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What To Wear On A First Date – Expert’s Opinion

What To Wear On A First Date – Expert’s Opinion

What To Wear On A First Date
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Is there anything more nerve-thickening than planning your first date? The first things are always special for us, and if it is the first date, we want to make it more special and put all our effort in order to make each thing perfect or almost perfect. With the planning of the first day, another question generally comes that is what to wear on a first date?

Then comes the dress selection phase. We spend hours just standing in front of our cupboard. And still, stay clueless about what to wear on the first date. In case you are unable to pick the perfect dress for your first date, here are some things that you should check while picking up a dress from your wardrobe.

How Do You Choose a Date Outfit?

How Do You Choose a Date Outfit

When you are thinking about what to wear on a date, think of someone you like who is confident in their own skin. It could be someone in real life or someone online, and think about the styles they wear that you like. 

These can turn out to be a great choice as you are going to feel a lot more assured in these styles. This is something known as “enclothed cognition.” Well, this is basically a “fake it till you make it” attitude. It depends on how you want to look in front of them and how you want to present yourself. 

You can also try to dress in something which makes you think of a good memory. This is going to boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself in that dress. You should be confident when you are going out for the first time with someone.

So, wear something that is going to boost your confidence and bring out that glow in your eyes, and if there is something you think is lucky, wear that. It could be anything: a dress, or an accessory.

What Color is Best When You Are Going Out on a First Date?

What color is best when you are going out on a first date

When there is someone new in our lives, our brain tends to over-function and pick up more information even without us knowing. We start to judge our potential partners on a primal level without even knowing. Our subconscious keeps working. 

This is the main reason why color can make a noticeable impact on the way your date notices you. If you think about wearing a sleek black belt, then you are definitely onto something. 

The color black is related to elegance, sophistication, and luxury. Your date might think of you as more intelligent and more powerful. The color has a high-end association, and that makes it an amazing choice to wear to a dinner date or somewhere formal.

However, can you wear that on a casual date? It is better if you choose a long-wavelength color, like red, orange, or yellow. The vibrant colors make you look more active and energetic. This is a good option for a casual brunch or a picnic date.

But if you want to make a big impression, go with the color of love. You can never go wrong with that color. There have been researches that show that red is more attractive and sexually desirable. This has been installed in our brains that desire and red always go hand in hand. 

What To Wear On A First Date

What To Wear On A First Date

There is no certain dress code for the first date, but there are several things that you need to keep in your mind while selecting the dress for your special day. 

1. Comfort Should Be Your Priority

While buying or selecting your dress for your first day, the most vital thing that you should consider is that pick comfortable to wear. No matter what, you should not compromise with your comfort and especially when it is a vital event or occasion for you. The first date is all about having talks, making the first impression. So, what to wear on a first date is always vital.

If you feel uncomfortable wearing any dress, it will reflect on your face. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. So, you will not want to make a dull impression only because of your dress. But when I am saying put comfort first, that does not mean I am asking you to go on a date in your pajamas. You know what you need to wear but consider comfort for those types of dress.

2. Choose The Colour That You Have Got Complemented Before

Now come to the color. The color that we wear or like to wear reflects our personality up to a certain level. Your date can judge you a bit on the basis of what color you are wearing. Try to pick the color that you have gotten compliments on before. It can be red or white or black or sweet baby pink. But make sure what to wear on a first date should be bright and beautiful. 

The color will also reflect your mood as a week. Whether you have noticed it or not, we pick the color while wearing a dress as per our mood. So, you can not afford to think your date that you are not feeling excited by choosing a dull and faded color. Rather consider some bright colors, which will create a positive and cool vibe.

3. Switch Between Office Look

Suppose you have a planned date just after your office makes sure that you are not wearing the same outfit that you came wearing to the office. Yes, we do understand that carrying an extra set of cloth or changing is not always convenient. Then select a dress that you can switch quickly—at the same time, considering what to wear on a first date.

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For example, pair a simple camisole and jacket with a skirt. It will offer the perfect office look with the comfort that you need the whole day at your work. You can sparkle the look with some pieces of casual jewelry or accessories and rack on a pub during happy hours. Do not forget to take off the jacket.

4. Do Not Wear Something That Does Not Suit Your Body

Yes, I have emphasized the word comfort when selecting the first date dress. I have also mentioned that comfort does not mean your pajama or a boxy dress. You know what cloth does go best with your body and try to wear that. It is not necessary that you have to wear something that will hug your body and reflect the proper shape and will be perfect for what to wear on a first date. 

As per your body type, choose a comfortable dress of the color that suits you most. If you feel uncomfortable in clingy or body-hugging dresses, you can wear something a little loose. But that should not be baggy. While putting on a short or skin-hugging dress, make sure that you are not spending the whole date settling your dress. You have to feel free and rock the date. 

5. Consider The Place And The Time

You also need to pay a little attention to the time, when you have your date, it is a Saturday brunch or weekend pub or just grabbing a coffee at a cafe as the place is also crucial. Well, we girls know what to wear when and where. In case it is a casual coffee date, you can select a casual outfit with a minimal look for what to wear on a first date. 

If it is a brunch, you can spice up your look a little more. And when you are planning for pubbing, choose a hot and stunning outfit to rock the party. After all, you will always want his gaze to stick at you. Your outfit will play the role of glue here. But make sure you are not overdoing anything. 

6. Choose An Attire That Will Reflect Your Image

The first date is always for knowing each other a little more and quite well. Though we say that we should not judge a book by its cover in real life, we mostly judge a person by his or her look. So, the look and dress that you are going to carry would reflect your likes, dislikes, your nature a little bit. So, you should consider what to wear on a first date, keeping this in mind.

You should not hide the actual person inside of a first date perfect dress. It is also obvious that when you pick a dress that you will feel comfortable with the color that you like or suits you the most, it will automatically reflect your personality through your first date look. At the end of the day, he is going to like or dislike the actual you, not the dress that you are wearing.  

Final Tip

Never compromise with your comfort. It will drive your mood and the overall vibe of the dress. You need to look beautiful. So, remember, if you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. Remember this mantra at the time of choosing what to wear on a first date. And last but not least do not forget to wear a bright smile. It will sparkle your face and enhance the overall look. Now, go and rock the date, babe.

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