy thrillers or fantasize about your fictional partner, it is actually about celebrating your distinguished and impeccable taste in cinema.  

Yep! You can definitely indulge in some Twilight action at any point during the marathon – it’s a cinematic treasure, everyone! 

3. Create A Beautiful Vision Board:

Create A Beautiful Vision Board_

I know what you are thinking – vision boards can feel dated. But guys, not only are these boards a crazy excuse to purchase a bunch of artsy stuff to get crafty with, but they will actually help you to focus on your desires, set your goals, and manifest all that you dream of.  

If you are already feeling the anticipation of coming up with your own vision board, then go on! Just grab your glitter pens and come up with a vision board that is as ambitious and vibrant as your dreams.  

From inspirational quotes to travel snaps, add visuals and play with aesthetics that you find motivating. You should find the board inspiring – it is your vision.  

Once you are done, you can display the vision board somewhere you will see every day. That way, the board will act as a daily reminder of the unwritten, exciting saga that happens to be your future. 

4. Write Letters To Different Versions Of Your (Future) Self:

Write Letters To Different Versions Of Your (Future) Self

Have you ever felt like traveling in time? Then, here’s the chance you have been looking for! Get hold of some fancy stationery and start writing letters to the future you!  

Think of the whole process as journaling. However, instead of thinking about the present, you are focusing on what is about to come. Make a map of your dreams, note down the qualities you seek in your SO, make an epic sex bucket list – whatever!  

Once you are done spilling your soul, just address these letters to the different versions of your future self. These versions can be like ‘To Me: When I Am Pregnant’ or ‘To Me: When I Buy My First Apartment.  

That way, you can actually have a heart-to-heart with yourself, and that too at different stages of your life. Just seal those letters up and only open them when you reach those milestones. It will be really cool to find out then what your past self had to say.  

5. Pamper Yourself With A Relaxing Spa Escapade:

Pamper Yourself With A Relaxing Spa Escapade

Do you know nothing screams self-love more than a no-holds-barred, full-blown spa day? If you are thinking about indulging in some luxury, then book yourself a luxury spa escapade. After all, you deserve to feel like the royalty that you truly are, IRL! 

I am talking fluffy robes, facials, manis, messages, complimentary prosecco, and more – you deserve everything. It is absolutely fine if you are running on a budget – not a problem, really!  

Just convert your living space into a DIY spa with fancy cucumber water, a personal massage therapist, face masks, and bubble baths. Whatever you end up choosing, let the day of love be your day of luxury and indulgence because you are worth it! 

6. Try A New Recipe:

Try A New Recipe

Come on, we have all saved recipes from our TikTok and Instagram feed. In fact, I have a whole folder of bookmarked recipes I have never tried. Not because I can’t cook – but mostly because I am too lazy and exhausted to try out anything new.  

What better than V-day to try out something new? I suggest selecting a recipe that’s not too simple. That way, you can go grocery shopping and have fun picking out all the ingredients. Pull out those bookmarked recipes, visit the grocery store, get hold of everything that you need, and start working!  

The women who came before us were successful in convincing us that the ‘way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ (ugh!). But it doesn’t make any sense – the only heart that actually matters is yours!  

So, just make something delicious and hearty – something that doesn’t fail to hit the spot, setting you up for a comfy night! Moreover, you can spice things up with some fancy wine pairing, or you can also whip up your favorite cocktails (albeit their home versions!) 

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7. Ditch Valentine’s For Galentine’s:

Ditch Valentine’s For Galentine

Galentine’s became relevant last year, thanks to TikTok and Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers.’ The idea? To celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girl gang – yep, that’s Galentine’s Day for you! 

Just because you are single on the day of love doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole day on your own. So, what if some of your friends are in committed relationships? Plan a Galentine’s Day way ahead. That way, you will have your girl gang by your side while sipping on cocktails at a rooftop bar in a trendy club.  

Instead of grieving over a man, appreciate the beautiful women in your life and the friendships you have with them. I don’t know how to put it into words exactly, but it sort of feels gratifying to have friendships that feel special.  

8. Go On A First Date: 

Go On A First Date

Okay, this might sound weird at the moment because I have been talking about activities for single people on Valentine’s Day. But do hear me out!  

Go on one date – a first date! Can you hear me? A first date, yes! That match from Tinder – the guy you have been texting back and forth in recent weeks? Chances are they are single as well and presumably do not have any plans for V-day either.  

I think it’s a fab idea to take advantage of all the love in the air and embrace the lovey-dovey vibes of Valentine’s Day. Grab a few drinks, go out for dinner, and hook up if you are feeling horny – just don’t put too much pressure on the day. Instead, go with the flow – whatever the day’s vibe calls for!  

You never know – it might just be fun to meet someone new and exciting for a change. Moreover, it is not very different from what you have done on a non-holiday, regular night either. So, don’t worry about the Valentine angle – it’s chill, just have faith in yourself.  

9. Host A Valentine’s Day Secret Santa For Your Friends: 

Host A Valentine’s Day Secret Santa For Your Friends

If the idea of hosting a Galentine sounds fun, then chances are you will enjoy Valentine’s special Secret Santa. Of course, the rules are going to be the same as the OG Secret Santa (Christmas special). 

If it feels weird to call this event Secret Santa, then you can just call it Secret Cupid! This is a fun, not to mention innovative, way of spreading love when you are feeling really single. Get hold of your friends and host a fun Secret Cupid night for your friends and close ones – just like Christmas, you will become someone’s secret Cupid and get a gift for them.  

The truth is everyone deserves a Valentine’s Day gift – whether they are single or in a committed relationship.  

A ‘holiday’ like Valentine’s Day is perhaps the last thing that you need at times, especially if you are going through a breakup or you can’t just find your man. But there is absolutely zero reason to even feel bad about staying single on this day. In fact, it is best to just live your life and keep being a fabulous, beautiful self at all times.  

Happy Valentines Day: Celebrate The Day Of Love In Style

Valentine’s Day, A.K.A the day of love, is well-known for red roses, romance, and being a couple, but it can also turn out to be a wonderful day for single babies! While it is only normal for you to ignore the whole day, staying single on V-day means you can enjoy the day just like any other holiday.  

You can take part in plenty of fun activities – tell the world how much you appreciate and love yourself, your family, and your closest friends.  

Whether you decide on putting together a spicy outfit and gathering all your single friends for a nice, Galentine’s day themed photo shoot or host a movie marathon night, 14th February is the ideal day to do it all! And no other day is literally better than Valentine’s Day to finally treat yourself to a luxury skincare routine for some much-needed me-time! 

It doesn’t matter what your current relationship status is, Valentine’s Day still happens to be the right time to celebrate self-love and everything else that makes you YOU.

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