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How To Get A Boyfriend: 10 Proven Tips To Get The Guy You Want

How To Get A Boyfriend: 10 Proven Tips To Get The Guy You Want

How To Get A Boyfriend
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Every human wants a good partner. And when you are a single person, it is pretty apparent that you are searching for the best mingle options. Finding anyone within a few days is pretty challenging. But at least you can try to have a boyfriend as fast as possible. The more desperate you are to have a boyfriend, you will get more detached from your target. So it is better to know how to get a boyfriend? Hence these tips will help you to catch your best man.

Let’s see how to get a boyfriend within one week. And that must be your desired most craved man.

10 Tips To Get A Boyfriend

Often I see during the couple’s party and family get together you are thinking ‘I want a boyfriend. But after trying several ways, you can not get through the process. And the result is you are ending up alone. 

More desperations over getting a boyfriend are keeping you away from the men. If you like to get a guy, then my first tip is not to show your urges to men. But apart from this, there are many more tips which you must follow.

Have a look at the ten tips and know ‘how to get a boyfriend.

1. Be Confident And Charming

Confident And Charming

Being confident and charming is the first tip in how to get a boyfriend strategy. Men like confident and lovely lady personalities. Unfortunately, most introverted girls feel shy when they meet someone new. But do not show your discomfort level.

How to boost your confidence and maintain a charming personality?

  • Feel beautiful from inside and outside. Keep maintaining a smiling face.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Adopt the new situation.

2. Be Fit And Active

Fit And Active

When you are asking men what they like most among the women, within a few seconds, 70% of the men kept saying the fit and active lady. Yes, maybe this sounds a little weird. But men like to see you covered in sweat. 

This is my second tip for how to get a boyfriend. Joining a gymnasium or going swimming is opening multiple opportunities to meet new people, and who knows, you will be your dream man.

3. Open You For Getting A New Opportunity

You never know where you can meet a fantastic man. It may be somewhere outside of the country or just outside of your local park. Unless you do not give some time and open yourself to new opportunities, you will not go to get your man.

You want to know how to get a boyfriend. But you are keeping yourself busy and do not attend the events. This is not going to work. You have to open yourself up to get a new opportunity.

4. Ready To Commit

If you like to keep away from nightstands, then you must be ready to commit. Hence most nice men want stable relationships. I know your time is precious. But think about job hunting. You are spending hours and time on getting your desired job.

But when you are straightening the process of how to get a boyfriend. You have to use your intuition and sixth sense. Hence walking into a room is easy. But knowing the instinctive eyes beside you is tough. Use your instinct to know whose eyes are upon you.

5. Flirt And Sweet Talk

Flirt And Sweet Talk

Are you a shy and secretive person like me? Else, taking so much time to open up yourself in front of everyone? Then how to find a boyfriend within one week? First, tell yourself you are beautiful. And there is nothing to lose. Then start your communications.

Every man likes to have an excellent time. And how to make your desired man stay on your page? Keep up your charming personality and start flirting and sweet talk. Unless you are presenting yourself as an interesting person, you can not get through the process.

6. Wait For Sex

Wait For Sex

Do not be over-excited about having sex. Take some time to know your men. The excessive desire for sex is making you easily accessible. And you are going to lose your value. Dating and the entire process for how to get a boyfriend requires more dedication.

According to the statistics, only 35% of the men realize the flirting instinct of the women. So do not be scared to flirt. Your men may not understand the meaning of flirting. But he will remember the communications and sweet talk with you. Then why hurry for sex. Take time to know your men in a better way.

7. Keep Yourself Busy

Keep Yourself Busy

Do not pretend to be a free person and all-time available. Men may like to spend their free time with you. But getting a boyfriend is an entirely different thing. These are my most important tips for how to get a boyfriend.

Telling you secret men often changes their preferences. Every man likes to be valued. But on the other hand, they like ambitious and confident ladies. Be like a princess and keep yourself busy with self-grooming and self-development. 

8. Travel Alone

Travel Alone

Traveling alone may seem a little boring. But the fact is when you are traveling alone, you are more open to making communications with strangers. This is the best time when you can start your communications with others.

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This is the reason traveling alone is a high time to get a good supportive boyfriend. Hiding in a closet and searching for how to get a boyfriend is not a solution. You have to be spontaneous and forward.

9. Go For Blind Date

Go For Blind Date

Most people are spending their weekends with blind dating partners. Now, many date special social media applications are available. You can register your name there and search for a dating partner on the basis of your requirements.

Unless you do not take a risk, you can not get a boyfriend. A blind date is not always a serious risk. This is more of an adventure trip. But you can measure up your success ratio when you are heading for a second or third date.

10. Have Faith In Love

Real love exists. Moreover, you are starting to invest your time in knowing how to get a boyfriend. You also have to build up a heart where you can set your faith over love. Unless you do not have faith in love, you can not get your desired man.

The main thing is you must know about your love expectations and target. But commitment is the best policy to get a stable love life.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Get A Boyfriend

1. How to attract a man and make him want you?

Here are four easy tricks to make him mad for you.
Show up with a killer smile.
Do not shy away from asking for his help.
Talk about your likeness and hobbies. 
Look into his eyes during communications

Can a boy fall in love with you over virtual chatting?

Keep smiling and be witty. Your intelligence is power. Always reply back to his text messages with cuteness. Remember one thing men like attention. Reply back to his text messages with spontaneous replies.

Shy away to ask him to be your boyfriend?

The first thing to remember is that he is not a monster. He is not going to bite you. But asking him to be your boyfriend is more challenging than asking him out for a date. Keep calm and relaxed. Then ask him when he is alone.


By following these ten tips for how to get a boyfriend, you can get any guy within seven days. All these tips will help you to know your man in a better way. But take some time to make the commitments. Because maybe on the first date the person seems nice. But as time grows, the person does not seem so nice anymore. Do you have any exciting love stories to share with me? Use the comment sections and tell me how you met your dream man.

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