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Casting A Love Spell: How To Successfully Cast A Love Spell [And A Few Love Spells To Begin With!]

Casting A Love Spell: How To Successfully Cast A Love Spell [And A Few Love Spells To Begin With!]

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About 12 years ago, Florence and The Machine came together to sing one of the most iconic love songs of all time, ‘You Have Got The Love!’ 

“Sometimes, I feel like saying, “Lord, I just don’t care
But you’ve got the love I need to see me through…”

I heard these lines mostly as the theme songs for the finale episodes of Gossip Girl and even more iconic, Sex And The City! But these were merely lines to me back then. Then, after a few heartbreaks, disappointments, and all the hurt that love always brings to the table, these lines started making more sense. 

There’s perhaps no scientific way to explain how love works. It has always been an abstract concept shrouded in mystery and magic, almost like a spell. Yet, strangely even popular culture and history support the concept of a love spell. But what is a love spell in 2022? 

Keep reading to read about the spell of love and how to even cast one…if you feel like casting one sometime soon!

But First, What Is A Love Spell?

What Is A Love Spell

Before I can proceed to talk about casting love spells, let’s talk a little more about love and all the spells that can induce the love that you need to see you through! But there are two ways to look at a love spell – scroll down to find out now!

Love Spells And Conventional Thoughts:

Love Spells And Conventional Thoughts

Spells have always been associated with sorcery and often seen in a negative light – yes, I am talking about black magic and how it’s linked inevitably to women always. However, I still don’t know whether confessing to casting any spell is safe – it not just makes your spell ineffective, but people deeply rooted in traditions might disturb your mentally. 

Love Spells In 2022:

Love Spells In 2022

Did you know that you can cast a self love spell as well? It’s 2022 (almost 2023), and there’s no way you can talk about casting a love spell only for potential partners. You can cast a few spells to love yourself as well – you know, it just might work if you regularly face difficulties loving yourself.

A spell, in general, can be defined as a type of psychic intention that you can send out via certain rituals in order to influence the natural physical reality. In that context, love spells are spells that can either help couples to strengthen their bonds or even bring two different strangers together. 

However, it doesn’t mean that once you start casting love spells, your ex will want to come back to you! But it definitely means that the negative energy between you and your former partner will decrease, leaving space for reconciliation. This holds true for people using love spells to meet someone new. 

You have to understand that magic can never force two strangers to fall in love (remember how Voldemort’s mother forced his dad to be with her and how their story eventually ended?)  or even force an attraction that doesn’t even exist. Instead, it can boost already existing bonds. 

How To Cast A Love Spell: The Top Love Spells And Casting Them Successfully!

Casting Them Successfully

It might sound difficult and tricky to cast a love spell. But appearances are always deceptive, and casting a love spell is a pretty simple gig. Here are some free love spells and instructions on how to cast them:

Honey Jar Spell:

Honey Jar Spell

You must have heard about the Honey Jar Love Spell, considering it is one of the most popular love spells of all time. See, it all began with our OG witches using honey while performing love spells. (I am not sure whether the three witches used honey in Macbeth, but you know, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.”)

So, keeping the traditions in mind, modern witches of today have come up with their version of the honey love spell. Here’s how you can cast a honey jar love spell!

  • Write your crush’s name thrice on a piece of paper. Turn this piece by ninety degrees, and then put your name down here thrice. You have to ensure that both names overlap each other.
  • Concentrate on your priority, as in what you want to achieve from the spell. Then simply write that down around your names. Don’t lift your pen or whatever you are using to write your names down. 
  • When you are done with the writing part, put that paper inside a jar that has already been filled with enough honey. Then say, ‘Just like this honey is sweet. That’s how he/she will be for me.’
  • Once you have said those words, lick the honey from the tips of your fingers. After that, simply seal your love jar. Complete the spell by lighting a candle of a color corresponding to your desire on your jar’s top. 
  • Once your candle burns away, simply store the remains at some secret spot. Then, just light a candle weekly on the same day. 

Pink Candle Spell:

Pink Candle Spell

The color Pink stands for both love and spirituality in the world of magic. So forget about some self love spell jar that might just be a little complex to perform. Instead, why not go for a simple spell that would be easy to perform? In order to cast this spell, you will need only three things – a piece of paper, a pen (opt for one that has your favorite colored ink), and a candle in Pink. 

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Here’s how you can perform a pink candle love spell successfully! 

  • On any Friday night, go inside a room that’s quiet and calm. Then simply light the pink-colored candle while writing down your crush’s first as well as last name on the piece of paper. 
  • Then simply draw one circle around your crush’s full name. Now simply close your beautiful eyes, and begin visualizing yourself together with your crush. 
  • Don’t forget to picture each other happy together. Then simply say, “Our fate is sealed. We are one. It is done.” thrice in one row. 
  • You must stay near your pink-colored candle until it blows out – don’t blow out the candle yourself, otherwise, you might end up breaking the same. Don’t forget to repeat the process (or should I say ritual?) for 7 nights consistently. 

Things To Remember Before You Can Cast a Love Spell!

There are a few things that you always have to keep under consideration while casting a love spell. Here’s a brief overview of these tips!

  • Ensure that both your intentions and, more importantly, your love is pure. 
  • You need to believe in magic for the magic to believe in you. 
  • Cast love always spells at the appropriate time. 
  • Casting these spells has to be done secretly. Otherwise, it would prove to be simply ineffective. 

Bonus Section: Other Simple Love Spells!

Simple Love Spells

The thing about casting one love spell successfully is you would want to cast some more spells (think Harry Potter – did Voldemort stop making Horcruxes until he couldn’t anymore?) But, of course, the comparison is a little biased, considering creating a Horcrux is evil, while love spells are all about bringing people together.

So here are some more love spells that you can try out once you have mastered the two mentioned above!

  • Red Candle Spell,
  • Marriage Spells,
  • Herbal Harmony Tea Spell,
  • Zero-Ingredient Love Spell,
  • Emoji Love Spell,
  • Tarot Card Spell,
  • Love Letter Spell,
  • Sigil Spell, and
  • Full Moon Love Ritual.

And It’s A Wrap On Casting A Love Spell!

So now you know how to cast a love spell, what next? Are you planning on casting one sometime soon? Or do you want to wait for the right time? My advice? Always wait for the right time – if you have noticed, then you will know how things start going awry once you start losing your patience, especially on sensitive topics. 

Tell me what your thoughts are on love spells or, even better, casting one. And if you have already performed such spells in the past, feel free to tell me all about your experiences in the comments below.

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