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21 Things To Talk About With Your Crush: The Ultimate Conversation Starters To Spark A Connection

21 Things To Talk About With Your Crush: The Ultimate Conversation Starters To Spark A Connection

things to talk about with your crush
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It is probably a universal thing not to know what to say to your crush, no matter if it’s a girl or a boy. Talking to them for the first time is always hard and getting nervous is quite natural, so you are not alone in it.

It has been seen that guys actually get more nervous while talking to their crush than girls do. So it’s no harm in actually studying how to talk to girls while you are at it.

But coming back to talking about your crush, a great conversation is what you need to get things going. And we have the best conversation starters for you. 

The Ultimate Conversation Starters With Your Crush

Conversation Starters With Your Crush

A good conversation starter that aligns with both of your interests is the seed you need to grow a beautiful relationship.

Although it is not guaranteed that a good conversation will ensure a relationship, it will definitely leave a mark on your crush’s mind, along with a good impression of you.

So before you talk with your crush, just Stop! Take a few deep breaths, and then go. By using these conversational that we have listed here for you, you are going to do great.

Check out our list of things to talk about with your crush over text or over the phone.  

1. What Is That One Thing About You That Your Parents Don’t Know About?

About You That Your Parents Don’t Know

By asking this, you will get to know their “naughty side” or “bad side,” which is definitely interesting. 

2. If You Get Superpowers For One Day, What Will That Be?

Well, this is just a fun, light-hearted way to start a conversation, and you may never know that your crush is also a Marvel or DC fan like you. 

3. What Is Your Craziest Pet Peeve?

Your Craziest Pet Peeve

By this question, you will get to know a lot about the likes and dislikes of your crush, other than asking directly. 

4. Who Is That One Person Who Knows You The Best?

One Person Who Knows You The Best

This way, you will know who is in their close circle, and possibly help you to know them better. 

5. If You Get A Million Dollars For A Day, What Will You Do With It?

You Get A Million Dollars For A Day

This is a fun way to know about your crush’s personality and priorities. See whether money changes them or not. 

6. What Was Your Favorite Tv Show Growing Up?

Your Favorite Tv Show Growing Up

Everybody has a favorite tv show that they grew up watching and have nostalgic memories regarding them. 

7. If You Wake Up One Day As The Opposite Sex, What Will You Do First?

You Wake Up One Day As The Opposite Sex

Well, this question is just for fun and nothing else, but it might be fun for you. Maybe their answer blows your mind. 

8. What Is Your Favorite Genre Of Music?

Your Favorite Genre Of Music

With this answer, you will get to know whether the two of you have similar tastes in music or not. 

9. What Kind Of Movies Are You Into?


Asking your crush about their favorite movie is a great way to start a conversation; these are good things to talk about with your crush.

10. What Type Of Food Do You Love The Most?

Type Of Food

Who doesn’t love food? Let’s see what type of food your crush loves, are they the same as yours? Maybe you can plan a future date depending on the food choices. 

11. If You Would Describe Your Personality In One Word, What Would That Be?

Describe Your Personality In One Word

This answer is both fun and interesting for you to see the personalities of the two of you matches or not. 

12. What Is At The Top Of Your Bucket List?

Top Of Your Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list; who knows if a few things on their list match with yours, then the two of you can cross it off together. 

13. What Are Your Hobbies?

Having similar hobbies is a great way to connect with your crush, this way, you can take part in similar hobbies together. 

14. What Was The Craziest Thing You Did With Your Friends?

To know the wild side of your crush, this is the best thing you can ask them. This question is not that off-limits that they won’t feel comfortable answering. 

15. What Are You Most Passionate About?

Most Passionate About

If you want to steer the conversation to something more sentimental and heartfelt, then ask them something like this. This way, you will get to know them on a deeper level. 

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16. What Is Your Biggest Achievement?

Your Biggest Achievement

If the two of you are in your late 20s or early 30s, then asking something like this is pretty obvious. At that age, asking about something childish might not work for you. 

17. What Are Your Aims For The Future?

This is the age when you become serious about your own personal goals and aims, so asking your crush something like this will show them that you actually care about that kinda stuff. 

18. If Animals Could Talk, What Do You Think They Would Say To Us? 

After all those heavy questions, ask something totally stupid like this, and if they have a pet, then the two of you are gonna laugh for a couple of minutes thinking about it. 

19. What Are Things You Are Attracted To In A Person?

Attracted To In A Person

Now, this is your opportunity to slowly hint that you like them by asking something like this. And listen carefully to see how many things match with you. 

20. What Is Your Biggest Turn-Off?

If you are interested in that person, then you would definitely want to know what are the things that turn them off so that you can stay clear of them. 

21. What Is The Worst Pick-Up Line You Have Ever Heard?

At least by now, your crush will understand that you are hitting on them, so asking this question is rather funny and also flirty in a way. At least you will know what pickup lines never to use on them. 

Wrapping Up!

If you just stop being nervous and overthinking, then you will see there are a lot of things to talk about with your crush. But it is because of nervousness and panic that you always back out of a proper conversation. 

So now that I have given you great conversation starters, you should not have any problem with talking to them now. 

If you liked this article, give a like and comment down below, your first time talking with your crush.

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