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The Different Types Of Kisses And What Each One Means

The Different Types Of Kisses And What Each One Means

Types Of Kisses
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When you kiss for the first time, you can feel a butterfly fluttering inside your stomach, with a tingling sensation all over your body when both lips touch. 

The Kiss gets more intimate and special if you have feelings for each other. So the feel of the first Kiss is something very special

Kissing is a form of affection that is very emotional and can be very nerve-wracking from the first moment your lips touch together. In a relationship, you should know the different types of kisses to keep the spark alive. 

Types Of Kisses

All relationships are different, and the kisses are also different when you are in a relationship. So to make your relationship alive and romantic, here are the types of kisses you should know to keep the sparks alive. 

1. Peck Kiss

Peck Kiss

A little peck on the lips is the most innocent and simplest way of showing affection to the one you are dating

The peck kiss is a simple touching of the lips with your partner; the lips are close together and puckered together. 

It is a great way to have a beautiful first kiss; it is intimate, just enough, but not as intense as any other kiss. 

This type of Kiss is the simpler form that does not require any technique since nothing can go wrong with such types of kisses. 

2. American Kiss

The American Kiss is much more intense as a step up from the pecking kiss. In addition, the American Kiss is much more romantic, and unlike peck-on-lips kissing, there is a bit of open mouth in this type of Kiss. 

This type of American Kiss does not use the tongue and is quite decent and not at all inappropriate. These types of kisses are normally in most PG-13 tv series and movies. 

This type of Kiss is quite decent if you are kissing your partner in front of others and not making it more passionate and inappropriate like the French Kiss. 

3. French Kiss

The most passionate kissing ever in the world is by none other than the French people kissing. The French Kiss is very similar to that American kissing, but the only difference being the tongue plays huge in this one. 

French kissing is only the beginning of a full make-out session; the session starts with an American kiss, then gradually goes up to a French kiss, and then the making-out meaning is understood by all. 

4. Cheek Kiss

Cheek Kiss

A simple gesture of a cheek kiss is a simple gesture of affection and feeling, which may not be romantic. 

The cheek kiss is a type of Kiss between friends, family members, and people who like each other. 

People kissing on the cheek is a form of showing gratitude, affection, love, and even appreciation. So a kiss on the cheek can mean a lot of different things at the same time. 

5. Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss

For most people in a relationship, one of the most intimate and romantic types of kisses is the forehead kiss. It is a personal act of expressing love to someone you care deeply about. 

One of the most affectionate forms of showing love and affection to your partner is kissing on the forehead. 

“The real lover is they man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead.”
Marilyn Monroe

6. Neck Kiss

Neck Kiss

One of the most desirable places you can kiss is on the neck. It is a very erotic, intimate, and romantic gesture. If someone kisses you on your neck, know there is nothing friendly or platonic. 

The neck kiss is a sign of your partner flirting with you, and through these sensual neck kisses, a make-out session begins. And you may see a hickey after everything. 

7. Hand Kiss

Hand Kiss

If you live in a European country, a kiss on the hand is not at all a romantic gesture but rather a welcoming gesture as a sign of respect. 

And this European gesture is spreading in Western countries, so hand kisses are less romantic. 

But if you like someone and the other person might like you, then the intentions behind a hand kiss might be romantic. 

8. Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo Kiss

An Eskimo kiss might not be a romantic gesture per se, but a cute and sweet gesture. The Eskimo kiss is a way of rubbing your nose with another person’s nose. 

It is a very friendly gesture of greeting people in certain cultures. This type of Kiss is a fun way of showing affection to kids. 

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This Eskimo kiss can also be a type of Kiss that can be quite playful among you and your partner as a form of affection. 

9. Butterfly Kiss

The most tender and sweet form of showing someone love and affection that may not be with someone you are in a relationship with. The process of a butterfly kiss is to show each other playful, tender, sweet, and affectionate love

Here you are going to bring you and your partner’s faces close together, almost touching the eyes, with your eyelids fluttering. 

It feels like a butterfly fluttering its wings near your eyelashes. These types of kisses are loved most by children.

10. Top-of-the-Head Kiss

Head Kiss

The feeling of top-of-head kissing is technically not a romantic gesture. Instead, it is a gesture of care, assurance, and a sense of safety. 

This gesture can be shown by other people like best friends, grandparents, and parents. The motion gives a sense of safety and comfort. 

For romantic partners, these gestures are very intimate. It gives an intimate sense of protection, comfort, and safety. So the motion is more than just being romantic; it’s more personal. 

“A Kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness.”

Wrapping Up!

Kissing is one of the most intimate and personal gestures you can do with your partner, other than, ofcourse, having sex

So when you are kissing your partner, nothing else comes to your mind, everything else is a blur, and no technique of different types of kisses comes to mind. 

The moment your lips touch, the world around you disappear around you. It seems like only the two of you are the only ones in this world. 

So if you liked this article, comment below and let us know which types of kisses are your favourite. 

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