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How To Be A Good Kisser – 10 Expert-Backed Tips To Make Every Smooch Better

How To Be A Good Kisser – 10 Expert-Backed Tips To Make Every Smooch Better

How To Be A Good Kisser
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“Great kissing is part attitude, part knowledge, and part skill.”

When you think about it closely enough, kissing may seem complicated. I mean, sure – it’s highly enjoyable for most people. However, it doesn’t change the fact that everyone has their own preferences when talking about being intimate with someone.

So, how can you become a crowd-pleaser? How should you comply with what everyone else wants? In a nutshell, how to be a good kisser so that you can crack every nut?

Well, that’s what I’m here to talk about. 

How To Be A Good Kisser – Doing The Groundwork!

Good Kisser

You’ve gone on an amazing date with a pretty girl, and it’s going great. 

After talking for a few hours, you find out that both of you are avid fans of Bon Jovi and The Weeknd. And the foodie gene is swimming in the blood of you two as well. Following the well-spent evening, you walk her home – and, just before she leaves, you lean in for a kiss, and she joins too. But, to her dismay, you go in tongue-first and pry open their lips with yours. 

The slabber from your tongue pours like a pool of water in their mouth, and to your surprise, they suddenly pull out and leave without saying goodbye. You don’t hear from them ever again.

Sounds familiar?

It’s okay, though. Almost every one of us has experienced the same at least once in our lifetime. It’s almost like having the first heartbreak – you must go through it to become a better person.

After all, the bad thing is that becoming even a little sloppy during the first-date kiss can break everything you built up since the evening. Luckily, though, there are some helpful tricks or tips that can ensure that you’re not getting ghosted after snogging, someone.

Keep reading, then.

Oh, and yes, you’re welcome – in advance!

Always Ask for Consent

Asking for someone’s consent before getting too intimate with someone, whether it’s a dude or a girl, requesting their consent is important. And, if you want to take the simple smooch to the next level, make sure to clear the air up on that too.

Tip – 2: Lean In Slowly.

Lean In Slowly

So, you’ve got enthusiastic consent from your partner? Right, then, slowly lean on their lips and give a small peck. DON’T jam your tongue in their throat forcefully. If your partner freezes or pulls back, stop. The more careful you are, the better your partner will reciprocate.

Tip – 3: Start With Your Mouth Closed.

start With Your Mouth Closed

A session of sensual kissing should always start with a closed mouth. 


Well, the shape or the size of everyone’s mouth is different. And some people do have a wider range than others. So, it can feel a little overwhelming to try to match someone’s mouth and then feel connected or consumed by their lips. Women do feel a bit disgusted by that, TBH.

Tip – 4: Slow Build-Up.

Truth be told, the build-up of the kiss is more important than anything else. Usually, a slow kiss feels more passionate than a fast-paced one. And, if you do it like a virtuoso, you’ll certainly be able to get more than a simple kiss from your partner.

Tip – 5: Go With The Flow.

Go With The Flow

I think kissing isn’t some sort of competition that you must win. It’s more of a rhythm-matching game where you need to be on the same flow as the other person. Oh, and don’t forget the body language. You should always be confident and lead the kiss subtly. It’s hot.

How To Be A Good Kisser – Different Scenarios ~ Different Techniques

I mean, kissing on the lips is okay… But what if you wanted to explore a little more? Like, add a bit of tongue when you’re having a long, nice smooch? Or, maybe, you want to make things a little more coquettish with sensual neck kisses? How would you do that? 

That’s what I’m going to talk about in this section. So, let’s get started!

1: How To Be A Good French Kisser?

French Kisser

French kissing can be extremely sensual and exciting when done right. However, you shouldn’t start shoving your tongue right away in your partner’s mouth. Instead, as I’ve said before –

  • Start with a close-mouth kiss (a peck, if you may).
  • Keep on smooching slowly.
  • Try to match their rhythm.

When you feel like both of you are in tune, it’s time to add some tongue. Start by touching their tongue gently with yours and keep it supple till the end. Don’t push anything. Instead, try your best to mix and match a little. Get away from their lips for a while and kiss their neck for some time if you can. And then, you can get back up again and focus on their lips.

Oh, before I get to the next part, here’s a tip – try to keep your kiss, even if it’s a Frenchie, slow and subtle. As per OKCupid, almost 88% of women and 90% of men prefer long, slow kisses.

So, if you want to win another date – slow and steady will win the race for you.

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2: What About The Neck Kisses?

Neck Kisses

Once your smooching session is in full swing, try throwing in some neck kisses in the field too. Tickle their neck with your lips for a while before smooching it softly.

… Unless, you want to leave a hickey, though. If I’m being honest, I find hickeys to be fun and, um… playful. But I’d always ask my partner about it before I left a hickey on her. After all, it might not be a good scene to go to the office with a large hickey striped on their neck.

3: How To Be Good At Making Out?

Making Out

Sticking with only one type of kiss can get a little unstimulating sometimes. Hence, it’s always best to try and vary it out once in a while. I mean, there’s a reason why the term ‘making out is so popular amongst people. So, here’s how you should get on with it –

  • Start with a slow, short kiss.
  • Build it up for a while, and then go for a French kiss.
  • Add some neck and ear kisses here and there too.

Also, don’t put your hands in a single place. Try to wrap them around your partner, and touch their face, arms, head, back, or maybe one of their erogenous zones.

4: How To Be Good At Ear Kisses?

Ear Kisses

Ear kisses, when done in between a make-out session, can be hot and stimulating. Nonetheless, if this is your first time kissing someone’s ear, I’d ask you to plant a light kiss on their ears.

But, if you are good at it, don’t be afraid to lick their earlobes every now and then. If you feel a bit adventurous, you may also try using your teeth. Many people love getting a little bit on their ear, neck, or lower lip.

5: How To Be Good At Forehead Kisses?

Forehead Kisses

When initiated at the right moment, a forehead kiss can be dreamy yet super-intimate. However, the key to cracking a successful one is to have unwavering eye contact. 

Look into their eyes for a while (savor their beauty, if you may) and then land a soft, lingering, yet brief kiss on their forehead. Rounding it out with more eye contact can be a great idea too.

Different People, Different Choices!

Honestly, there’s no answer to ‘how to be a good kisser’ or ‘what makes a good kisser.’ If you want to be good at it, you have to be adaptable, find a way to follow your partner’s rhythm, and change your kissing positions frequently. 

However, before you get started, try to understand how far your partner is willing to go. If they don’t want you to leave a hickey on them, it’s best not to do it. 

A good kiss is all about exploring your partner. And staying within the boundary set up by them is definitely a crucial part of it.

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