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I Miss My Ex– 10 Things You Need to Know

I Miss My Ex– 10 Things You Need to Know

i miss my ex
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“I miss my ex”. Nothing is more brutal than the break-ups. But breakups and then starting again is a part of human life. We can not deny the pain of the break-ups. And missing your ex is very normal. Many people are facing breakups, and after getting into any new relationship, they still miss their ex.

Why Breakups Seems More Painful Than Losing Your Loved Ones?

Breakups are not the brutal truth. The pain of the loss is hideous sometimes, and breakups are causing more pain than losing your loved ones. Why do I still miss my ex? This is the most common question which is asked. 

The answer lies under your deep feeling and the mental connection between you two. You are in a committed relationship for almost two or their years. You both are starting to believe each other, and you start to see the dreams. Suddenly all the birds stop singing, and your sky is getting darker. All the surroundings are becoming gloomy and colorless.

10 Things To Do When You Missing An Ex

Missing your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is very normal after breakups. Missing an ex, you broke up with can be solved by using some easy tips. But the first thing you have to do is make sure you have the desire to move forward in your life.

Check out our ten things to do when you are feeling I miss my ex.

1. Stay Busy

When you are staying busy all day, dealing with breakups is never going to be the hardest time for people who have a very busy schedule. When you are breaking up with your partner, we know it’s more like your world is falling apart.

The empty place is always the devil’s workshop. So be busy with your work. And always give some time to forget about your Ex. If you do not have a single place to think about your Ex, then how could you miss them? Yes, when you are feeling I miss my ex. First, check out the timing, and we are sure you are going to find the empty and free time. Fill that empty and free time with some busy work schedule.

2. Do Not Contact Your EX At Least One Month

When you are breaking up with your partner, always follow the rule of no contact.No phone call, no texting, just treat like you never know him/her. This no-contact rule is very effective to cope up with, and I miss my ex feelings.

When you are completing the first thirty days of the no contact phase, you are really getting the breakthrough. And the system to move forward is becoming far easier. After thirty days, you will be in a more stable condition, and your life is starting to fall in the right place.

3. Give Time To Your Friends

If your ex is already moving on, telling your ex you miss them is not a good idea. Most of the time, after a break up the people, are missing the good moments with their partner. So if you are going to forget your Ex and move on, you have to make some good memories with your friends.

Invite your friends over to your place and do not talk about your ex. Among your friend’s group, many of them are facing the same problem as you. And this party time is going to feel empty in your heart. Enjoy with your friends and family.

4. Always Remember The Bad Things About The Relationship

I have a boyfriend, but I miss my ex, or I miss my ex-girlfriend so much. This feeling is coming from the inner thoughts of your heart. You are thinking the good things about your relationships, which is why you are starting to miss the moments.

After getting into another relationship, some people are still missing their ex. Because of the social media page and other networking sites, people tend to compare their boyfriend or girlfriend to others and with their Ex. This is why you are starting to miss their Ex.No relation is breaking up in the normal condition. Always think about the negativity of your past relationship and moving forward.

5. Stay Focused 

Dealing with the breakup can be the booster for your career growth. So think positive and grow. Always stay focused on your study and career to breakthrough from your past relationships.

Be a little bit selfish when you are still feeling I miss my ex-type thoughts. Move all the preferences of his/her needs and choices. Give your life and choice a preference. In most relationships, the couple is making many sacrifices, and you also start giving the preferences. But after the breakups, feel the freedom first. And give preference to your choices.

6. Do Some Exercise And Make Yourself Look Better

I miss my ex. This feeling is very common after breakups. Do exercise and give some effort to look better. Many people are getting fat and less physically active after the breakups because they start to eat more sweets to deal with the depression.

Never do this to you. Body, soul, and mind three are the main calming elements of any human being. So take some time to be more active and fit. Eat healthily and stay beautiful. If you are in a quite uncomfortable state of mind, do meditation regularly. Meditation is going to help you to deal with heartbreak.

7. Travel Or Camping With Friends

Nature has a very strong healing agent itself. After your breakup, you need to spend some of your own time. The pubs and bar gathering atmosphere sometimes carries more bitterness to your life.

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When you want to move forward in your life, but still, you are missing your ex. Therefore choosing a good traveling destination is a perfect breakthrough for you. Choose any nature camp or hiking spot. Even the friend’s group travel is also working best for you. Spend some time in nature and calm your mind, then come back to follow your daily routine.

8. Abandon All The Mementos

Are you thinking, why do I still miss my ex? First, look around your room and see all the old photos of you and your partner. Or all the old gifts first abandon all these mementos.

Old gifts are old pictures that carry lots of memories of you. And most of the memories are happy ones. So always first dispose of it if you do not have any plan to get together. When the mementos are not anymore in front of you, you can move freely from the relationship.

9. Discourage The Negative Thoughts

After the breakups, your whole world is starting to break up. And in most cases, the people are starting to blame themselves. This blaming is causing more depression.

Whenever the thoughts of I miss, my ex-type thoughts are coming into your mind. First, ask yourself did I start to blame myself for the break-ups? The negative thoughts about yourselves can not solve the issues. It is only causing you more pain. So if you want to be free from past thoughts and move toward positiveness, always think positive about yourself.

10. Take The Help From The Therapist

If you are still missing your ex and tried all the things to forget about your ex. But you are sinking under the thoughts of the past. And these thoughts are hampering your daily life, so taking the help of a professional therapist is the best solution.

Take an appointment with a professional therapist. Because when you are trying to move on with your life. The depression of the past is making you more prone to thinking about your ex. If you can not handle the detachment, two ways are open in front of you. One is moving on, and another one is asking for a second chance. So choose wisely.

Wrapping It Up:

Love is a long-lasting essence, so I miss my ex feelings which are very natural when you are in a serious, committed relationship. But the choice is entirely upon you. You can ask for a second chance, or you can move on with your life. So what is your opinion on dealing with the breakup? Do not forget to comment back to us.

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