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Bedroom Eyes: What They Are & Secrets To Master The Art Of Seductive Eyes

Bedroom Eyes: What They Are & Secrets To Master The Art Of Seductive Eyes

Bedroom Eyes
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So, what is your go-to seduction technique? Are you all words, or do you prefer some subtle body language game? Turns out that the art of seduction is not all about your clothes and the small things you say – it is also about giving using those beautiful bedroom eyes.

As it turns out, seducing anyone is mostly about how you present yourself and also a lot about your body language, including your eyes. If you have ever looked into how to seduce someone in real life, you must have come across phrases like ‘come-to-bed eyes’ or even ‘bedroom eyes.’ They are just the same – so what are these bedroom eyes exactly, and how can you even get them? 

The good news? The good news is that you already have them – you just need to know how to use them! 

So, What Are Bedroom Eyes? 

So, what are bedroom eyes? The term is related to the concept of ‘heavy-lidded eyes – your eyelids are relaxed. This basically means you are looking a lot like you are just dreaming, or they are only half-shut in pleasure, even though nothing really is happening for you to even feel that way. 

It communicates to the person you are looking at about the different pleasure-inducing situations you can share with this particular person without even touching them. Of course, there are several other body language cues that go with bedroom eyes to actually make up the whole effect. 

These cues include,

  • Biting your lips,
  • Licking your lips,
  • Staring at the other person’s lips,
  • Giving a coy smile,
  • Playing with your hair,
  • Pouting a little,
  • Looking at someone and then turning away, only to turn back and meet their gaze.

The Science Behind Bedroom Eyes:

So, now that you have a fair idea about what is bedroom eyes, you have to understand there is a science behind these eyes – and it’s not figurative. As it turns out, lust and attraction are extremely scientific – but what exactly is the science behind those bedroom eyes

We tend to make those eyes when we are in the middle of any intimate situation, and we do it even without thinking anything about it. At the same time, we also tend to use those eyes when we are staring at an individual we really want, someone we have some amount of longing towards. 

So what does bedroom eyes look like? The primary components of these eyes are the dilated pupils and the heavy lids. That is because when we experience pleasure, our bodies are absolutely relaxed, so our eyelids are not really alert or widely opened. 

And you can definitely thank attraction for the differently dilated pupils simply because our pupils expand instinctively when we are looking at someone we really like just so that we can see more of our crush right in front of us. 

By mastering the art of bedroom eyes outside of these situations, you will make people wonder whether you are actually recalling something dirty inside your mind. 

Recreating Bedroom Eyes With Makeup:

Wanting to recreate bedroom eyes is a natural instinct, and makeup exists to enhance a person’s natural features. So yes, you can definitely add some extra oomph to your seductive eyes!

Recreating Bedroom Eyes With Makeup

For this very purpose, you will just need whatever you normally use for creating smokey eyes, such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, or even some false lashes. 

Using a chocolate brown eyeshadow – it is entirely up to you if you just want to opt for a frosty cool tone or a bronzed warm tone – on an angled brush, begin at your eye’s outer corner and then start packing it as you would do for winged lashes. 

Once you have managed to create a general shape, you can simply blend the top of your eye line but not the bottom so that the liner blends into your lids perfectly before stopping about your undereye at a soft line. 

In order to nail your bedroom eyes makeup, you need to work with subtle brushes of your eyeshadow – the perfect smokey eye will need some time and certainly lots of practice. There’s a trick here – you just need to extend the shadows beyond their normal limits, and wham! You will get the look you have been trying to recreate. 

Just remember you need to focus on placing as well as blending the eyeshadow outwards instead of upwards. Finally, apply some eyeliner if you feel like it or a light mascara coating to accentuate the shadow placement. Then you can continue to do the rest of your makeup, and you will be done!

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Bedroom Eyes And Body Language:

Of course, understanding what does bedroom eyes mean and giving those eyes to someone sounds fun, but you need to ensure that your body language is not entirely going against what your eyes are trying to tell the other person. 

Bedroom Eyes And Body Language

The best thing that you can do about this routine is to walk ahead with small glances. Then you can just look away in a really coy manner before you can begin to repeat the process with a small smile. 

In this way, the person you are interested in showing bedroom eyes only will definitely not doubt what you are trying to communicate, and that too silently. 

A shy smile is perhaps the best way to go about this – it’s also pretty disarming. It tails down the impact of your bedroom eyes, making you relatively more approachable than you actually be. At the same time, if you are crushing on someone seriously, a slight smile is all it will take for them to actually come over. 

While talking about seductive eyes meaning and related topics is always an interesting affair, there are certain things in terms of body language that you need to avoid while giving those eyes to your special someone. 

  • Sitting with your legs crossed or even crossing your arms. 
  • Avoiding any kind of eye contact.
  • Looking uninterested or bored. 

Embrace The Power Of Bedroom Eyes: Wrapping Up!

Bedroom eyes are powerful – you don’t need to google bedroom eyes meaning to find that out. You can practice in front of the mirror and think you look absolutely ridiculous, but that’s so not true. Chances are that if you did those eyes in front of someone you had your eye on, the results could be very impressive. 

But do tell us what are your thoughts on these eyes. Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and stories related to bedroom eyes in the comments below. 

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