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10 Signs That A Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

10 Signs That A Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active

Signs that a woman has not been sexually active
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Haven’t you gotten over your ex yet? Or are you into someone and trying to figure out their dating life? Trying to know if they have been sexually active in a while? It is a cringe; if you are looking out for that, you are a red flag.

Physical intimacy is an essential and natural part of living a healthy life. It brings intimacy, closeness, and pleasure and is necessary for a healthy life and your love life. But not everyone enjoys being sexually engaged and have their own reasons behind it. 

Some refuse because of some kinds of health issues, some due to some religious beliefs, and some just because they don’t like the idea of it. And it is absolutely okay if someone is unwilling to get engaged sexually. But if you are looking for signs for yourself or others, then here are the signs that a woman has not been sexually active.

What Is Low Sexual Drive In Women?

There could be multiple reasons why a woman chooses not to be sexually active. But at the same time, it could also be about having a low sex drive. So, what is this low sex drive in women? 

Low sex drive in women is typically related to a primary lack of sexual desire. It can be defined as your desire to have intercourse relatively less than before – yes, your desire to have sex frequently goes down. 

Moreover, there’s no set amount for anyone when it comes to having sex. Every relationship happens to be unique, and every person is different. Moreover, it also varies with time. But if you see your wife has low desire, it becomes essential to check out the symptoms. 

Naturally, you have to consult a medical professional and your doctor if your or your partner’s low sex drive has become a matter of concern for the two of you. 

Additionally, you have to understand that medical adjustments can help you out in several cases – it is also possible that the underlying condition can lead to a lack of sex drive in women. These can easily include high blood pressure or diabetes. 

5 Signs Of Low Sex Drive In Women:

If you think that your or your partner’s sex drive is very low but are not sure whether it’s an issue or a temporary state, then here are some of the biggest signs that a woman is just not feeling like it. 

  • Loss of desire for masturbation or even sex. 
  • Lack of any sensation on stimulation. 
  • Difficulty while initiating sex. 
  • Having sexual fantasies and thoughts rarely. 
  • An issue with deriving pleasure from sexual intercourse.

10 Signs that a woman has not been sexually active

Often, women question themselves if they are showing any symptoms of not getting involved in any kind of sexual activity. It is good to know about your own body and keep knowledge of it.

But know that there is nothing to be ashamed of; it is your own choice, and it is okay to do it on your terms.

1. Clinginess:

One of the biggest signs that a woman has not been sexually active is if she is clingy. They might be seeking approval and asking for attention. This can also happen if someone lacks that intimacy for a long time.

Some become vulnerable and too sensitive from the beginning as they have not been with someone. Every relationship is unique, and every sex life is different. So, do not just assume about them and judge someone based on that.

2. Attention-Seeking Behavior:

Another sign can be if they seek attention on social media platforms, oversharing themselves, putting up seductive pictures, and flirting with many people at a time; all these can mean they have not been sexually active.

Attention-seeking behavior

But again, don’t judge; some people tend to overshare, which might not be related to their sex life. We are not here to judge, but being overly sexual on social media can make them look for a new partner.

3. Motherly Behavior:

Many women start showing motherly traits when they haven’t had any sexual experience in a while. However, these can also be natural feminine traits that they portray towards people they trust.

Motherly behavior

They might seek validation and appear hypersensitive or overindulgent due to hormonal changes. But don’t judge them based on these stereotypes.

4. Lack of Confidence:

This signifies that a woman has not been sexually active for a while. Some woman is not comfortable in their own skin and lack confidence; some just refrain from sex and avoid any sexual conversations as well. 

Lack of confidence

But it is something to keep in mind that sexual confidence can develop over time and can be regained if something happened in your past and broke your confidence.

5. People Pleaser:

If you want to understand the sexual life of someone, notice their non-sexual behavior. If you see her praising some more than required, it may be a sign that they are looking for reasons to be liked by others. 

People Pleaser

If you see her going out of her way or making inconvenient moves for herself just to praise or please others, they are putting themselves second just to be desired by someone. Another indication can be if she is looking for affirmative compliments of her desirability or trying too hard to initiate a sexual interaction.

6. Fear of Losing:

Some people get attached too quickly and thus can live in fear of losing their new connection. She might ask repeatedly and seek confirmation if they are going to stick around in fear that she will never find someone who would stick with her or understand her.

Fear of losing

This fear can come from some past experience and can show itself through many actions like hesitation to try anything new, moving forward, clinginess, and refusing physical intimacy out of fear of abandonment. Even if she agrees to get sexually active with her partner, she might lack confidence.

7. Hypersensitive:

Certain people show hypersensitive behavior by remembering your words or some particular action you did, paying attention to your eating habits, lifestyle choices, and many other things.


Some are generally sensitive and attentive by nature, and when this is also seen with the other signs mentioned above that make someone who has not had any sexual intimacy in a while.

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8. Get Turned On Easily:

When a woman gets hit by a flow of hormones, she might get restless even though her partner is not in the mood. She might try to get her partner aroused by dressing provocatively. She might moan easily during foreplay as she has not been involved in any kind of sexual activity in a while. Be considerate, and don’t be rude towards her.

Get Turned On Easily

This can also happen in some women because of their high sex drive. It varies from person to person. Some have a high sex drive, and some have a low sex drive.

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9. Jealous Of Other Women:

If you see women getting jealous of another women’s sex life, then it might be because they haven’t engaged in any sexual activity lately. She might be casually dating someone, r not dating at all, hence this jealousy. This can strain her relationships with her female friends.

Get’s touchy in public

Get’s touchy in public

10. Gets Touchy In Public:

A woman who has not been sexually active can get touchy in public just to get attention or put themselves out. But it can be a simple hug and touching of hands just to get that physical intimacy or touch. She could get involved with someone so easily just because she has been missing that in her life for a while.

Signs A Woman Has Not Been Sexually Active And Reddit:  

Of course, we went on Reddit and checked out the threads on the signs that a woman has not been sexually active! And we didn’t even have to look afar – thanks to r/askreddit, here’s what we found!

1. “I recently had an encounter where neither of us had PIV sex for several months prior. He figured it out when I started bleeding upon penetration – I figured it out about 30 seconds after that when he finished. Good times.” – sageroux

2. “If it’s been a REALLY long time, they aren’t very touchy-feely when flirting because they have kind of forgotten or are nervous about being touched gently or intimately because it’s been so long. It’s a weird and very strong sensation when someone actually makes contact.”

Edit: Apparently, I need to clarify. I’m not saying anything about what not touching during flirting says about you. I’m saying people who haven’t gotten any in a long time don’t tend to be touchy when flirting when they normally might be because it’s become a potential sensation that will be extra sensitive when it happens.” – vealophile

3. “There was this one woman I tried flirting with. I was, maybe, 15 years into going it solo. She came up behind me and hugged me. I immediately seized up. She took it as an unwelcome advance. That was the end of it.” – Beilke45

4. “Common among the older female category, they will typically come right out and say “I haven’t had sex in a long time”. Or they will be quick to joke/complain about their dry-spell. For example, you bump into them and say “I’m so sorry,” and they retort with “It’s okay I haven’t been touched like that in years,”… or something to that tune.” usmcawp5. “They start getting grossed out by sex. The longer you go without, the harder it becomes to ignore all you’re missing out on is sucking and licking organs in close proximity to the urinary tract.” – laterdude

Wrapping up!

So, all these signs that a woman has not been sexually active can be something else altogether. Don’t get judgemental about these people, this is something that happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied from their previous relationships. There can be many other reasons as well. Just don’t put them as a stereotype and use them to judge other people.

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