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How To Get Your Ex Back? The Rules To Getting Back Together!

How To Get Your Ex Back? The Rules To Getting Back Together!

how to get your ex back
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Whether you are the dumpee or you actually did the dumping, there’s no denying that some breakups hurt like hell. And while you can spend sunny days wondering, it will never actually happen to you. Don’t forget the ‘one that got away’ trope in romantic comedies, country songs, and different pop culture mediums. 

It’s a popular trope for some reason. You are not the only one wondering how to get your ex back – there are perhaps thousands of other hopefuls regretting a breakup. So, without wasting much time, let’s delve into breakups and getting back that one who got away – what if it works out this time? Stay tuned to find out!

Dating Your Ex: How To Get Back Your Ex?

Dating Your Ex: How To Get Back Your Ex?

So, how to get back your ex? But before we talk about that, it’s vital to understand that sometimes relationships just don’t work out, and saying ‘we are never ever getting back together’ becomes essential.

It’s not about how good they were in bed or how funny they used to be – people tend to concentrate on the good parts of any relationship when they start missing that particular relationship. But if you are absolutely sure you want your ex-partner back in your life, then scroll down to find out how you can get your ex back!

1. Be Realistic: He’s Just Not That Into You

Be Realistic: He’s Just Not That Into You

Before spending your time and energy on finding out how to get back with your ex, give yourself some space to be realistic. There’s one thing you have to accept first – your ex might not be into you anymore.

If your ex has moved on, there’s no point dwelling on what’s already in the past for your ex. But if you are sure that it’s not really over yet, then do what needs to be done – we are all for love!

2. Give Your Ex Space: Begin Again

Give Your Ex Space: Begin Again

It’s not about only to get your ex back, it’s also about how to make your ex want you back. And that only happens when you give your ex the space and time to miss you. Gen Z might believe in the whole ‘out of sight, out of mind’ trope, but we millennials are all about distance, which makes the heart grow fonder. 

So, let your ex take time and miss you – after all, when you guys finally get back together, you don’t want your ex to think that it was all you. It was all them, and you just came back to your ex-partner – yeah, play psychology back with them!

3. Don’t Contact Your Ex, But Don’t Block Them On Socials

Don’t Contact Your Ex, But Don’t Block Them On Socials

Yes, all you had to do was stay, but then you didn’t – you walked away, and now you want them back. That’s exactly what you would want your partner to think while figuring out how to get back your ex-partner. Here’s the golden rule – you can’t contact them on any platform but don’t shut them from your phone

Posting a nice, golden selfie on the gram is a pretty great idea, but don’t kill the vibe by posting about your whole day. Your ex will automatically understand that you are dying for some attention – so keep it short, steamy, and simple!

4. Go Out With Your Ex: Let The Date Night Begin!

Go Out With Your Ex: Let The Date Night Begin!

While you are giving your ex space and time, if your ex calls you, it’s best to avoid their calls. Instead, drop them a text and engage them in a simple conversation – and whatever you do, keep it short, like,

“Nice hearing from you, tell you what, why don’t we get together again? I’d love to see you. What time are you free next week?”

– and that’s your answer for how to get your ex back!

But if your ex doesn’t contact you, then you can still shoot them a text after a few weeks have passed. Do not really delay a lot because time is precious here – you don’t want your ex to move on!

5. You Can’t Be Friends With Your Ex…But You Can Be Friendly

You Can’t Be Friends With Your Ex…But You Can Be Friendly

So you think it’s easy to find out how to win back your ex – guess what? You are wrong! Going on a date with your ex will be a pretty easy affair, but how do you make it a regular thing? You can’t become friends with your ex – they will end up putting you in the friend zone. And we are staying far, far, far away from that zone.

But nobody stopped you from being friendly with your ex-partner. When you start being friendly with them, they will definitely notice. And if they have been missing you, then they would want to see you and contact you again – there, that’s your opening. Just work your magic now!

6. Keep It Casual, Babe: Don’t Stress It

Keep It Casual, Babe: Don’t Stress It

You might know how to get an ex back, but you don’t want it to end again – so how do you make it last? By keeping things casual! Yep, it’s that simple. The more you stress it, the fewer chances for things to improve. If you put too much pressure too soon, then things can easily end…again!

You just started going out with your ex-partner again. So, what’s the point of complicating things so early? When you start reconnecting with them, start treating this as a new thing in your life, like you do for every other new relationship. You have to keep faith that both you and your ex-partner have evolved into better people – so it’s best to keep things casual and simple!

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7. Quit The Bad Mouthing For The Time Being:

Of course, breakups are shitty. It is very natural, not to mention, much-needed to seek a vent session about your ex, with your closest friends. However, while venting, it is possible you can be hurting without being consciously vindictive, particularly when you might get back with your ex.

In fact, just put yourself in the shoes of your former partner. Now think: would you like it if someone close to you badmouthed you to their friends? Would you appreciate if you received an avalanche of hate texts, or if you found out that this person has revealed secrets you had shared with at your vulnerable moments?

If you think that you guys can get back together then sending mean messages or spreading strange rumors about each other will only make things worse. Regardless of your dating intentions, it is never great to reveal anything super-personal thing about a former partner. Moreover, it will not really make you feel good.

8. Let Things Unfold Naturally:

Are you thinking about uploading a thirst trap specially designed to grab your former partner’s attention? Are you thinking about showing up somewhere they frequent ‘accidentally?’ Take some more time, and think again.

Of course, you will find it casually tempting to orchestrate interactive moments with your former partner, but it does not always feel good when you actually go through with it. When you ‘force’ things to happen instead of allowing things to unfold naturally, it doesn’t really feel great in the long run.

So, instead of attempting to plan a reconciliation, it is best to just take a few steps back, letting your future with your former partner unfold naturally. Of course, it is fine to reach out and take initiative but if you are mapping a 20-step plan to get back together that probably ends in a big wedding, it might be time to slow down!

And It’s A Wrap: It Wasn’t Over… It Still Isn’t Over!

So, now you know how to get your ex back – what next? Are you planning to get your ex-partner back in your life? Or are you planning to leave the past in the past and move on with your life? Whatever you do, we would love to hear about your thoughts and opinions on getting back with your ex!

And don’t forget to share your romantic endeavors with us while sharing your thoughts in the comments below!

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