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Couple Swap: Try The Unconventional Lifestyle And Keep Things Alive

Couple Swap: Try The Unconventional Lifestyle And Keep Things Alive

Couple Swap
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The basic norms of being in a relationship talk about exclusivity. It talks about not sharing your partner with anyone. But over time, these rules have been broken, ignored, and bent for centuries now. So, why think of it as a taboo and not judge it from far away? Why not embrace this as a new norm and talk openly about couple swaps?

But there is a catch to this. Both you and your partner have to be on board with it. Otherwise, this is not going to work. If your partner is open to this and is completely on board with it, then sleeping with another person does not make you a cheater. This makes you someone who is not afraid of the power of sex.

Many couples these days are experimenting with their sex life and intimacy. Some try to spice things up, some try to enjoy a threesome once in a while. So, if you are someone wanting to spice things up in your relationship, and your partner is open to it, then this is something you can try.

Is Swinging And Being In An Open Relationship The Same?

Is swinging and being in an open relationship

To begin with, being in an open relationship is not the same as swinging. When you are in an open relationship, you and your partner both can engage in sexual activities with others. But swinging is a type of lifestyle where you are in a committed relationship with your partner, and both of you are okay with swapping your partners with some other couple.

What Kind Of Swinging And Couple Swap Would You Prefer?

What kind of swinging

You must be thinking that swapping is not enough and that there are different kinds of it as well. Well, yes. There are different forms of swinging lifestyle, known as full swap and soft swap.

Soft swap is engaging in making out, like kissing and other sexual acts, but not penetrative intercourse. Well, with a full swap, it involves penetration, and there are a lot of rules that automatically come with this lifestyle.

It does not matter whether you are going to a swinging event, a swap club, or looking for like-minded people on dating apps; the first rule of couple swap is that you cannot disrupt your current sex life with your partner. You have to think of this as an added incentive to your sex life.

The Big Positives Of A Couple Swap

The big positives of a couple swap

A couple swap is definitely exciting and something new for your sex life. This has a way of getting things riled up, and if you and your partner were not feeling it for some time, things might get back to the normal course as well. Let’s have a look at what you can get out of a couple swaps, positively.

It Is Definitely Exciting  

If you want something for your sex life, then definitely this is something you should try. It is to give in to your naughty desires, and most people never even think of doing it. So if you both are a couple, who do not want to go by society’s rules, then try this one.

Allows You To Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies  

It might happen that you have always fantasized about swapping your partner with someone, now is the time. It not only fulfills your fantasy about swinging, but you can also fulfill your sexual fantasies, which you could not explore with your partner.

Sexual Variety  

You might be madly in love with your partner but still bored sometimes. Sometimes sex becomes a routine when you have been with the same person for years. You dont get to explore everything you want because your partner might not prefer it. So, this way, you get to explore your fantasies and keep your sex life healthy with your partner.

You Will Get Over Your Insecurities And Fears  

Well, you have to admit it that humans are mostly jealous beings. They dont like sharing their partner with someone else. But if you are someone who is agreeing to a couple swap, you will face the fear bluntly. You get over your insecurities and overcome your jealousy. When you find a safe space to do this, you automatically develop as a person.

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Enhances Your Relationship  

If you are a happy couple and have decided to swap your partner, then there is a great chance that you will enhance your bond with time. This shows that you are not insecure about your sex life and have faith in your partner.

It Is Not All Roses And Unicorns: Look At The Scary Cons As Well  

It is not all good. There are some setbacks of couple swaps as well. It might happen that it was one drunken night where you got involved with someone, or you planned a hookup from a dating app, and it did not go as well as you thought it would. You have to be prepared for the consequences that come with this.

Keeping It A Secret  

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, to society, this is still a taboo. Not many people understand you, and you would agree to swap your partner with someone else. A lot of people would not want to go with it as they will not be able to handle this emotionally.

Your Partner Might Not Agree  

Finding a suitable couple for you and your might might become difficult. The guy might like the other woman, but what if the woman does not find the man attractive? You have to find a couple where it will be okay for the four people involved.

Has The Power To Ruin Your Relationship  

It is definitely exciting and fun, but jealousy can poke its ugly head anytime it wants. This is basic human nature. What if you try but can’t overcome the jealousy? This could ruin your relationship from within. The best way to avoid any complication is to bring the eroticism to your own home, into your bedroom. Do not focus on a couple of swaps as your primary means of getting what you want. Think of it as a tool for enhancing your sex life with your partner. The actual point is to take home some new experiences. Keep the sexual tension alive with your partner.

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