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How To Plan A First Date: Step By Step Guide

How To Plan A First Date: Step By Step Guide

how to plane a first date
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Dates are always special, but the first date is always special, and we always worry about how to plan a first date. The term dating seems very new, but it is not as new as we think it to be; it is a very old term that was coined pretty accidentally. It seems that the term was coined by George Ade, who was a columnist for Chicago Record in 1896. In a column, he had mentioned that one of his friend’s girlfriend was seeing other men socially. Since then, the terminology was coined and used in public to mean dating. 

Over the years, the term “date” has evolved and has started to mean different things; earlier dating concept was pretty dedicated; it meant that one man seeing one woman till before marriage. But now, according to the Millenials, going out for lunch or dinner with some special just for a day is known as a date. 

The earlier date always meant a coffee date with the special one, now the versions of the date have changed. Most importantly, the first date has become a pretty complex idea; people take a month’s time to think about how to plan a first date. The first date is the place when you meet the person for the first time, and you make the first impression on the person. 

How To Plan A First Date For Men? 

First Date for Man

Times have changed, and days have changed too; these days, women ask out men for dates, and many men are obliged, and they do attend the date. No matter who asks out for the date, both the person must make a striking first appearance, so it is very important to know how to plan a first date successfully. 

If you want to know how to plan a first date for a man to impress him, then you need to know certain things about the man. Here I will tell you how to plan a first date for your man and how to impress him on the first date. 

How To Plan A First Date For Your Man – Things You Need To Know 

It is really difficult to predict what men actually like on a date, so while we asked some women about how to plan a first date for your man, they gave us some brilliant tips. Here, we gathered the tips that men would like on their first date, 

1. Be Who You Are 

Men always like to know the real you, talk to him, and tell him about yourself. Try to understand the level of understanding and have a light conversation mentioning who you are and what inspires you the most. Guys like to find out the type, are you a fun type, crazy type, or serious and bore type. At the same time, you make the first conversation be in a good mood and do not discuss office problems or family problems. 

2. Your Likes And Dislikes 

While you make the conversation, do not forget to tell your likes and dislikes. He might not ask, but he would like to figure out from your conversation what you like and what you dislike. Guys do not ask for your like and dislike; they will talk to you, know you, and find out your likes and dislikes. 

3. Keep A Smile 

Keep a Smile

You might be a reserved woman by nature, but that does mean that you will keep yourself reserved on the first date; hence you must always have a smile on your face. Even if you can’t talk more, you must stick a smile on your face and hear what he says and react to it accordingly. 

4. Tell Him What You Think 

What You Think

When you are on your first date, you guys must have already spoken in texts or over the phone and must have set an impression. Tell him what exactly you think about him, something that you like in him and something that you don’t. He would like to know what do you think of him and vice versa; he would tell you what he likes about you. 

How To Plan A First Date For Women? 

First Date for Women

Most women in life have been asked out for a date; nowadays, women being more asked out on a date are really aware of the process. If you are looking for the best advice to know how to plan a first date for a woman, then you need to know women even more and let me tell you, it is really tough to guess women or understand women. 

Women are tough to crack, that does not mean all women are the same kind. It does not, of course, mean that all women are reserved and soft-spoken, women are the variety, but it is tough to crack a woman on the first date. So if you are thinking about how to plan a first date for a woman, then you must try to know your woman more before meeting her. 

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How To Plan A First Date For Your Woman – Things You Need To Know 

Women mostly like planned dates and surprises; hence you need to figure out her likeness and dislike ness before meeting her. When you try to figure out how to plan a first date for your girl/woman, then you need to spend some time and brain to impress her. Here, I will guide you about how to plan a first date for your girl and successfully impress her. 

1. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Feel Comfortable

This is very important for every woman; every woman wants to feel comfortable when she has men around her. So when you are taking out your girl for the first time, then you must make her feel very comfortable. Try to understand her boundaries and do not cross her boundaries. 

2. Look Into Her Eyes 

Look into Her Eyes

Women understand eyes, hence try to keep eye contact as much as possible. Do compliment her but not fake ones; remember, women, are experts at understanding what you actually mean. Praise her knowledge, her choice, and her passion, do not just jump into praising her looks right in the beginning. Talk to her about the subjects of her choice, she would try to hide, but you will have to discover her. 

3. Let Her Eat 

For some reason, it has been found that girls on a date, avoid eating but you could make it an ice breaker, allow her to eat as much as she wants. Women think that food can make them gain weight and which is why they might not be loved anymore, but you can break the stereotype. You can actually find out her favorite cuisine and order the best food for her; this way, you will be able to impress her. 

4. Do Not Set Any Limits  

Do not even try to tell her that you must do this and you must do that, just allow her to be herself and that it was every woman’s want. Women are very clear; they do not want any complications, they just want to be free and loved, and if you are able to give these two, then nothing can beat you to impress her. 

Wrapping Up!

You must have thought quite often about how to plan a first date for your love or the special one; here I think I have given you all the details about it. You must try to find out how exactly your man/woman wants things to be, then you can plan accordingly. Some general tips are like, choose a place which has some privacy so that you two can concentrate on each other completely. 

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