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10 Signs Of A Possessive Boyfriend (And How to Deal With Him)

10 Signs Of A Possessive Boyfriend (And How to Deal With Him)

possessive boyfriend

Every couple has little expectations of easy-going smooth relationships. Modern life is full of complicacy, bursting with lots of hurdles and hardships. If you have a possessive boyfriend, your life is turning to be more complicated, and your relationship is going like a bumpy road.

When you are in a relationship, all women are expecting a very comfortable and soothing relationship. And if you have a very jealous boyfriend. All the good moments can turn into bitter ones even though your boyfriend has lots of love in his heart for you. All the loving and caring nature is clouded under the possessive nature of your boyfriend.

10 Signs Of A Jealous And Possessive Boyfriend

Many of the women are mistaking the possessive boyfriend as their protective boyfriend. Hence between possessiveness and protectiveness, there is a fragile line between these two. You only have to understand the characteristics, and this understanding can save you from a controlling relationship.

If you are searching for the answer to why my boyfriend gets jealous?

So let’s first check out the ten signs he is possessive.

1. He Often Checks Your Phone And Text Messages

Your personal communications are no longer your personal communication. If your boyfriend is possessive, he is always going to check your phone and private messages. Even when you are using a password-locking phone, your boyfriend is doing close monitoring of all your actions. 

At the start of your relationship, this nature looks natural and caring. But when you want to know what jealous boyfriends are like?  First, do a close look. He is going to check your call list or messages or not?

2. Always Decide What You Should Wear

The possessive boyfriend is always going to choose the dress for you. Or is he always going to decide what you should wear? Yes, first you will ask him about his opinion, and slowly this is becoming a habit. 

If you have a possessive boyfriend, he always has a particular opinion about your dress and the appropriate dress for the occasion. Your boyfriend is going to choose every outfit for you.

3. He Isolates You From Your Friends And Family

This is the clear sign of an overly jealous boyfriend or signs of a jealous husband. First, he is going to share every opinion about your friends and family members. Your possessive boyfriend wants your company whenever he is going to need it.

More opinion means obviously the negative ones. And slowly tell you that he is not like them. He is always trying to cut off all the connections with your friends and family.

4. Seeks Full Attention All Time

An attention-seeking attitude is a sign of jealousy in men, so if you see this quality, alarm your mind first. A possessive boyfriend is always seeking your full attention. 

Even sometimes, he is becoming super short-tempered if you are going to use your cellphone while talking with him or doing something else. And if this sign is shown in your boyfriend. Then instant, take the tips about how to handle a jealous boyfriend.

5. He Always Criticizes You Over Your Decision

Your personal decision is no longer your own. A possessive boyfriend is really controlling by nature. So he always loved to prioritize. He only likes to make the decisions for your life. 

When he is doing it first, he will tell you this is the effect of his protectiveness and care. Afterward, you are slowly converting into the doll of your boyfriend’s hands. And when you are not going to listen to all his instructions, he is going to criticize your decision. He is doing all these to break your self-confidence.

6. Your Passive Boyfriend React Immediately When You Do Not Answer His Call

Impulsive and short-tempered nature is the sign of jealousy in a man. Sometimes this nature reacts like scary movies. Your possessive boyfriend will react every alternative day when you are not going to pick up his phone call. 

One single moment delay, one miss call, or one unread message are turning up in a heated argument. So be conscious if your boyfriend is showing up these signs of a jealous man. Talk with him and try to short out the things from the beginning.

7. He Stalks You All Time

He is going to stalk you like a surveillance camera. It seems harmless at the start. He will tell you he is coming to pick you up from your office just because he is on the same way. Or he is going to give you a surprise.

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But when you have a possessive boyfriend, this one day is becoming a regular daily routine. And slowly, he is escorting you everywhere. A possessive and jealous boyfriend is going to stalk you around.

8. Your Boyfriend Can Not Tolerate Other Men Around You

A possessive boyfriend is always having an opinion about all your male friends. He is not going to tolerate any other men around you. Even if you have a male best friend first, he will start arguing with you about your relationship. 

Like this, he is not going to tolerate any new friends around you. He slowly starts developing a problem with everyone. Intolerance is the sign a man is jealous of another man.

9. He Does Not Give You Any Personal Space

Your personal space is no longer your me-time. Your possessive boyfriend is going to interfere with all your decisions. When you are just in a relationship, you will not spend your entire day and night with your boyfriend. 

But when you are having an affair with a very jealous and passive man. He is always going to interfere in all your decisions. And they have entitled themselves as completely error-free people. He thinks having the password of your documents is his right.

10. Your Boyfriend Is Going To Always Judge You

If you are still finding the solution to my boyfriend, get jealous easily? First, take a closer look at the nature of your boyfriend. Does he always judge you over anything? 

If he is always planning the blaming game and loves to blame you for his mistakes. Be careful because the romantic relationship is not going to stand on blaming or pretending. If you see these types of signs, always try to communicate with your boyfriend over the topic.

Wrapping It Up:

After getting a serious relationship, if you are seeking the answer, why is my boyfriend so jealous and controlling? Then we must say communication is the key to short out the issues. Little possessiveness sounds cute, but when these overburden your relationship, you are not getting any clue how your sweet relationship is slowly turning into a cage. So what is your opinion on controlling

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