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Why Are Sexy Curvy Women Have An Irresistible Appeal

Why Are Sexy Curvy Women Have An Irresistible Appeal

Sexy Curvy Women
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Fat=Nah!👎 Sexy Curvy Women=Yass!👍

In the era of body positivity, the term ‘fat’ which was like the epitome of insult in the super skinny era of the 90s, and the early 2000s, is now getting scratched with sexy curvy women.

However, it is not just a sympathetic move towards people who have always been curvier since puberty; rather, it shows how much confidence this body type can bring.

If you look at most curvy celebrities in the world, you will find them rocking these few things on their body:

Their belly.
The hip dips.

So, if you have the meat on your buns, and ‘thick’ is one of the top comments you get on your body, remember there is an irresistible appeal to you. All you need to do is flaunt that body!

The Appeal Of The Sexy Curvy Women

Appeal Of The Sexy Curvy Women

What comes to your mind when you think about a sexy curvy woman? Yes, you think about 

– Ashley Graham.

– Kate Wasley.

– Barbie Ferraro.

Some of the A-listed sexy models. So, the first thing that comes to your mind when we say curvy is ‘sexy.’ 


If someone tries to tell you otherwise, just let them watch you walk away with that sexy booty that they might never get.

The Scientific Reason

Scientific Reason

Before we talk about the sex appeal and the irresistible charm, let us first scientifically understand why curves are an attraction.

NBC news once reported that curvy bodies are like drugs to men. So, what is all the appeal? It is probably the scientific reasoning behind the shape circle.

In a social experiment, the human brain has to be more stimulated with rounded or curved shapes in the room than straight or sharp-edged ones. This is where the sex appeal or the lust factor of curvy bodies comes from.

1. It’s The Sex Appeal!

Sex Appeal

Now that we have said a lot about the sex appeal of sexy curvy women, why not elaborate on it more? When we talk about sex appeal, we are not limiting to the performance; we are just telling you why you would love it-

– The bones are covered with skin layers, making the overall feeling softer.

– It is all-natural, and that is quite the appeal for many.

– Somehow, they always look the best in that lingerie for curvy women.

If we get a little more psychological here, humans are hardwired to be sexually aroused, and the reason is species preservation or procreation. When it comes to curvy women, their bootylicious curves are the first sign of the birth of a nutritious baby.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you want to or not, but it definitely adds to the innate charm of all the sexy curvy women.

2. It Is Confidence!

It Is Confidence

If Marylyn Monroe could rock it, so can you because there is nothing more appealing than a sexy curvy woman who could flaunt what her mama gave!

If you are trying to impress your crush, swaying those hips with confidence and talking like you own the room is all you need. In the world of Kim Kardashian and people getting Brazilian But lifts (BBL) left, and right, it seems like finally the sexy curvy women era.

So, it is a special boost of confidence when you know it’s all-natural for you!

3. Cuddle Queens Here!

They are soft, they are squishy, and they are best to snuggle into them and sleep. They are equivalent to a cushion and can literally man every man a cuddler. Plus, there is more to explore even when you are not cuddling *wink* *wink*.

Remember, there are not many bones to poke you, and the cushioning charm can make some of the ‘other experiences’ more enjoyable.

They are perfect for spooning!

4. Curves Are Classic!

Curves Are Classic

There is something about the curves of a sexy curvy woman which reminds us of beauty passed down through generations of elegant women who have walked the Earth. There was a reason why the hourglass figure of the corset became a worldwide phenomenon, and there was a reason why the women of the Gilded era wore the lobster tail.

Luscious curves and a protruding butt were a thing for ages!

You could look at any oil painting in the museum or any classic photoshoot of our queen Marylyn Monroe; you will find these fine women flaunting their curves. Of course, beauty standards can come and go with new Instagram trends, but there is no need to feed into the insecurities of sexy curvy women since they will always remain #perfect.

Classic & timeless! This age-old beauty also adds to the appeal of their curves.

5. It’s The Younger Appearance!

Younger Appearance

A sexy curvy woman has a sex drive!

They are fertile!

A sexy curvy woman has soft skin!

They are everything you need for a bed, bath & beyond!

So, no matter the age, curves can make a woman look younger. Not immature, teenage young sexy curvy mature women young. This can appeal to anyone willing to hold those curves while they walk beside you.

If you look into any of the concepts like ‘MILF’, it is not the mother factor but the curves of a childbearing woman which attract us. So, next time you feel bad about your 24-size jeans not fitting, remember you are the fantasy of many!

6. Apparently Sexy Curvy Women = Great In Bed!

Sexy Curvy Women Great In Bed

Okay, so if we are not being PG-13 here! Full-figure women are the best when it comes to doggy style!

You have that extra cushioning (we cannot get over the cushioning!). Their confidence makes them vixens in bed, and it is easier to experiment with any position with them.

– First, the experience is phenomenal.

– Second, body positivity and confidence make them more willing to do so.

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The appeal of curvy sexy women is definitely subjective, but upon a survey, many have preferred a woman whom they can grab onto while delving into mutual pleasure. 

7. Attires Look More Appealing!

Attires Look More Appealing

Curves are made for body-hugging dresses and mermaid maxi dresses. In fact, any other attire you can think of, whether it is tight bootcut jeans or sexy black lingerie, everything looks amazing with the help of a few curves.

Attires and dresses look more appealing on sexy curvy women. This is the reason why the GenZ era is more about making these curves, cellulitis, and hip dips normally. Dispose of the diet culture, which is feeding into anorexia.

Plus, many would say that it is a shame someone would be ashamed of them since, according to Instagram, they make the LBD (Little Black Dress) a little too sexy!

What To Flaunt Your Curves -101

Flaunt Your Curves

We understand that even after reading all these appealing factors, insecurity might still manage to creep in. To kick that away, you need to flaunt your curves just like they are meant to.

Here is a perfect guide to not just look sexy but feel sexy!

What You Can Wear!

Here are some of the attires which look excellent on sexy curvy women.

💯Flaunt your curvy silhouettes with less A-line and more mermaid.

💯Jeans or pants with high waistlines.

💯 Sleeves are game changers or even sheer sleeves.

💯 Tight pencil skirts are best for your curves.

What Not To Do!

Some are afraid of the term ‘fat’ to the point that they do everything to hide that. But here are some of the mistakes you are making.

❌Do not hide your curves with too many layers with no silhouettes.

❌Stay away from pants that are not your size. Too much tightness could look unflattering.

❌Wear the right lingerie. Being afraid or ashamed of your breast size was so yesterday.

Walk The Walk!

Never be ashamed of your hip swing!


Never be ashamed of those bootylicious curves taking up more space.

This is your time to shine, and you should walk like you own the town! Sexy curvy women own the beauty and fashion industry now.

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