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21 Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

21 Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Just be honest, when we are thinking about little sex things, most of us are simply feeling shy. The dirty questions to ask a guy are becoming more challenging. And this is becoming the most significant barrier when you want to make the most valuable decision about your life. Knowing your man in a better way is key to open the secret of his heart.

Come on! You are a woman; nothing is impossible for you. 

Turing your man on and off; everything is in your hands. 

Be brave and do not hesitate. Your beauty, charm, and intelligent, witty nature surely turns the magic on. Knowing your man in a better way is only possible when you are becoming more comfortable with him and start the more friendly talk.

So to make your work simple, we are describing twenty-one dirty questions to ask a guy.

21 Dirty Questions To Ask Your Guy

For knowing your man in a better way, just take a small bunch of questions. And ask according to your relationship goal and present status.

Here are the best twenty-one flirty, naughty, and dirty questions to ask a guy.

1. Do You Like Talking Dirty?

Feel the ambiance of your man. First, start by taking the permission of the dirty talk. Try to know the present mental status of your man. If he says yes, then continue the flirty talk.

2. Can I Touch You In My Way?

Love is never completed without passion, love-making, touchings, and lots of feelings. Like men, women also have a preference and particular likeness for the men’s body parts.

3. Guess What I Am Wearing Right now?

This question is particularly for the women who are living at a distance from their boyfriend. This one single question is working like a stimulator.

4. What Is Your Preference For A Long Kiss or Cuddle?

Kiss and cuddle, ask your man what his preference is. Your man’s preference is helping you to know your man in a better way.

5. Which Game Do You Like To Play In The bedroom?

This is a simple and funny question, but men are imaginative. Your funny and witty conversation is keeping your guy entertained. Naughty thoughts of bed game playing are making you hot.

6. Are You A Rough Player Or Sober One?

Is this question a little uncomfortable? But when you are asking this, your guy surely answers you with great wits.

7. What Colour Of Lingerie You Preferred Most?

Like your guy also has some favorite color. Ask the preferred color and remember the choice.

8. What’s Your Favorite Dirtiest And Wildest Fantasy?

The dirty and wild fantasy helps you feel how he is going to please you in your bed.

9. What Is Your Best Body Feature?

Ask him about his best body part. Then share your opinion about his body part.

10. What Is The Dirtiest Thing You Ever Thought About Me?

Thinking about the girlfriend is natural but conveying the thought is more exciting.

11. How Do You Shower?

Bath time is a really intimate time for every person. Ask what types of routine your man is following during the bath.

12. Don’t You Think You Are A Little Bit Overdressed? It’s Too Hot Here

This is for the face to face communication. When you go on the beach vacation, ask your boyfriend at night.

13. What Are You Wearing During The Night?

A committed relationship is starting with a bit of a touch of hands and long kisses. To make the ambiance ask your men before getting into the little dirty sex talk.

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14. Do You Love To Sex In Public?

Most of the women are scared of this, but many men like it. Ask your man does he like to show off his beautiful girlfriend?

15. What Are The Sensitive Body Parts Of Your Body?

Naughty one, isn’t it? Ask your men what the most triggering points of his body are.

16. Are You A Long-Running Horse Or A Short Sprinter?

These questions have a very deeper inner meaning. You surely know the physical potential of your men’s body. A little bit deeper but funny, two meaning, dirty questions to ask a guy.

17. Do You Want To Take Shower With Me?

Showering together is always the wildest dream of the couples. Enjoy the thoughts and ask your man how he wants to take a shower with you, what he preferred in the shower, full lovemaking or cuddle.

18. What Types Of Sounds Do You Like To Hear At Night?

Most of the natural physically fit guys like to hear erotic sounds at night. But knowing the truth from your man’s mouth is giving you another level of pleasure.

19. Can You Strip Your Clothes In Front Of Me?

Are only women doing striptease dance? Your man, you rule, ask him to strip off the cloth one by one. This question is the coolest dirty question to ask a guy.

20. What Types Of Chocolate Do You Like To Eat And From Where?

Chocolate is playing a vital role in foreplay. Don’t be shy and ask your man if he likes to eat the chocolate plain or mix it with your smell.

21. What Is Favorite Sex Position?

Asking your men about the most preferred sex position is the result of his wildest dream. Match your dream with him and enjoy the time and feel the moment.

Wrapping Up:

Naughty thoughts are not bad or ashamed of. When you are getting drawn to someone, you are getting tempted by his body parts. So always furnish and give preference to the physical connections in your relationships. These dirty questions to ask a guy are turning your relationship bond stronger. If you think our article helps you move out of your comfort zone and establish a long-term commitment goal, do not forget to comment back to us.

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