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Planning A (Boring) Coffee Date: The Best First Date

Planning A (Boring) Coffee Date: The Best First Date

coffee date
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It wasn’t long ago when I was chatting with this guy I met on Bumble, and he was telling me all about this crazy Bumble date he had a few years ago. Apparently, the guy ended up traveling to the Maldives with a girl he had just met on Bumble, and that too on the same evening. I was blown – here, I am sitting on a simple, bland coffee date with him, and he is talking about going to Maldives…today?


When did the world evolve into a place where coffee dates are boring and embarking on an international trip with a stranger is cool? And wait, where did you even get the money to book tickets? I don’t even have enough to opt for a cheesecake. I gulped down the hot cappuccino and allowed the guy to keep talking about his adventurous first date on this boring date with me. 

While walking back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beauty of a boring coffee date, especially when you are meeting your date for the first time! And trust me on this one – sometimes, going back to the magic of the 90s can be a better experience than acting so impulsive. If you aren’t convinced, just stick around, and you will understand what I am talking about. 

In Search Of The Old-World Charm Of A No-Frills Coffee Date Invitation: My Favorite First Date

Coffee Date Invitation

You will be happy to know that, unlike most blogs on the internet, I am not here to give you some coffee date tips. My apologies if you were here for tips, but I would suggest sticking around – trust me, you won’t be disappointed. If you ask me which was my favorite first date, it wouldn’t even take me time to think. 

I still remember how this one guy had asked me out on a simple coffee date years ago. He walked up to me during lunch and asked, ‘this might sound weird, but would you mind getting a cup of coffee post classes, today?’ 

It does sound like a boring, no-frills invitation, but the date was anything but boring. In fact, we had a lot of fun and ended up dating for a few months. I am 26, and at this point in my life, I firmly believe that there’s nothing better than getting coffee for your first date. 

Here’s why!

Breaks The Ice:

Breaks The Ice

There’s so much pressure associated with first dates. What outfit should I wear? What should I order? Should I be early or just fashionably late? If these weren’t problems enough, then let me tell you there’s the added pressure of meeting someone for the first time. It could be intimidating to even open up to a stranger for the first time. 

Coffee is your solution – it keeps the conversation going, and you can go for a second or third round without the fear of getting drunk and making a complete fool of yourself. 

Anything But Expensive:

Anything But Expensive

Don’t you think that going on a coffee date is perhaps the best budget-friendly date out there? Of course, it’s 2022 – trust me, guys, we don’t go on dates expecting our dates to pay. But if you want to be ‘that date’ who pays, then why not take out someone for coffee? 

It honestly seems impractical to take out someone for fine dining when you aren’t even sure whether there’s going to be a second date.

No Requirement For An OOTD:

No Requirement For An OOTD

You don’t need an OOTD (unless you want to do so) for stepping out on a coffee date. You can put effort into your coffee date outfit, but you need not get anxious or overthink. It’s just your first date – don’t sweat it over coffee, I mean, it’s just a cup of coffee…or a few cups, rather.

I remember I actually wore a pair of denim and a t-shirt with flip-flops for my first date with my current partner. It was an impromptu date that did turn out to be a serious relationship

Insight Into The Date’s Personality:

Insight Into The Date’s Personality

Like I was saying, coffee always keeps the conversation going. There’s something about a cozy coffee shop, something so intimate, so personal. It’s almost as of every table has a story very different from the next table. Sometimes, when I am sitting alone at a table with a cup of coffee, I can’t find help but wonder, ‘what are those whispered voices discussing?’

Forgive my eavesdropping tendencies, but don’t you think that you can really discover your date’s personality on these cute coffee dates? 

Perfect For All Could-Have-Beens:

Perfect For All Could-Have-Beens

Are you asking yourself, ‘is it a date?’ – in that case, it does make a lot of sense for you guys to go for a cup of coffee. Personally, I am not a fan of mixed signals and would definitely not entertain those signals. But when a cute guy says, ‘let’s get a coffee after work’ casually, it becomes difficult to say no. 

So I feel like we have all been in the is-this-a-date situation several times. So what better than a coffee date to clear the confusion that always surrounds could-have-beens and the complexities it always inevitably carries around? 

Spicing Up Your Coffee Dates: How To Plan A Boring Magical Coffee Date? 

Stop typing ‘date coffee’ on Google for ideas right now! I am here to help you – if I can convince you about the magic of a coffee date, then you better stick around and find out how to plan a magical coffee date – scroll down to find out now!

It’s All About The Location:

The one thing that can’t go wrong while taking someone out for coffee is your location. You can’t just choose the wrong location! Here’s what you should keep in mind while planning a coffee date,

  • Does the venue serve good coffee?
  • What’s the vibe like? 
  • Does it look nice and cozy?
  • What’s the food like? 

It’s About Damn Time:

Before you can ask me, ‘how long should a first date last?’ let me tell you, there’s no universal law that states how long a coffee date, even if it’s your first date, can last. I mean, my first date with my current partner lasted for nearly five hours. We had decided to meet for an hour or so, and then the conversation was so good that we never saw time pass by. 

The Table And The Chair:

So the date is happening. You walk inside the cafe and look for a table – and then suddenly, there’s massive awkwardness. 

  • Which table should you pick?
  • Should you sit across your date or beside your date?

So always sit diagonally because you guys are on the date to have a conversation which will be easier to have if you are sitting face to face. While choosing a table, try to go for the ones in the corner – you don’t want distractions, right? 

Coffee Date Hot Spots: All The Best Date Spots For Planning A Boring Coffee Date

What’s a coffee date without some great conversation? But how could you have a good date in an unappealing setting? You can’t – as a result, I decided to make sure all about the best coffee hot spots in New York. So, let’s get started! 

A Romantic Walk Around West Village…But First, Some Coffee At Old Rose:

Coffee At Old Rose

Tucked inside the historical and gorgeous Jane Hotel, the Old Rose is an ideal date spot for grabbing a warm cup of coffee before embarking on a romantic walk around West Village. Did you know that this all-day cafe was designed by hotelier Sean MacPherson? 

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There’s an abstract-patterned yet beautiful banquette that only exudes the beauty of the place. Shaded in hues of black, grey, and white, the place is filled with plants – moreover, the illustrated murals by Stefano Castronovo and Picasso-esque characters adorn the walls, making this aesthetic spot perfect for your coffee date! 

Bask In The Beauty Of Felix Roasting Co:

Beauty Of Felix Roasting

Ken Fulk is an interior designer famous for his vibrant, fancy, and over-the-top works – his work at the Felix Roasting Co exudes very similar vibes. The beautiful wooden bar, the artfully patterned floors, and the marble arches in pastel pink stand out – then there are cool coffee accessories made from Brass that compliment the color palette of this space. 

And that’s not all! The stunning flower arrangement only makes things even more pretty. From fancy coffee cocktails with burnt marshmallows and chocolate-nut garnishes to almond milk available on self-service, the place is everything that falls under ‘extra!’ 

Stop By This Williamsburg Favourite For A Strong Colombian Brew:

It’s difficult to actually stand out as a coffee date spot at Williamsburg since the area is home to several interesting spaces. And Devocion is no different. Founded inside this former warehouse, Devocion maintains those roots with reclaimed bare brick, steel beams, and wood complementing leather and wooden design element. 

The whole floor-to-ceiling wall only adds a nice biophilic spin to this industrial-looking space, while huge chunks of skylight flood the cafe with plenty of natural light. Ideal for a coffee date, you can enjoy different Colombian brews and then head over to Domino Park for some fun. 

Conversation Starters: What’s A Coffee Date Without A Conversation? 

Coffee Date Without A Conversation

Yes, you know why coffee dates are the best first dates. But have you ever given a thought to what kind of conversation you are planning to have with your date, assuming you two are not acquainted? Even though extroverts never have a problem initiating a conversation, the world is not just inhabited by extroverts.

What about introverts? And people who are just plain nervous about this coffee date? Don’t worry, I have got you covered! Here are a few icebreakers that could help you start a conversation and keep things safe! 

  1. What’s your go-to Karaoke song? Come on, everyone has at least one! 
  1. Are you a rebel? What’s the most rebellious thing you have done?
  1. What’s your vibe music? Are you into low-fi, hip-hop, or some classic Jazz?
  1. Do you like dogs? Or are you a cat person? Or do you just hate animals? 
  1. Do you believe in the Universe? No, I wasn’t manifesting this date.
  1. I wonder what were you like in high school? I bet you were mean!
  1. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  1. Have you ever been a victim of dirty pick-up lines? Which one was the creepiest? 
  1. Do you love to travel? What kind of traveling speaks the best to you?
  2. What’s your favorite movie of all time? 
  1. Do you believe in true love? I don’t want to sound cheesy, but this one’s important. 

Bonus Section: Coffee Date Outfit Ideas 

Coffee Date Outfit Ideas

Welcome to the bonus section! I know how I spoke about skipping on OOTDs! But that doesn’t mean you haven’t been thinking, ‘what to wear on a coffee date?’ – and that’s fine because I am here to help you out with all the crazy coffee date outfit ideas I have listed below. So scroll down to find out now!

Just For Fun: Coffee Date Quotes! 

Yes, yes, you have no need for quotes, but you know I love quotes, coffee, and stories – it is a weird combination, but then we are keeping it strictly PG-13 this time. So scroll down to check out my favorite coffee date quotes of all time! 

  1. You and I are in a little cafe drinking coffee.
  1. I’ll never say no to a coffee date. Like you wanna sip coffee and catch up and spend time together? That’s like 3 of my love languages in one date. 
  1. Neck kisses, coffee dates, and midnight coffee dates. 
  1. Let’s meet for coffee and then go on lots of adventures together. And then let’s meet for coffee right afterward. 
  1. Coffee shops, watching sunrises and sunsets, spontaneous beach adventures, breakfast dates, and forever. 
  1. Let’s get lost in a world made of books, coffee, and rainy days. 
  1. She’s a strong cup of black coffee in a world that is drunk on the cheap wine of shallow love. 
  1. Cuddles. They are appreciated. And coffee. And blankets. And you. 
  1. Sometimes, having coffee with you is the only therapy I need. 
  1. She loves the smell of warm coffee, blooming roses, and new beginnings. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So now you know that stepping out for a cup of coffee as a first date is not a boring idea – you don’t need the pressure to travel to the Maldives on your first date or do sometimes grand. The world is a strange place with so many different people. Not all of us get excited with the concept of a grand gesture – some of us, I suppose, find happiness in little things like a cozy cafe and some warm cappuccino! 

So tell me, what do you think about going for coffee on your first day? While doing so, don’t forget to share your first-date experiences with us in the comments below.

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