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Do I Have A Praise Kink? 41 Intense Praise Kink Phrases!

Do I Have A Praise Kink? 41 Intense Praise Kink Phrases!

praise kink
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Lately, social media has been all about praise kink. If you are a ‘good girl’ like I am, then you might relate to what I am about to tell you.

The art of talking dirty is laced with creativity – as long as you can be creative with your dirty talking, you can rest assured that it might just be the best sex of your life

And who doesn’t want to have the best sex of their lives? And trust me, praise kinks are much more than just your usual dirty conversations. So let’s dive in and find out what this kink is all about!

Exploring Praise Kinks: What Is A Praise Kink?

For most Millenials, asking ‘what is a praise kink’ is perhaps the more relatable part of this article. Praise Kink is basically your good ol’ “affirmation play,” better known as good girl kink!

It usually revolves around the dominant partner’s kind words, compliments, and other praises for the submissive partner in a relationship

If you can already relate to what I am saying, let me tell you that you are kinky, and you know it…and that too about praises!

However, this glorified kink is not about ‘including praises’ – it’s about focussing on the conversations or, better, interactions. 

In this context, Angie Rowntree, a sex expert, said,

It involves the intentional use of praise and kind words in the context of sex or foreplay — and it’s not just what is said, but how it is said and the context. 
Praise kink is a kink when it is used as the focus of the interaction between partners or is part of a power exchange dynamic. In the BDSM context, the sub often receives praise from the dominant.” (source)

It might seem a bit over-the-top if praises don’t turn you on. But that’s so true about any kink – if it doesn’t float your boat, there’s no guarantee that the same won’t float my boat. 

The Psychology Behind Praise Kink: What’s Inside Your Head?

Psychology Behind Praise Kink

Your usual praise kink definition will tell about the term and what it means in a modern context, but what’s the psychology behind all of these?

Obviously, it feels good when your partner values you and says kind words to you. And not just your partner – even at work or school, when your superior appreciates you, it feels good. 

But when you have praise kink, the ‘good feeling’ transforms into a sexually charged feeling of euphoria. 

While praising someone normally, it is obvious that you will focus on their talents or even skills. Similarly, while you are trying out praise kink, you will find yourself focusing on specific behavior, skill, or even, in some cases, body parts! 

It can appear to be a little similar to body worship, but then again, body worshipping is all about the submissive worshipping the dominant’s body.

If you are feeling a little creative, you can also focus on someone’s value – your partner is not just good at oral, but he is the sort of guy who works hard for perfection…geddit?

It almost doesn’t come as a surprise that there exists an overlap of sorts if you have a praise kink and a desire to please. Additionally, praise-earning activities can show your partner how much you care. 

The Misconceptions Of Praise Kink: Praise Kink vs. Love Language

Praise Kink vs. Love Language

It is possible that your or your partner’s love language centers in and around affirmative words.

In fact, the praise kink phrases we have mentioned below could actually include certain phrases that could be similar to normal words of affirmation. 

But having a praise kink has no similarity with using positive words as a love language. 

When you are being sexually praised, it will certainly make you feel really loved, but the case of having a praise kink means there is something much darker about the same.

It is inherently sexual and ultimately contributes to better orgasms and greater sexual pleasure. 

Praise Kink And BDSM: 

Yes, we agree that Praise Kink is absolutely a kink – there’s no doubt about the same. But you do not have to be ‘kinky’ to actually enjoy something like a Praise Kink. 

In fact, there are so many people who just like hearing praises or even praise kink phrases, even if they are just plain vanilla

The Discomfort And Embarrassment: Struggling To Receive A Compliment?

Discomfort And Embarrassment

If I ask anyone to define praise kink on the internet, I will definitely receive a whole lot of engagement – but what about those darker parts of this kink?

Let’s talk about them. At some point, several of us struggled when it came to receiving a compliment or, in general, kindness.

But for the ones afflicted with praise fetish, isn’t it an appealing embarrassment of sorts, just like you might find tickling enjoyable and uncomfortable at the same time?

But, of course, it’s also a possibility that, more than an embarrassment, some of you might undergo feelings close to those of humiliation. Then erotic humiliation is also a thing!

Praise kinks could be an easy extension of erotic humiliation. However, discomfort doesn’t originate from rudeness or even harsh words. But in fact, it originates from the inability to accept those words. 

Remember that many people out there can be masochistic, physically or emotionally. Isn’t there something so taboo about feelings of discomfort?

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Additionally, you might also take pride in your handling this discomfort – an element familiar to BDSM lovers, I assume?

Do I Have A Praise Kink? Signs That Praises Turn You On!

Signs That Praises Turn You On

Are you already asking yourself, ‘do I have a praise kink?’ Well, if you are, you need to scroll down and find out all the signs that indicate whether or not praises turn you on!

Ask yourself the following questions and find out whether you have a praise kink or not!

  • Does dirty talk in the bedroom usually turn you on?
  • Do you love it when your partner compliments you in bed?
  • Does your heart quicken or shiver down your back when your partner praises you in any sexual situation?
  • Do you love having intimate conversations with your partner? 
  • Does your love language revolve around affirmation?
  • Do you have a natural need for appreciation? 

Make The Most Of The Praise Kink: 41 Intense Praise Kink Phrases!

Intense Praise Kink Phrases

The world is big enough for everything, including 41 intense praise kink phrases – if you are in the mood to have some fun tonight with a bunch of praises, what’s stopping you?

Scroll down and check out a few such phrases that can convert your boring night into an entertaining one and, fortunately, a long one!

  1. Good girl/pet/boy.
  1. Good job.
  1. I adore you, especially those beautiful breasts.
  1. You have an amazing body.
  1. You are big, and it turns me on.
  1. What a beautiful smile!
  1. You have an adorable pout.
  1. Your lips are perfect for kissing.
  1. Your ass makes me forget everything else.
  1. Did you dress up to turn me on?
  1. You are sex. Personified.
  1. Your thighs are driving me wild.
  1. I love the way you stare at me with those innocent eyes.
  1. You are always aware of my needs.
  1. My special girl/boy.
  1. I’m so proud of you!
  1. Sweet pet/thing/boy/girl.
  1. You listen to me so intently.
  1. What you just did to me was incredible!
  1. I love that you can take a good amount of spanking.
  1. It drives me so wild when you go down on me!
  1. That’s it – you always know which spot to touch.
  1. Look at you, all decked up like a Barbie Doll.
  1. Just like that baby, you know the drill so well.
  1. Good. Now, go a little faster!
  1. You are so soft, so incredible.
  1. You are mine. I am going to show you off with pride!
  1. Take it…for me. I know you will be able to!
  1. When you wear that, everyone will know that you belong to me.
  1. You’re Daddy’s/Mommy’s good boy/girl/pet.
  1. That’s my boy/girl.
  1. You are so big…it makes me wet.
  1. You really know how to make the most of your small mouth.
  1. Your hips feel so good against my body. 
  1. Perfect little whore/girl/boy.
  1. Sit still first. Let me make love to you with my eyes.
  1. You don’t know what you are doing to me.
  1. Who’s my gorgeous girl?
  1. You are so hot that I can barely keep my pants on.
  1. I love what you just did to my body. Could you go faster?
  1. Your beautiful body makes me so hard.

You probably just noticed how most of these praise kink examples have a lot to do with specific body parts or even actions.

Of course, you want to sound specific with your comments – a little personal touch can make your efforts seem so much more genuine. 

And if, by any chance, you fail where words are concerned, you can always go for a bunch of content sighs accompanied by your partner’s name. 

Getting The Most Out Of Praise Kinks: It’s Not Just About Words!

Most Out Of Praise Kinks

Praise kink phrases can work wonders both verbally and over naughty DMs, where dominant partners can praise the submissive partners. But that’s not your only way to spice up the scene with praises.

It just doesn’t have to be about sex – it could also be about building up the tension throughout the day. In this context, Angie Rowntree, a sex expert, further says,

It is important to remember that even if you are into kink, you and your partner should share praise and affirmation within regular nonsexual contexts, too. After all, everyone loves to feel appreciated in principle, and a little praise to your partner over breakfast can go a long way when it comes to nourishing your overall intimate life.” (Source)

There’s more to it – scroll down and check out some ‘valuable’ tips to make the ‘most of praises!’

  • Love looking at the mirror – let the dominant partner make the submissive partner love themselves in the mirror, preferably naked. You guys can also practice taking photos together.
  • While complimenting a specific body part, the dominant partner can grope, caress, slap, bite, kiss, touch, or even spank the same part of the submissive partner. 
  • Dominant partners are also vocal, complimenting their partner on public platforms such as parties or social media. At the same time, submissive partners must thank the dominant partners for the compliments. 
  • Dominant partners can physically restrain submissive partners via bondage, for instance, and praise them aggressively. They can also pat the submissive partners as an expression of ‘a job well done.’

When Kindness Makes You Orgasm…

Kindness Makes You Orgasm

That’s the best part about this popular kink – you get showered with praises, and you get to shower out an orgasm in return.

Praise kink is all about your relationship with your partner – if you guys love to explore facets of sexual liberation, then why not give this a try? People who already have this kink know how fun it can be if you play all your cards right!

Meanwhile, tell us what you think about praise kinks and share your experiences if you have any in the comments below!

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