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Platonic Relationship: Are You In One, Or Is It A Romantic Relationship?

Platonic Relationship: Are You In One, Or Is It A Romantic Relationship?

Platonic Relationship
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When I talk about platonic relationships, it’s about having a meaningful relationship with someone else with a lot more intimacy but nothing about the sex.

The relationship is very different from a romantic relationship, as one person in a platonic relationship longs for the other person more, making the relationship not romantic and making it “friend-zoned” at the same time.

Having a platonic relationship is more than the absence of romantic love. There is much more to a platonic relationship, which is a special bond that is much more powerful and stronger than a romantic relationship.

When we talk about platonic relationships, they are the ones in our lives, like our closest friends, trusted allies, and the most important people in our lives. These relationships with the people are with some who are trusted, loyal, and you feel confident about.  

Platonic Love Or Romantic Love  

Platonic Love Or Romantic Love

When it comes to a platonic relationship, the word comes from the Greek Philosopher Plato. He was the one “who argued in favor of a love that transcends the physical- inspiring, noble pursuits and bringing one closer to the divine.”

This form of love is not to be perceived as a consolation prize when one person “friend-zones” the other but rather a love that transcends the affectionate form of love that eventually elevates both individuals and enriches the lives of both, without the desire and conditions of desire, sex, and romance.

The main elements that a platonic relationship has that is unlike a romantic relationship are.

  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Experiential

There is a significant difference when it comes to platonic relationships and romantic relationships. So, if you are confused about the two, then this table is going to help you understand the difference between the two properly. 

Platonic RelationshipRomantic Relationship
Has a deep friendship.Deep friendship is involved.
The individuals may or may not have any desire for any physical intimacy.Both individuals usually have a desire for physical intimacy.
No sex or physical intimacy.Involves sex and physical intimacy.

Signs That Your Relationship Is Platonic  

If you are unaware of what a platonic relationship looks like, then there are a few signs that will help you understand the difference between a romantic relationship and a platonic relationship.

Even though there is a lack of sexual intimacy, there are many other signs that will indicate that the relationship you have is a platonic one.

1. Honesty  


In a platonic relationship, both individuals feel like they can share and say anything to each other as truthfully as possible. Since there are no strings attached, being truthful with each other is no big deal.

2. Closeness  


Since there are no strings attached, being close to each other is no problem at all. As the two of you share a lot of things together, being close to each other is inevitable.

3. Understanding   


There is a certain amount of understanding and connection between the two of you in a platonic relationship. They tend to respect and accept each other’s personal space. The individuals don’t tend to force each other into things they are uncomfortable with.

4. Acceptance  


The best part of the relationship is that you feel comfortable and easy with each other. The individuals involved in the relationship share a certain amount of comfort and safety with each other, which is rare in other relationships.

Different Types Of Platonic Relationships  

When you start to think about the different types of platonic relationships, there are a total of three types of relationships that are very popular as platonic relationships. These relationships are as follows.



The relationship between two guys having an affectionate, close, and, most importantly, non-sexual relationship is what is called a bromance.



Same as a bromance, the term womance is a relationship between two women, but the relationship is all about an emotional connection and nothing about a romantic and sexual nature.

Work Spouse  

Work Spouse

Well, this is a relationship between two co-workers or employees who share a special bond at the workplace. And the bond is similar to that of a married couple, but definitely without the sexual element in it.

How To Form A Platonic Relationship?

Platonic relationships are considered to be vital for your mental and psychological well-being. 

Experts say that having social support plays a crucial role in someone’s emotional and mental well-being. As a result, building a network of platonic friends, family members, and loved ones in general is very healthy for everyone.

If you want to build platonic relationships, here are some ideas:

  • Become an active participant in online communities.
  • Become a volunteer supporting causes that you care about within your selected communities.
  • Register and sign up for classes and workshops on topics that you are passionate about.
  • Join groups on social networking sites where you can meet like-minded people.

Apart from working on fostering new platonic relationships, you should also remember the ones who are already in your life – the platonic relationships you already have. Perhaps the best ways to do this is to be honest, maintain boundaries, and always show up to support them.

Boundaries For Platonic relationships:

Of course, you need boundaries for maintaining your platonic relationships. While boundaries can differ from person to person and relationship to relationship, there are some that typically apply to most platonic relationships, if not all. 

Here’s an overview of the most common platonic relationship boundaries:

  • Don’t complain or gossip about your romantic partners with one another.
  • Casual intimacy is fine, but don’t engage in any other form of physical contact. This means you have to avoid holding hands, kissing, or even a friends-with-benefits situation.
  • Don’t ditch your current partner because you have to spend time with your platonic partner.
  • Be honest with your current partner about your platonic relationship. Don’t lie about the existence of your platonic partner under any circumstances.
  • You and your platonic partner should give each other lots of time and space.
  • Don’t forget your other relationships for the sake of your platonic partner.

Platonic Love Vs. Romantic Love  

Platonic Love Vs Romantic Love

To make you properly understand the difference between a platonic love relationship and a romantic relationship. Here is an elaborate way of explaining the distinction between the two relationships. 

1. Platonic Love Is Usually Defined By Its Lack Of Physical Intimacy  

When we are talking about platonic love, it is more about having a special bond of friendship. But in that relationship, there is no sexual tension or physical intimacy of any sexual or other types of intimacy.

This type of relationship is very different than a romantic relationship, which has all the elements of a sexual nature with a desire for physical intimacy that tends to develop into something deeper. 

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2. Platonic Love Isn’t About Passion; Romantic Love Is  

When you are in a platonic relationship, the love and friendship that exist between the two are very much different than a romantic relationship. 

The word “passionate” is not the word you use to describe a platonic relationship, but it is an important aspect of being in a romantic relationship. But, when it comes to a romantic relationship, the word is often interchanged with the word passionate as well.

3. People In Platonic Relationships Don’t Keep Their Friendship “Alive”

When you are in a platonic relationship, the pang or need to be with each other to keep your friendship alive is not a requirement or need. 

If the two of you are away from each other, the feeling of missing each other is obvious, but not enough to do anything about it. Even when you meet, it’s quite casual, and no one is inclined to make any grand gesture as well.

You don’t have to arrange for any “dates” to make the meeting quite special or grand for a platonic relationship. The meet-ups are quite casual, and nothing is grand about it. 

4. Platonic Love Is Selfless, While Romantic Love Is Mixed  

When you are in a platonic relationship, you will understand that nothing is more selfless than this kind of relationship. The two of you care for each other without any personal gain or gratification. 

While on the other hand, it is quite possible that romantic relationships can be selfless and look for certain personal gain or gratification. In a romantic relationship, you are looking for something or another in that relationship.

5. Platonic Love Is Not Complicated; Romantic Love Normally Is  

Love shouldn’t be complicated, but most of the time, any romantic relationship is complicated. Being in a romantic relationship is more than just being in each other’s company and enjoying the simpler things in life.

But when it comes to a platonic relationship, life is much simpler and without any complications. The two of you just spend time with each other without any pressure or desire.

Wrapping Up!  

So now that I have elaborated on whether a platonic relationship is similar or dissimilar to a romantic relationship. You can clearly understand why it is sometimes better to be in a platonic relationship rather than in a romantic relationship.

When the stress of desire, sexual tension, and physical intimacy is out of the question, that is when you can understand each other better. The pressure of being in a romantic relationship sometimes makes it difficult to be in a relationship.

So, if you think you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below whether you think it’s better to be in a platonic relationship or a romantic relationship.

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