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The Most Obvious (Yet Subtle) Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually!

The Most Obvious (Yet Subtle) Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually!

signs he wants you badly sexually
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Whether you like it or not, sex is legit on everyone’s head. If you are crushing on someone really bad and you are not thinking about them sexually, even a teeny, tiny bit, I highly doubt the intensity of the situation.

But girl, if you are here looking up the signs he wants you badly sexually, then chances are he already wants you.

I think sexual attraction is something that is just there – you can’t do anything about it. If you have the hots for someone, they will just know. And ladies, it goes both ways. I am not going to tell you – oh, he keeps ignoring you. So, he must be attracted to you (Remember how Rachel kept talking about Danny in Friends – not happening!)

The truth is – if he ignores you, then he is just not into you, except, well, if he is married, then I don’t know, it could be different. Then he might just ignore you because he wants to keep it to himself, provided he is a beige flag and not a complete red flag.

Here’s what a fellow writer (Sharmin Safi, unofficial psychoanalysis expert and fellow relationship writer) had to say when I asked her what she thinks (I keep asking her existential questions, and she has the best answers), “he will touch something slowly… like maybe a pen or a bottle nearby… something anything… just gliding his fingers slowly, sensually… it is a subconscious act but he does it because his whole body has collaborated with his brain in fantasizing about touching you.”

She also added,  “And his eye movements will be slow.

Well, Safi certainly has her share of insights. And I completely agree. But let me elaborate, guys, because I know it’s 3 a.m. and you are here, wondering whether you should make a move or just pass the opportunity.

Well, before you do, scroll down – it’s about to get hot as hell in here!

The Most Obvious (Yet Subtle) Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually!

The Most Obvious (Yet Subtle) Signs

I mean, you have already asked your friends too many times. You must have read too many blogs, impatient for the part where the signs he wants you badly sexually are listed. I know because I have been there. And that is precisely why I can confirm he is into you if you can’t shake this feeling off.

But then, just for the sake of it, I am going to give you the unfiltered version – the ultimate yet subtle signs he is not just into you, but he wants to be ALONE with you, if you know what I mean!

1. The Eyes Chico, They Never Lie: 

The Eyes Chico, They Never Lie

Eye contact is hot. Eye contact is intense. And Eye contact is definitely unstoppable. Come on, he is staring at you from the opposite end of the room. And you can feel his eyes on you.

You want to look back, but you know, waiting a little longer before looking back is the right way to go about it. And the moment you look back, there’s that one nanosecond of eye contact before he looks away. Of course, that’s Chemistry.

And not just that. You are in a group with too many people, and he says something funny – he glances at you. Both of your eyes meet, and you both can’t help but grin – uff, I can smell the chemistry from here!

There’s more – you guys are alone at work, sitting across from each other, discussing something important, and the eye contact is almost unbearable because it makes you think about everything but work.

I am right, ain’t I? Yes, you are not alone – I can relate, babe, because the eyes, hun, they never really lie!

2. Only Here For The Banter:

Only Here For The Banter

Okay, so flirting is very different from bantering. Remember, you wanted a subtle but sure-shot sign that he is into you. It’s all about the banter, the sly grins, and the inside jokes. Yes, we are not 15 – he is not going to kiss you on the staircase. I mean, if he does, then that’s good for you.

But I like it when the sexual tension plays out for some time before we get to the real deal. Come on, flirting can get sleazy, and it’s literally a telltale sign. But banter, ladies, banter is gold. He is always going to tease you, and casually make statements to irritate you, knowing very well it will irritate you in the first place.

And everyone around you guys will be confused – what’s happening between them? Is there something, or are we reading too much into things? You never know, and that, my friends, where you end up getting confused.

Now, you might think that all playful banter is not always flirting since banter can lack intent.

And I absolutely agree with you, but your situation is very different. Is banter always accompanied by that odd grin that doesn’t appear at any other time or with anyone else? Can you guys never stop the banter, even in the most serious situations? Does he let you say anything and everything to him?

For instance, he is your senior at work, and you guys are in a meeting with plenty of people. Are you guys still teasing each other in front of everyone? Well, that’s not normal, and it also shows that you guys can’t help but tease each other!

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3. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuc*:

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuc_

So, it started out with some harmless banter and casual eye contact. And it went on for a few weeks (in my case, months!). But then, one day, you had an anxiety attack, and he was there for you – that changed things, didn’t it?

I mean, something might have happened to change things a little – it must have!

Since then, you guys haven’t been able to help it. It doesn’t matter who is around – you both can’t stop with the stealing glances, the prolonged eye contact, the playful teasing, the support, so much so. People are starting to notice it, but they are feeling confused.

The truth is they want to ask you or him, but they can’t because nothing is literally going on between you guys. But you know how things are between the two of you at the moment. And it’s so confusing. Probably, he is confused, too.

Well, the Universe is literally telling you guys to act upon it – only God knows what you both are waiting for!

Lust Is In The Air!  

And that’s a wrap on the signs he wants you badly sexually!

While I am a BIG romantic, I will always prioritize both love and lust. There’s no love without lust. And if the air always feels heavy when you guys are alone discussing the most mundane things, then girl, there is definitely something brewing between the two of you. The only problem? Both of you are too skeptical about acknowledging it.

But you know what – you have only one life, and why not live it to the fullest?

Now, I am not going to explicitly advise it – because if it doesn’t work out, my editor is literally going to kill me. But, but, but, please go for it if you think there’s something between you guys. Just be consensual – consent is always king, don’t forget!

Godspeed sex in your life. All the best!

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