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12 Romantic And Funny Bedtime Story For Girlfriend

12 Romantic And Funny Bedtime Story For Girlfriend

bedtime story for girlfriend
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Are you looking for a cute bedtime story for girlfriend? If your girl is a sucker for stories just like I am then you have arrived at the right destination. Keep reading to find out some of the best romantic stories of all time. 

10 Romantic And Funny Bedtime Story for Girlfriend:

Finding the perfect romantic bedtime story for girlfriend is easier than you ever thought. But if you aren’t really a storyteller or possess the creativity to come up with some stories for your girl, don’t worry because I am here to help you. 

So instead of wasting any more time, scroll down and find out the top romantic and funny bedtime stories for your girlfriend. 

1. Love At First Sight:

Love At First Sight

Andrew didn’t believe in love at first sight ever. In fact, he wondered how he could even fall in love over a single glance. But fate had something completely different planned for him. It was a rainy evening when he was waiting for his cab right outside his office building. 

Already drenched, Andrew was hoping the cab would arrive quickly when suddenly a brow mop of hair clashed with him. Muttering a hurried apology, this person tried to adjust her hair, and Andrew saw Baela for the first time. Suddenly the world around him shifted, and the pixy-green eyes were the only thing that mattered. 

Andrew didn’t know her name but knew that she was perfect for him!

2. Love At The Age Of Algorithm:

Love At The Age Of Algorithm

Bee was bored and swiping on Tinder – she didn’t really like any of the profiles. All the profiles appeared like products to her. And then, just like that, Aegon’s account appeared in front of her. Aegon Targaryen seemed so different – casual, nonchalant, not trying too hard, just the kind she liked. 

She swiped him right, and it was a match because even Aegon had swiped her right. Four years have passed since that day, and Bee has now moved in with Aegon. They are planning to travel the world together someday and spend their lives together. 

3. Hidden Desires:

Hidden Desires

On a boring Monday afternoon, Samantha was just chilling at the back bench. Here google search showed ‘stories to turn you on instantly!’ Suddenly the boy sitting beside her glanced at her phone and then smiled a little. 

Samantha was bothered and immediately told this random classmate, ‘hey, quit staring at my phone!’ 

The random boy started laughing, and Samantha was furious. How could he just laugh? She was about to give him a piece of her mind when the boy stopped laughing and said, ‘my apologies but I have written those stories for a blog – it’s called Hidden Desires.’

4. The Universe Was Working:

Universe Was Working

Boy meets girl.

Girl meets boy. 

Wait, let’s clear this one up: they were both single!

Sometimes two singles make a double together because it was just meant to be. But before that, the boy did google ‘bedtime story for girlfriend’ to impress his crush

5. The Office:

The Office

When Alicia joined her new job, she never thought she would fall in love with her boss. Who falls for her boss, after all? Alicia was always seeking the story of love, her story of love, but she didn’t think that her boss would be the man of her dreams. 

Every time Richard came to her desk for a conversation, Alicia’s heart fluttered, and gradually, over the next few months, she worked hard – she couldn’t deny that there was a bond between the two of them, but after being together for months. 

He did support her every time there was a problem, but that didn’t showcase his love for her. At the annual work party, Alicia was drunk. When most people had left, Richard came to check on Alicia and asked, ‘are you all right?’ 

Alicia stared right back and said, ‘now that you are here, I am,’ and that day, Richard fell for Alicia entirely. 

6. Love And Lockdown:

Love And Lockdown

Anita was busy drooling over her usual dose of entertainment, funny bedtime stories! The pandemic was raging everywhere, and Anita was locked up in her apartment. Her Google search displayed ‘bedtime story for girlfriend’ – not because she had a girlfriend but because she liked reading them. 

She was lying down on her bed, looking up stories and reading Reddit threads, when she received a text from a random Carrie on Instagram. The text read, ‘hey, how are you spending your lockdown?’

Before replying, Anita decided to do some major stalking, and after ten minutes, she was blown – blown because everything about Carrie’s profile screamed ATTRACTIVE. A sly smile crept up on Anita’s face, leaving her a little anxious – with bated breath, Anita started replying to Carrie’s text. 

7. A Clandestine Affair:

Clandestine Affair

Affairs are never a good idea! But that didn’t stop Miranda and Steve from starting one. While Miranda was in a happy relationship with her long-time boyfriend Will, Steve had been dating Debbie for half a decade. 

On a bland Monday evening, Steve ran into Miranda at a bar outside work. Coincidentally, both of them were drinking alone and conversing with the bartender. As the evening rolled over into nightfall, the bartender got busy, leaving Steve and Miranda alone, deep in conversation.

When they finally left the bar, it was 1 a.m. in the morning. Since then, six months have passed, giving enough time to both Miranda and Steve enough time to pursue a secret affair. 

But why have an affair when you could date? Well, we forgot to mention that Debbie turned out to be Will’s sister, making things very complicated.

8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Charlotte loved sleep stories for adults – otherwise, how would she even go to sleep? One midsummer night, as she lay beside her boyfriend, John, she couldn’t help but wonder how much John meant to her. He was bedside her through everything – from chemo to losing her parents, John was her rock.

Charlotte was sure that John had fallen asleep since it was quite late. So, she leaned in a little closer to John and whispered, ‘I will love you forever – you are everything I need in my life.’ 

But John caught her completely off guard! Suddenly, John smiled right back at her and pulled her close, whispering, ‘I love you too, babe – without you, I am nothing. I want to spend my whole life without you!’ 

9. The Gift Of The Magi:

Gift Of The Magi

Once upon a time, Cinderella fought with Prince Charming – it is safe to say that could be termed as their worst fight ever! Prince Charming had enough of fights, so he just packed his belongings and left. 

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Cinderella was furious. How could he just leave her alone in a palace where she literally didn’t know anyone? All she wanted was for him to get her that book of loving wife stories! After a few hours, Cinderella was worried – what if he never came back? What if he left her? 

So Cinderella sat down and thought about it – where could the Prince go? After a few minutes had passed, Cinderella simply followed her instincts and started moving towards a spot where she had chilled so many times with the prince before. 

And just like that, the prince was sitting there listening to some music. One glance at him and Cinderella realize that small fights are a part of their relationship, but in the long run, their love is the forever kind of love!

10. More Than A Friend…Less Than A Lover:

More Than A Friend…Less Than A Lover

The perfect bedtime stories for girlfriend doesn’t exist…at least, that’s what I thought! But then, as I watched her fidget beside me. She did seem a little anxious. I could feel that something had changed, something that made her a little distant yet close at the same time. He passed the cup of coffee to her, and just for a brief moment, their eyes met.

‘What’s inside your head?’ she suddenly asked – her voice was a mix of curiosity and longing. I couldn’t stay silent anymore. It has been plaguing me for the past few months. ‘I love you…and not just like a friend. But with an intensity I have never experienced before.’ There was no turning back now – everything was out in the open. 

As I grappled with my feelings and feared rejection as well as losing her friendship forever, she suddenly stood up, her back turned towards me. Before I could say anything, she started talking…

‘I have always loved you and it took you seven freaking years to notice that.’ I dropped the coffee and the rest? The rest was just history!

11. Truth Or Dare:

Once upon a time, the most popular guy in University was given a pretty daring dare – a dare that kinda changed his entire life. He had to ask a very shy woman for prom night. Of course, he wasn’t able to complete this dare. But in spite of losing the game of truth and dare, he emerged a winner in real life. 

The game ensured that he could know the shy girl well and subsequently unraveled her sweetness. Soon, they became really good friends, and a few months later, when he asked her out, she said yes this time. Yes, he did lose a game but ended up winning so many hearts.

12. True Love Never Dies:

When Max was initially diagnosed with malignancy, the medical experts told him that he had around 12 weeks left. He was completely broken – shocked and disheartened. But in the end, he decided to use the remaining time wisely, making all arrangements for the love of his wife, his beloved wife, Carol. 

Once he passed away, Carol discovered that Max had hidden hundreds of notes inside the house during his last few weeks. She realized that he had all the notes in a way that he kept finding them one at a time – every note was a simple reminder of how much Max loved her. 

And It’s A Wrap!

Finding the perfect bedtime story for girlfriend is a task! But we are hoping that won’t be a problem now that you have a few stories for inspiration. If you are a writer like I am then crafting a nice story won’t be complex. But in case, you aren’t then you can always get inspired a little! 

In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

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