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These Are The Biggest Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You But Is Hiding It

These Are The Biggest Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You But Is Hiding It

signs a guy is attracted to you
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Whether it’s your first date or you are just trying to check the vibe of your present situationship, trying to know anyone is so much more complex than just forcing small talk about the weather around.

Interestingly, as per the pros, if you are trying to find out the signs a guy is attracted to you, then paying attention to their body language, for starters, is key!

In fact, a certified boy language expert and life coach, Naz Brown, told a popular magazine on the internet, “Communication is 55 percent nonverbal, 38 percent vocal, and only 7 percent spoken word. If we go off what people say, we’d only have 7 percent of the story.

Of course, when there is this unspoken chemistry and mutual attraction between two people, the only way to find out more about it is through their body language and actions. It is also not a possibility to read their mind – in that case, your only options are actions and body language.

Additionally, to support what we are saying, we found another body language expert’s quote on a popular lifestyle website.

Traci Brown, the expert in question, said, “The body can’t lie. Words can. The truth usually comes out because some people are better at showing how they’re feeling—through hand gestures, head tilts, etc.—than explicitly saying it. The body will always reveal what’s not being said, and that’s exactly what you want to know in any relationship.

Ideally, your potential babe should tell you how they feel about a certain situation. But ladies life is not ideal – and finding out whether he likes you or not is not always a possibility.

But don’t you worry! Because we are here to help – stay tuned!

These Are The Biggest Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You But Is Hiding It

The Biggest Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You

TBH, these signs cannot guarantee the truth for real. In fact, some people might face difficulties understanding their own feelings, let alone verbalizing the whole truth. Then, there are people who prefer a relatively slower pace in relationships. As a result, waiting for any form of verbal affirmation might take some more time.

That does not mean it has to be a guessing game. In fact, there are multiple cues, movements, and actions to find out someone’s actual interest.

So, if you are trying to find out whether or not the object of your delusionships is daydreaming about you as well, paying attention to their movements and motions closely can give you major insight.

Thus, we have talked to around fifty people across different genders and sexual orientations to do intensive research on what are the biggest signs a guy is attracted to you but is hiding it.

1. Close Yet Not So Close:  

One of the biggest signs a guy is attracted to you is the proximity both of you will have at all points. In a gathering, don’t expect him to stand beside you and talk to you all the time. That would just make things obvious for him.

Come on, he is trying to hide his feelings for you. As a result, he will be somewhere nearby so that you can be part of the same conversations and share some eye contact. Of course, there will be proximity at all points – it will be more subtle than direct.

2. It’s Always In The Eyes:

Now, after talking to so many people, it has become blatantly obvious that it’s always in eye contact. If you catch him looking at you every once in a while, chances are he is into you. This is so true, and for this, the best setting is always a crowded room or a social gathering.

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If you two are alone or with one or two people, then it will be hard to find out the intensity or the frequency of the eye contact. Instead, if both of you are in a crowded setting like an open floor office and you are having an event, it’s so easy to know who you are making eye contact with!

3. You Matter…And So Does Your Opinions:

This one is really important. If you think he is into you, or, to put it blatantly, he is attracted to you, then he will LISTEN to you. In fact, you both are with ten other people talking about multiple stuff. And in that crowd, he will just listen to you!

No, he is not actually going to ignore everyone else because that will make things very obvious. Instead, he will just nod or just about put in the basic effort in the conversation. But his eyes will be on you every now and then. And once you start talking, you will see his eyes darting to you – because, babe, you matter to him, and so do your opinions.

4. You Just Know:

Of course, the biggest sign a guy is attracted to you is rooted in your conscious rather than subconscious. If you are here trying to decipher all the hidden signs behind his feelings for you, then chances are he already likes you!

There’s no other voice in the world that is stronger than the one inside you! So, if you have a gut feeling about the situation, some parts of it are definitely true, especially if the other three signs match.

And It’s A Love Story!

Unlike most blogs on the internet, we can’t keep talking about the 50 different signs a guy is attracted to you. Instead, we wanted to focus on the four most important signs that a man is attracted to you. And trust us – these are the biggest signs he wants you!

So, do let us know how it turns out – what are you going to do about it? If you are into him, too, then why wait? Just go for it – you go, girl! We will be waiting to hear back from you soon!

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