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Exploring Daddy Dom Relationships: A Fun Ride On The Older Side!

Exploring Daddy Dom Relationships: A Fun Ride On The Older Side!

Daddy Dom
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Are you lost, baby girl? 

Because things are about to heat up for real, and there’s no turning back on your daddy dom. The ‘daddy’ word has a lot of connotations in everyday discussions – but you know the strangest thing about using the ‘daddy’ word – it’s ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS related to daddy issues. 

It’s just weird that BDSM or anything to do with it is always misunderstood – I feel it gets so much societal flak because Boomers are not really aware of the concept. And it’s so subjective, not just as a concept, but also how different people look at it from different perspectives. 

While it could be just foreplay for you, it could be a large part of someone’s sexual identity. So today, I want to keep all the stigma aside and talk about princesses and their daddies – Stick around till the end and embark on this fun ride…on the older side!

But First, Let’s Burst Some Daddy Som Myths:

Let’s Burst Some Daddy Som Myths

While there are several daddy dom little girl myths, it’s pointless to overthink about those – a kink, after all, is just that, a kink! So before we can start talking about how to spot the ‘daddy’ in your man, let’s bid adieu to some of those daddy myths!

Here’s a look at our two favorite myths!

1. Daddy Is A Gender Fluid Term:

Yes, a daddy dom is very different from a BDSM dom – it means in roleplay, the daddy is the adult. So, in that case, it is only natural that ‘daddy’ is a fluid term – a woman can also be a daddy or someone who is gender fluid. 

2. DDLG Doesn’t Really Have To Be Sexual:

A DDLG doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual at all. Instead, it could be just the roleplay that both participants engage in their daily lives – like stepping out for a coffee or going shopping. They are just the adults in the relationship

Is He A Daddy Dom Or Just Bossy – Spot The Daddy In Your Man! 

Is He A Daddy Dom Or Just Bossy

Asking Google how to be a daddy dom is not how you become one – you are either a daddy, or you are just bossy. There’s no in-between. So how do you spot a daddy dom when you see one? I have done some intensive research and have managed to acquire some experience over time – after all, I am 26! 

You just have to keep reading – we have got all the signs that will tell you whether your man’s a real daddy or just bossy!

“A true dom doesn’t just take control of you or try to order you around. That’s not dominance, that’s bullying. A true dom is ALWAYS respectful, will guide you, instruct you, encourage you, help you, and drive you to reach your full potential. Not in the bedroom, in LIFE. A true dom will be the most supportive person you’ve ever met. They’ll challenge you and teach you things about yourself you never knew. They’ll bring out the very best in you.”

He Is Your OnlyFan:

He Is Your OnlyFan

What most daddy dom stories will tell you is not true – Christian Grey might just buy the company his baby works for and loves the control he professionally has over her. But a real dom dad will just become your number 1 fan – your only fan even when you might not be at your best. 

It’s pretty hot when he gets bossy in bed…

BDSM and everything associated with this world has a lot to do with the sexual identity of most people. But when the word ‘relationship’ comes to play, it’s more about what goes around inside the bedroom.

He Is Your Anchor:

He Is Your Anchor

If your man is a dom daddy, then he will be your unmovable, unyielding anchor. Sometimes, when all hell breaks loose, it feels like there’s no one standing by you, and you are all alone. This is where your dom daddy steps in to save the day. I am not talking about hero instinct – because that one sure does falter randomly. 

You don’t need to awaken your man’s hero instinct to make sure that he is always there for you. I feel it should happen naturally, and who better than daddy to take care of you when everything around your falls apart? 

He Is Your Ultimate Confidant:

It is possible that your man is a daddy newbie – but that doesn’t mean you won’t spot all the characteristics. Yes, you tell your boyfriend about every damn thing – but do you always tell him about your biggest fears, your worst insecurities, your deepest secrets, and your darkest thoughts? If your man encourages you to do so, then that one is definitely a daddy-dom! 

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Your man need not know about what exactly you ate for lunch or what exactly went wrong between you and your best friends. But he definitely needs to know about your anxiety and everything in between. 

He Prioritizes Your Pleasure In Bed: 

He Prioritizes Your Pleasure In Bed

Now, this one’s interesting. I feel the whole point of having sex is to have an experience that’s pleasurable. Sometimes, people keep having bad sex for years – they have no idea what they are doing in bed. And society has made sex so much about the man’s pleasure that sometimes, a woman’s pleasure is simply forgotten. 

Nice guys finish last…
Of course, we do. We make sure our woman finishes first. Multiple times. 

You might be asking what it means when she calls you daddy, and you might assume she has a few daddy issues. But it could be just one of those kinks. Some get turned on by praises, while others enjoy humiliation in bed. A dom dad always prioritizes his baby’s pleasure – otherwise, what’s the point, really? 

He Loves Protecting You:

I know this is not 1945, and you are a strong, independent woman who never needs protection. But have you tried telling your boyfriend that? Mine is a die-hard feminist, and I have told him so many times about how independent I am. But does it stop him from becoming a little protective over the most random thing? Not really! 

So, the next time your man starts acting a little weird – confront him a little about his daddy vibe and watch him blush. Because you have caught him, and there’s no way around the same! 

Becoming Daddy Dom’s Little Princess Might Just Be A Good Idea!

So, you know what is a daddy dom – are you attracted to one? That’s the only question I have, or are you the dom here just brushing up on what’s new on the block? I would love to know – come on, 2022 is about to end, and 2023 is going to be huge in terms of sexual freedom. So feel free to tell us about your dom antics or even your daddy dom. 

Don’t forget to share your experiences in case you love becoming a Princess from time to time in the comments below!

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