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How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love?

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love
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Falling in love means lots of butterflies are floating around and beautiful nightingales are singing around you. Then comes the heavenly feelings. You are smiling and blushing without reason while thinking about your love all day long. But how long does it take to fall in love? For any human being, approximately three to four months is the average period to fall in love.

How Fast Can You Fall In Love With Someone?

Falling in love fast or how long does it takes to fall in love are two different questions. As some people tend to fall in love fast, and some of the people are taking years to confess. But men are more prone to believe in love at first sight. Almost 70% of the men believe in love at first sight, whereas only 60% of women have faith in love at first sight.

The average time it takes to fall into love entirely depends upon the realization of the difference between real love and just a romantic temporary phase. Finding the difference is tough, especially before 90 days.

If you ask me the question about how long does it take to fall in love? We would say for love; there is not a limitation of time. Many couples are falling in love at first sight and are happily married for 30 or 40 years. But for many couples, the fast-falling love is just impossible. They are taking almost four to five years to confess their love to each other.

But according to scientific explanation, in most cases, the average time it takes to fall into love is 120 days to 134 days. Men are taking almost 80 to 90 days to confess their love. And the women are taking almost 120 to 140 days to confess their love.

Love At First Sight Exists?

Love At First Sight

Love confessing means your heart is pumping faster, and your face is getting warmer. Then you said these three magical words: I love you. Confessing your love for another person is really tougher than you think. Because when you are confessing your love to another person, you do not know what will be the answer. You are staying awake the whole night while thinking about the answer of your crush.

The connection between the two strangers is established when they first meet. The spark in the eyes and the hormonal secretion is starting from day one. But then all are depending on you. How much time you are going to take to confess your love only matters.

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love

The question is complex because no science can prove the facts behind human mental status and ups and downs. But as per the records, men are taking less time to confess their love. Hence women are taking much more time to double-check their decision.

40% of the men confess their love after one month of dating, whereas only 30% of the women confess their love after one month of dating. If you are asking about how fast do men fall in love hence the men tend to fall first in love.

But if you can find the difference between attachment, lust, and attraction, then choice-making is becoming easier. Attraction, love, and lust three are the phases of the romantic life. But these three are different from each other, but when you are just stepping into a romantic relationship, they seem to be very similar. 

But in reality, these three are distinctive phases. And if you can not find the difference between them you are surely making a mistake.

Check out below and find the three phases of a romantic relationship.

1. Attraction:


Most often, this is miscounted as the love for someone. You are getting attracted to someone. You feel overwhelmed around them. You are constantly thinking about them and want to spend some time with them. But when they are around you, you feel a little bit nervous.

2. Lust:


Lust is nothing but a strong physical connection towards someone. You are feeling distracted in front of them. And you only need to sleep with them. A strong physical connection is built on the basis of physical appearances.

3. Attachment:


Attachment is a stronger bond between these three. You are feeling secure with someone. You believe them, and every day you are going to share something with them. Attachment is more like a good friendship. For maximum couples, they are in this stage after one or years of their relationship. Security and belief are the stronger feelings here.

 If you are asking about how long does it take to fall in love or can you fall in love in a week. Then we would recommend you to identify the stage where you currently belong in the romantic relationship. Hence one week is quite a short time to make the decision. But if the love spark is there, do not hesitate to confess your love.

Are You Tend To Fall In Love First?

Love is a very precious feeling. You both feel attracted to each other. You are attentive to their needs and always want to do something special for them. You are feeling alive and safe with them. Love is a true desire, but when this feeling happens frequently, life is becoming more complicated.

But if you are one of them who frequently falls in love? Hence life is not simple for you. We have known some people who have fallen in love a thousand times in their entire life. This is uncommon. Because in reality, you are not falling in love. You are getting attracted by their appearance or something else. So identifying is the main solution to these types of problems. Because when you are feeling love, you want to get in a relationship with them.

Wrapping It Up:

Falling in love depends entirely upon the individual person’s mental standard and the romantic relationship phase. How long does it take to fall in love? The answer lies in your mental setups and the depth of your relationships. Confessing love is the only matter that is different among men and women. So what is your experience of falling in love? Do not forget to share your sweet romantic story with us.

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