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Everything You Need To Know About The Rose Toy

Everything You Need To Know About The Rose Toy

Rose Toy
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Sometimes, not having a sex partner can become like a curse. As we grow up, the sexual tension in our bodies erupts as well, making us do crazy things to satisfy ourselves. While it might be easier for men, we women have to go to great lengths to satisfy ourselves while we are leading our happy and single lives, sitting in front of the computer from 5 to 9. 

However, by the grace of human inventions, vibrators have become pretty popular in the last few years. This invention helped many women pleasure themselves when theory needed it the most, not needing the help of another man in this patriarchal world. 

Due to the rise of TikTok, the Rose Toy has become a new sensation now. Offering more than one use, it has become a must for any single woman to use. So what is this toy? Read on to find out more!

What Is A Rose Toy?

what is a rose toy

As the name suggests, the Rose sex toy is a vibrator that looks like a rose. Its looks are one of the main things that have drawn women closer to using this toy. Unlike other vibrators that look like a big, black cucumber, this toy seems elegantly like a rose. 

It is made in this shape purposely because it will allow you to hide from everyone else in your house – by simply keeping it in plain sight — no need to reach for your secret drawer for the thing that pleasures you the most. 

This toy has gained popularity ever since it featured several popular TikTokers online. Its popularity skyrocketed, with sales of the product reaching an all-time high after the TikTok video. Soon, its popularity spawned another upgraded version of this product – the Rose Toy Deluxe 2.0, which comes equipped with a throbbing dildo of its own. 

Features Of The Rose Toy

The main features of the rose sexual toy are:

1. Multiple Massage Modes

Multiple Massage Modes

The rose toy has multiple massage modes. These are three different settings from which you can choose. These offer three different speeds and strengths of power. Be careful going to the last set because many users have reportedly been left exhausted and gasping for breath after using it. 

2. Waterproof


Being an electronic item, the developers of this product have made it waterproof so that it does not get wet when you get wet. Use it as much as you want without the fear of the rose getting wet due to your excitement. Its anti-corrosive property makes it the ideal vibrator for women when they need one. Also, since it’s waterproof, there is no chance of you getting jolted due to wetness. 

3. Portable Size

Portable Size

Since the product is shaped like a rosebud, it can fit in any small place, be it your pocket or your purse. This makes this item highly portable since you can take it with you practically anywhere you want. However, please do not mistake this portability with the ability to use it anywhere. Use it in moderation and try looking for a suitable partner instead. Then, go home and make yourself comfy with this rose toy for women.

4. High-Quality Material

High-Quality Material

The rose flower toy is made out of high-quality material to ensure that you get the best suction over your clitoris. In addition, it is made out of high-quality silicone that gives out no smell. Therefore, if you touch this rose adult toy, it will feel very smooth to touch with your fingers – just like a man’s hair. 

5. Quick Charging

Quick Charging

As an electronic product, it requires a charger to use it. However, the developers are considerate enough to make the device use up less charge whenever performing at its maximum potential in bed. This device requires a charge using a USB cable. Therefore, using your smartphone charger will also do if you lose this device’s charger. 

Also, as a bonus, this device gets charged up to full pretty fast, in only 15 minutes. So just make sure you are charged up too before using this, or else you will be done in a matter of seconds. 

How To Use The Rose Toy For Women?

How To Use The Rose Toy For Women

To use the rose toy, follow these steps carefully:

  • Place the tip of the rose toy (suction cup) carefully over your clitoris.
  • Select the device’s setting, depending on the intensity of the action that you desire. 
  • Switch on the device. 
  • Enjoy yourself. 

The tip of the rose toy has a hollow end where you can place it above your clitoris. This tip produces a suction-like motion that gives you the thrill you seek after a hard day at work. 

Rose Toy For Women Reviews

The rose toy for women has almost all positive reviews. This is because women have well received the suction actions of the toy. In addition, many women are calling it the best vibrator in the market. This is because of the intensity of the motions of this device. 

Since women have mainly singled out the intensity of this device as its main redeeming factor, it’s the enjoyment of women that matters the most when we are discussing vibrators. Many women have claimed to have been left wet and gasping for breath after using this. 

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Many women have criticized the settings of this device, claiming only the first level provides the most pleasure over a longer time. Some have used the final level of the settings, and it has left them done in a matter of seconds. A woman left a review by saying that it has given her an orgasm before even watching some erotic video. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Does It Take For Rose Toy To Deliver?

This depends on from which retailer you have brought it from. Generally, it takes anywhere between 2 to 10 days, depending on your location, seller, and product availability. 

Q2. Does Rose Toy Have Discreet Packaging?

Yes, the packaging is discreet so that no one can suspect it’s a sex toy. 

Q3. Is The Rose Toy Worth It?

Yes, the rose womens toy is worth it.

Q4. Is The Rose Toy For Women Safe To Use?

Yes, the rose toy for women is safe to use. 


If you want to have an incredible orgasm without potentially getting into an abusive and traumatizing relationship, then a rose sex toy will be perfect for you. Looking just like a rose, no one in your household will suspect how deadly it is. Providing various levels of suction force, this toy offers a high level of pleasure and is very easy to use – even more, accessible than most other vibrators on the market. 

If you want to learn other ways to pleasure yourself, then read our other articles as well!

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