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Missing Out On A Date? Here Are A Few Long Distance Date Ideas To Keep It Alive

Missing Out On A Date? Here Are A Few Long Distance Date Ideas To Keep It Alive

long distance date ideas
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Everyone is not so privileged to have the love of their life with them, in the same city or even in the same country all the while. It might be studies or career that might come in between, and you have to deal with it like the grown-up you are, even if you dont want to. But it will make your bond strong if you get through it successfully.

All you can do is talk to them over video chat, and that has to be all. But for how long? After a while, you start missing all the things that you used to do together. Those long drives, dinner dates, going on trips, or just simply laying by one another scrolling your phones. But what if I say you can still go on virtual dates? Would you believe me?

It’s time. It’s time you got out of your bed and out of that gloomy mood because you cannot meet your significant other. Get dressed, for god’s sake, you are going on a date. What? Don’t believe me? Yes, you are. We got you back and have come up with a few long distance date ideas.

Long distance date ideas  

Going on dates is the most simple yet romantic part of a relationship. I have witnessed couples going on dates even after being married for over fifty years. But it becomes really difficult if you are in a long distance relationship.

Long distance date idea

But do not worry; we have come up with a few long distance date ideas to keep your relationship alive. So if you are actually looking for “date ideas for long distance couples,” “first date ideas,” “virtual date ideas for long distance relationships,” or simply long distance relationship date ideas, then you have come to the right place.

Walk a mile   

Can’t believe that you can go on a date when you are miles apart? Well, believe it and put your track pants on. When you were together, you could meet up, get in a car, and drive somewhere fancy (or not), and that was your idea of a perfect date. But, now that you are doing long-distance, you have to figure out ways to keep things exciting.

So why not go on a walk together? Go to a park and walk together while you both are on the phone. Or you can go on a hike and show one another the views that you want to witness together. For once, you would be getting out of your sweats and doing something that is not just staring at the screen.

Turn the player mode on  

If you are looking for fun long distance date ideas, then this will be your favorite. Explore each other’s competitive side while you are miles apart. Technology has come up with a lot of ideas that would give you online date ideas for long distance relationships. There are message extensions for playing virtual games now that many smartphones offer, like GamePegion. Or just simply send a request for a match of pool from your phone.

But if you both are gamers, then it is time to take your PS5 or Nintendo Switch out for a Fifa match. This way, you will get to know each other better and get to explore their competitive side as well, for that matter.

Spice it up over Facetime  

Facetiming each other is normal. But that is not what I am suggesting here. Getting physically intimate is an essential part of a relationship. But when you are miles apart, and craving for each other’s touch, then this is the only thing that can calm you down.

Oh yes! You are gonna love this one. Get those sex toys out and send them a text of what you have on your mind for the evening. Spice it up over the text, and trust me, it will turn out to be the most amazing evening that you both have spent since being apart. Through some sexy lingerie, and make full use of the long distance sex toys that you got for a reason.

It’s time for a movie night  

If you are looking for long distance date ideas, you cannot miss this one. This is another great long distance date idea. Pour a glass of fine, pop some corn, and share your screen just as you both share your heart. There are many streaming applications that you can sync up and watch together through the multiple-screen option while you have a live discussion about the movie as you watch.

It’s time for a movie night

If you both had planned to watch a movie together physically, but now that is not possible for obvious options, then this is the perfect way to make a date out of it. It is not just me who is suggesting it; science suggests that if you watch movies together, that can help you improve your relationship with your partner.

Coffee dates are never outdated  

Who can say no to a coffee date? Even if it is virtual, there is no way you can deny them. Get a cup of coffee and spend a few hours talking with one another about your week, or anything for that matter.

Coffee dates are never outdated

Get dressed and go to your favorite coffee shop, order yourself your regular, and call your partner. Talk to them while you enjoy every sip of it. Make this a regular habit, and that way, you both will get the chance to go on regular coffee dates, even if you are miles away.

Swap the recipes  

Literally, don’t do that. What I mean is try cooking what your significant other was planning to make themselves. Or make each other’s favorite meal for that day while you both are on Facetime. You both will be able to guide one another through the whole cooking process and how you like it, and they will actually get to taste your recipe.

Swap the recipes

This will also help you know the other person better; you will get to know their taste and how they like their food. This is something very important, as it has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Or the opposite as well.

Stay healthy, stay strong  

Miss those gym sessions that you used to have together? You can have those now as well. You do not have to miss out on anything just because you are not in the same city or country anymore. You can still enjoy each other’s company while doing things together.

Stay healthy, stay strong

Do exercises at home or do a yoga session together over Facetime. Even better if you enroll yourself in an online yoga class; that way, you both will be able to stay healthy together and keep in check if the other person is attending their classes regularly or not. Stay healthy, grow together, and motivate each other to stay healthy.

Plan your next trip  

It must be getting very tiring not being able to go on a trip for a long time with that specific person. But make something out of it as well. Looking for date night ideas for long distance relationships? Well, this could be it.

This could be something very interesting. Planning your next trip together. From deciding the destination to making the itinerary, plan everything in detail and make a date out of it. It might happen that you start fighting over which hotel to pick or which day would be feasible for you.

But finding common ground and finally making the whole plan will feel like an accomplishment if you can manage to complete that in one day. Or you could take the matter up on your next date from where you left things.

Dine in  

This is a lot like swapping the recipes, but here it is not just about the cooking. You can order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant, or if you prefer to have homemade food, that is okay as well.

Dine in

Get the food served, open a bottle of fine if you want, and enjoy your food together over a video chat. If you prefer to make it a candle light dinner, who cares? It’s your date; plan it the way you like.

Read a novel together  

Can there be anything more romantic than this? Reading your favorite novel together can be your love language. It often happens that book lovers recommend each other’s books, but this is something else.

Read a novel together

You can read one chapter, and then your significant other can take over the other chapter. That way, you both are involved. It doesn’t always have to be a novel; you can read a poem that you want to dedicate to the other person. Trust me, this is something on its own. This can be youe own two-person book club.

Read snail mail together  

Long distance can get really tough sometimes. But if you are a person who is really into the Victorian era or simply loves the idea of sending hand-written love letters, then this one is for you.

Read snail mail together

What are you still waiting for? Get a pen, grab some nice papers, and pour your heart out. That is the first step you have to take. Then mail it and wait for the one that you are going to receive. The exciting part is yet to come.

Reading the letter with the other on call is the best part. You get to see their reaction while they read the letter in front of you. There is something very romantic about all of it that I might not be able to express in words; you have to feel it yourself.

Put on a show  

This is something really exciting. Get three to four of your favorite outfits from the closet. Pick one that is more of the casual sort, which you would pick for going grocery shopping. The second one should be the red carpet look with all the glam, and I bet they will love the third one. This is the sexy lingerie that you are going to surprise them with.

Put on a show while you are wearing the first two outfits; get them to see all your avatars, and for the third one, get a little more comfortable, as this can turn out to be something steamy.

Virtual wine tasting  

I never knew that this was an actual thing. But it is. And it is worth giving a try. So all you two have to do is sign up, and they will send you a few bottles. You do not have to worry much about the next step as well.

Virtual wine tasting

There will be an expert over the video call who will guide you through the process. This way, you will get to try some amazing wine, get to know a lot about wines, and get to spend some quality time from a long distance without having to leave your house. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Self-care sessions  

Just taking care of yourself can also be a great long distance date idea. Once in a while, it is self-care day. But why do it alone? Why not make it a date? I know it takes a lot to convince a man to do some grooming and join you for a self-care session. It would have been preferable if you were together physically, but dont feel down.

Self-care sessions

First, make a list of all the products that you both are going to need, then go through the list and check if you have got everything. Then comes the final step. Follow the steps together, and that way, you will have a good skin-care session as well as a date as well. If you want, you can take it to the next level and get to the shower together. Try it. It’s fun.

Stargaze together  

Of all the long distance date ideas, this has to be my personal favorite. Even though you are miles apart, you are under the same sky, under the same stars. It is pretty romantic if you give it a thought. Sit on the porch or on the roof, call your partner, and witness the stars together.

Stargaze together

Trust me, even if you are watching the same constellation for the thousandth time, this one will be something different, something more. This will make you bond in a very different way. This will bring you closer in a way you won’t even understand. Just feel it.

Wrapping up!  

Long distance will take a toll on your relationship, even if you visit each other every two to three months. Keeping the love and excitement alive is really necessary. Obviously, you both connect all the time through your phones; you know their details, but it might get a little monotonous, and then these ideas come to work.

There are plenty more long distance date ideas. But I find these fifteen the most romantic ones. Your opinion might differ from mine, and you might have something better than this. Do let us know what you think about these ideas and share your ideas as well.

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