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8 Ways To Start Fixing Your Sexless Relationship Today

8 Ways To Start Fixing Your Sexless Relationship Today

sexless relationship
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Marriage is a long-term commitment. And marriage is the ultimate passionate outcome of a love life. Sex is a sign of deep passion, and love thrives. A sexless relationship is never going to be the end of your marriage life. Because breaking is easier than building a new thing. For this reason, most married or unmarried couples want to give second try options to fix a sexless marriage.

Because all of a sudden, when you start to face the reality of married no sex life. The no-sex life is really challenging to continue. When you want to try some new pose in your bed, but your partner is not interested in the sex game. The boredom starts from that point.

 The most important part of the facts is. When you are establishing a physical relationship with your partner each day, your relationship is getting stronger. When you are stepping into a sexless relationship, you are more prone to detach from your partner.

How To Fix A Sexless Marriage

40% of the couples face some sort of sexless relationship after six to seven years of marriage. But giving the second opportunity to your relations is not going to be in vain.

You only have to know how to spice up a sexless relationship.

Here are eight tips to spice up your married life.

1. Identify The Cause Of The Sexless Relationship

First, identify the deep-rooted cause of the less sex drive. The knowledge of sexless relationships how to deal is starting with identifying the cause of the less sex drive. In many cases, we have seen after the first childbirth, or due to the backbreaking workload, the couples are unintentionally stepping into sexless relationships.

Everyone wants to know the tricks to spice up a sexless marriage. But without identifying the cause is a very important step to fix the sex-less relationship. Do not ever make any final decisions about your partner. First, try to go to the deep-rooted course. If you spot that tiredness is the main culprit of your sexless life, try to do something special for your partner.

2. Start Date Each Other Again

The modern fast lifestyle is the main villain here. Most of you do not find the time to share your thoughts. Many husbands are asking for no intimacy in marriage from wife so what should I do? Or wife is blaming their husbands for their sexless relationships. 

These blame games are not going to work when you want to fix your sexless relationship. So stop blaming each other this balming is making your relationship more complicated. Find some time to spend with each other and start dating again. Romantic dinner dates or any sort of small-time dates effectively show a positive outcome.

3. Choose Other Refreshing Intimate Activity

When you are first stepping into a sexless marriage, you start to think all day and night about less physical intimacy with your partner. The refreshing fun activity is making your relationship more interesting. 

After you are continuing your seven years of marriage, in some cases, the interest level between you and your partner is getting weaker. To make your relationship enjoyable, add some fun activities like cooking together. Or do any fun indoor game, or see your favorite movie with your partner.

4. Talk About Your Wildest Fantasies

Time is the biggest enemy. When you are following a busier schedule, it is very tough to find some time for your partner. And share your thoughts with him/her. Do not feel shy to talk some naughty thoughts.

Your wildest fanatics with him/her are increasing the sex drive. And during the intimacy, do not ignore the small sex talk and orgasm. Because orgasm is the main triggering point to give ultimate sexual pleasure. Sex is the vice versa game. If you do not provide enjoyment, your partners do not get satisfied. So always try to give more pleasure in bed.

5. Talk, Talk And Talk

Most of the couples, after identifying the symptoms of the sexless relationships. They want to know how to discuss sexless marriage with a spouse. But the root of the relationships is better communication and understandability. If you want to find the real cause behind your cold, sexless relationships. You only have to talk.

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Fewer communications and less intimacy are leading to a sexless marriage. If you want to fix your cold relationships, always give special attention to what your partner is saying. Follow a strict schedule for communications.

6. Understand The Needs 

The distance and miscommunications are leading to a sexless marriage. What should a husband do in a sexless marriage? This is the most common question which is coming from the husband’s side. But understanding and needs are the best way to get into the heart of your partner.

In many cases, we are seeing couples both feeling they are suffering from sexless marriage just because they want to get intimate at different times of the day, so better talk and understand the needs of your partner.

7. Recall All The Loving Memories Of The Past

If you are still thinking of marriage without sex. Can it work? Hence the answer is it entirely depends on you. When your understandability level and friendship are strong enough to hold the relationships, your relationship is going to work. A sexless relationship is just an outcome, so step aside, it starts to recall your first date night.

The start of your relationship is always carrying very sweet romantic moments. So always recall the moments and share the sweet memories of the past. This trick is going to get the most loving memories. And you can simply announce a house party where you are going to invite all of your friends who have witnessed the start of your relationship.

8. Take The Help of Marriage Consultants

If you can not find any way to deal with your sexless relationship. And want the answer of how to deal with no intimacy in marriage. Always seek help from professional ones. Book an appointment with a professional marriage consultant for better guidance.

Sum It Up:

Sexless marriage and sexless relationships are not uncommon in long-term marriage relationships. But when you are keeping the interest level high in your relationship, you are never going to get a sexless relationship. So what about your love life experiences? Do not forget to share your experiences with us.

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