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Discover the Colors and Symbolism of the Polyamory Pride Flag

Discover the Colors and Symbolism of the Polyamory Pride Flag

Polyamory Pride Flag
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Before getting to know about the polyamorous flag, it is better to have a clear concept of what polyamory is. It is the philosophy and practice of loving multiple people in an open and honest way at the same time. It puts emphasis on the choice of how many partners a person chooses to be involved with instead of cleaving to the norms that have been socially accepted.

To be in a polyamorous relationship means to be in an open romantic as well as intimate relationship with more than one person at a time. Being in a polyamorous relationship can mean that a person can have different sexual orientations. But there is no such thing as the bisexual polyamorous flag or bi polyamorous flag, or pansexual polyamorous flag.

We all have seen the rainbow-colored flag that represents the LGBTQ+ community, but there are more LGBTQ pride flags that symbolize sexuality, diverse sex, gender identities, and attraction within the beautiful queer community. The polyamorous pride flag is one of those flags which you will find flying in any pride celebrations. 

What does polyamory mean?

What does polyamory mean

Polyamory refers to the desire and ability to be in a consensual relationship with multiple persons at a time. Polymore can be put under ethical non-monogamy; this covers all the relationship styles which are consensually non-exclusive, be it sexually, or romantically or both. Almost one-third of Americans have said that their ideal relationship is not exclusive, which means it is not completely monogamous, according to the poll YouGov did. 

Polyamory is not something casual, like other non-monogamy relations. It is about the romantic and emotional connection that a person has with the other one. It’s not that sex is not a factor in poly relationships, but this is not the only reason behind having multiple relationships in a polyamorous relationship.

Being polyamorous means being in an open romantic, and intimate relationship with multiple persons at the same time. It is not like extramarital sex, infidelity, or adultery; the relations are consensual and are disclosed to all. Polyamorous people can have any sexual orientation, and their relationships can have people from different sexual orientations.

We often come across polyamorous relationships where one relationship gets more priority than the other ones, and sometimes all the relationships get equal priority. In hierarchical relationships, the person may have a primary partner and a secondary partner. 

A brief history of the LGBTQ and polyamory pride flag

The first queer community flag was created by Harvey Milk in the year 1977. The flag has been a constant for the queer community in honor of his memory, but there have been various different fags that represent each of the identities that there are in the community.

LGBTQ and polyamory pride flag

Over the years, there have been a lot of interpretations of this polyamory flag or polyamorous flag or the polyamory symbol, but the original one was created by Jim Evans in 1995. 

What does the polyamorous flag look like, and what does it mean?

The flag is tricolor with a blue strip on top, a red band in the middle, along with a black strip at the bottom. There is a pi symbol in the middle of the red strip. 

 polyamory pride flag

The blue color represents the honesty and openness among all the partners involved in the relationship. Red is for passion and love. Black is for solidarity with the people who are being forced to hide their relationships from society because of the judgment and pressure they put on a person for not having a monogamous relationship.

The Greek symbol, pi, is put in reference to show that the term polyamory starts with the letter “p.” The gold color used in the pi symbol represents that it is not just about physical attraction but also about emotional attachment.

Just like any other LGBTQ+ flag, there have been many new polyamorous flags as well after the community members thought that the original one was not as desirable. In some flags, the pi symbol is removed, and an infinity heart symbol is placed instead of the pi symbol. This infinity heart symbol has been recurring in many of the polyamorous flags, but the original is most commonly seen.

Different types of polyamorous relationships

Mostly, polyamorous relationships are formed as a part of the network with whom they are sexually and romantically connected. But there is no hard and fast rule that everyone has to date the other person their partner is dating. Every person has different tastes and different types. 

The different types of polyamorous relationships are:

Hierarchical Polyamory

Hierarchical Polyamory

When a polyamorous person keeps one of their partners as their first priority, another partner as their second priority.

Non-Hierarchical Polyamory

Non-Hierarchical Polyamory

This is just like the one we have discussed, but there is no prioritization of partners. There are two vast forms of polyamorous relationships.

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Solo polyamory

Solo polyamory

This is something like being in a relationship with many people but in a committed one, like not getting too involved with one person, like being married to one or living together with one partner.

Parallel polyamory

Parallel polyamory

This is about two polyamorous people who are a couple, and both f them date other people outside of their relationship. All partners know about the different partners that person is dating, but they are not in touch with one another.

Kitchen table polyamory

Kitchen table polyamory

This is the opposite of parallel polyamory; here, all the partners know each other and come together to discuss the relationship agreements, and it is not necessary that they have to date one another. 

Hinge or V polyamory

Hinge or V polyamory

This is when a person dates two different people, but the other two people cannot date anyone apart from the person in the center.



This is also known as poly-monogamy or closed polyamory, and this kind of relationship involves three or more people, but they are in an exclusive relationship. No other person from outside is allowed, and these few people are in a relationship with one another. 

Bottom Line

The tricolor polyamorous pride flag represents the openness and honesty of the relationship, where nothing is a secret between the partner involved in that relationship. And this is not about sexual relationships but romantic and emotional ones as well. It is a very different concept than adultery or extramarital relationship.

But there are certain situations where a person has to hide this from society because of their judgemental mindset and societal pressure. But researchers have shown that there are many people who believe in polyamorous relationships and can be attracted to people of different sexual orientations.

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