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Exploring the Psychology Behind the Attraction to Sexy Selfies

Exploring the Psychology Behind the Attraction to Sexy Selfies

Sexy Selfies
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Let’s take a selfie! This is a phrase we hear way too often nowadays. Initially, it was all about making memories and capturing them. But things have changed over time. Now it is about more than just keeping and capturing memories. It is much more about how we want to present ourselves in front of the world.

In January 2015, a psychological study mentioned that taking an unnatural number of selfies can signify mental illness. The researchers noticed self-objectification in this paper published by Personality and Individual Differences. Among the three traits are Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. Together that is known as the “Dark Triad.”

Check out not just the sexy selfies but the reason behind those

But this is a common instance, and we all click pictures when we think we look good or sexy in an outfit. It could make a person feel more powerful and self-confident. Or they can simply like the angle or are happy and grateful for their body.

the sexy selfies

Maybe for some, it is a form of expressing themselves or a way of claiming their sexuality. Or it can just be foreplay for them. There can be many reasons why someone would post a sexy selfie on social media. Some think of getting the attention of the person who has been ghosting them for weeks, or some want to get back at their ex for breaking up with them. It can be a way of letting people know that you are still active in the world of dating.

Be it anything, just think about it and try to figure out the reason behind sending or uploading the sexy selfie you have of yourself. The answer will help you figure out if that makes you empowered or just desperate.

People who post sexy selfies have a particular notion in their minds, and they act because of it. So it is important to know how you feel about posting these selfies, which will give you a map of your actions.

There is nothing desperate or shameful about posting a sexy bikini selfie on social media. People have been attacked with shameful comments for posting such selfies for a long time, but there is nothing as such. But if a person thinks these pictures describe who they are and all they have, then it is time to think about it.

What does research show?  

PNAS published a study where the team observed and analyzed thousands of social media images and posts. The lead author from UNSW Science’s School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Science, Dr. Khandis Blake, said her team had tracked posts where they had taken pictures and then mentioned that they had been tagged hor or sexy or something similar.

the sexy selfies

Dr. Blake said,

We then looked at where in the world these things happened most. The number one way that psychologists usually look at women's preoccupation with their appearance is that it happens because of patriarchal pressures – that women live in societies that value their appearance more than their other qualities. The argument is usually that when you see sexualisation, you see disempowerment.”

The researchers found that the inequality in salary increases the anxiety of competition and position amongst people at all levels of the communal hierarchy, which makes them sensitive about their place on the social hierarchy tree, and that makes them want to do a little more and better than anybody else.

Dr. Blake further mentioned looking sexy can bring large returns personally, socially, and economically in today’s environment.

Another outlook

There are people who love the limelight. Not just figuratively but literally as well. They choose to do portfolios for different photographers and post sexy bed selfies or bikini selfies and enjoy the attention they get. This is basically because they like the profession and also enjoy the attention they get.

posting sexy selfies

Sometimes posting sexy selfies can come from someone who is not at all outgoing in real life. Maybe they feel like they can create an outer appearance for themselves which will help them get along with people.

This is a place where people get influenced by others. We like to look like others, dress like others and have everything that others have. We live under constant pressure that we have to present ourselves to be liked by others. And somewhere, it is still believed that a sexy selfie or any sexy image can get that easily.  

There is always a matter of seeking validation. Getting validation from social media has become a very natural part of our lives. We believe that if our posts get more likes, then we have done something good. And to do that posting a sexy selfie can help a lot. At least, that is what social media has proved.

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A sexy selfie in a bikini will get more likes than an educational post. Social media has proven that time and again. It is a common notion to see validation through likes. And needless to say every human has a psychological need to be liked. And a sexy selfie is an easy way to get that.

Wrapping up!  

Some people get a boost to their self-esteem through this. They are confident about their body and feel good about showing it off. It is good for their confidence.this can be one kind.

Another can be if they are seeking validation and not confident enough. They believe in what social media tells them and that too through their likes. Another point that was found through the research is that these actions are mostly seen where gender inequality is seen.

Dr. Black said, “So, when a young woman adjusts her bikini provocatively with her phone at the ready, don’t think of her as vacuous or as a victim. Think of her as a strategic player in a complex social and evolutionary game. She’s out to maximise her lot in life, just like everyone.”

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