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10 Signs He Is Making Love To You

10 Signs He Is Making Love To You

signs he is making love to you
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In the world of hookups and one-night stands, there’s rarely any chance when people get to meet their soulmates. Unfortunately, as a relationship therapist, I encounter many such people who suffer from a lack of committed relationships in life. As a result, they move from meaningless flings to meaningless flings and end up spending a depressing life.

But, if you are someone who still believes in old-school love like Lara Jean of ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ you must look for signs he is making love to you. But, don’t worry, you are not the only one. In fact, I get patients frequently who believe in true love, but somehow get tangled in this hookup web. 

So, my lovely ladies, we are going to talk about a few signs he is making love to you here so that you can figure out if the guy is right for you or not.

What Are The Top 10 Signs He Is Making Love To You?

We, women, are pretty mature compared to the males of our age, aren’t we? Now, no matter how many perks come with this maturity, there are also some drawbacks. You are always looking for signs he is making love to you, and if you don’t get them, you feel depressed. Maybe the signs you are looking for are not right at all. So, we have come to help you. The signs he is making love to you are;

1: A Lover’s Eyes Will Gaze An Eagle Blind

Yes, you have heard us right. It’s all in the eye contact. If he holds eye contact with you, you don’t need to look for any more signs he is making love to you. It’s pretty evident. If he keeps his eyes fixated on you during sex, it means he is showing you a deep appreciation.

If he does not make eye contact, it mostly means that you are just a sexual encounter for him. Although some guys don’t make eye contact when they cum because they feel shy, that’s another story. Do you feel like you are the only woman in his life when he makes eye contact with you while having sex? Then, girl, you are with the right man.

2: He Always Stays By Your Side, Under You, Or On Top

Yes, my kinky ladies, if the mere look of you can turn your man on, that is one of the best signs he is making love to you. But, of course, there are some phases in a relationship where you have sex like animals, anytime, and anywhere. But, with time, that passion slowly fades away, and you think he doesn’t love you anymore.

Well, if your man is right, this passion will never fade. The moment you walk inside the room, he will take you on his lap and have it with you. It may look like raw, animal sex at first, but the more intimate you will become, the sooner it will transform into making love. Then, finally, you will know that he is all into you, and that’s when you know that he is making love to you.

3: Next Level Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Making love does not always mean that you have to have sex with him. In fact, pillow talk is one of the best signs he is making love to you. If he sleeps right after having sex, it may not be the right guy for you. But, if he cuddles you, snuggles with you, can’t get enough of kissing you, that’s something you need to treasure. 

If your man is genuinely into you, he will talk to you after having sex and about things that may make you horny again. You may blush and smile a lot when he is simply touching you, and that’s what we call the real pillow talk. With this kind of guy, you can finally have your happily ever after.

4: Don’t Just Touch, Embrace

Have you had those weird encounters where he is just interested in touching your genitals and be done with it? Well, if you are looking for signs he is making love to you, you will feel it in his touch. It can be as simple as holding hands while you walk or smacking your butt as you walk by, but you will feel a spark with every touch.

So, when he hugs you, you will feel like losing yourself in his arms. With that one touch, you can feel if he is making love to you, or simply having sex. Trust me, it’s all in the emotions. If he touches you almost everywhere while having sex, you know that’s the right guy for you.

5: You Should Be Kissed Often And By Someone Who Knows How

Do you remember the movie Pretty Woman in which Julia Roberts has sex with her clients but never kisses them. No matter how weird you thought it was back then, I’m sure you know it now. The magic of the first kiss is beautiful, but if that fades away with time, you’ll just have sex as a routine.

So, if your man kisses you often while having sex, that’s one of the best signs he is making love to you. With kisses, he will also whisper sweet nothings in your ear, and you won’t feel that to be dramatic, trust me. Therefore, judge how he kisses you while having sex next time, and go with your guts.

6: Call Me By Your Name

Have you heard those stories where the guy screams some other girl’s name while having sex, and the girl breaks up with him? Well, these are pretty typical stories of modern lives. If he loves you, he will take nobody but your name while having sex. But, if he repeatedly takes your name when he is at the peak, that’s one of the most significant signs he is making love to you.

Saying your name repeatedly while having sex means he is trying to emphasize this intimacy. That’s just a way of him sharing that he cares about you beyond the physical pleasure. So, if you have a man like this, don’t ever let him go.

7: He Focuses On Giving You Pleasure Too

As women of the 21st century, we must know how important sex is for women and men equally, suitable? So, if you are looking for signs he is making love to you, just observe how much he focuses on giving you pleasure. But, on the other hand, if he only cares about him cumming, and then stops, maybe it’s time for you to dump him.

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He is simply using you as a sex prop or talking out his frustrations on you. But, if he gives you time to reach your climax, that means he is really into you. He will moan to show you how much he likes it. He will also change his speed or posture may be so that you get equal pleasure.

8: The Art Of Seduction

You must know about the art of seduction when you are looking for signs he is making love to you. If he wants to make love to you, he will know how to seduce you. Maybe you don’t even want to have sex, but he does something, and you can’t help but give in to the situation. 

Setting the mood right is an essential part of the art of seduction. If he sets up romantic scenarios with candles and music, it means he is into you. He will slowly let the intensity build and let the temperature heat up before he finally makes his move. So, if your guy does this, look no further, ladies.

9: Laugh Out Loud

Love-making is indeed an intense process, but anyone can mess up in between, right? So, if he messes up in between, and ends up laughing, trusts me, that’s one of the most genuine signs he is making love to you. Even you can mess up, and instead of getting irritated, he makes fun of you. So, just know it in your heart that this guy will be the one.

But, if he messes up and ends up getting up from the bed, or avoids eye contact with you, don’t pursue him anymore. It may be so that he expects you to be a professional, and nothing can go wrong in between. Don’t keep on giving him the wrong impression, and just dump him for good.

10: Sexual Fantasies Are Worth Sharing

Last but not least, if you are still searching for signs he is making love to you, just see if he shares his fantasies with you or not. Just ask him about his fantasies and see how open he is about it. He must also ask you about your fantasies because it’s a two-way street. You can figure out how comfortable he is with you if he ends up sharing it.

If he wants to try out new things with you, that means he wants to make love to you. So, don’t consider it for anything else rather than love, ladies. Because sometimes, the best way to show love may be through a physical act. So, get on board with it.

Final Thoughts

We have given you enough signs he is making love to you in this article. But, if you feel that you witness even one of these signs in your relationship, maybe it’s worth sticking to that guy. And, if some of you find more than one of these signs in your relationship, you indeed are lucky. If you want to know anything else about this topic, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment box.

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