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What Exactly Is So Hot About Getting Railed In A Sundress?

What Exactly Is So Hot About Getting Railed In A Sundress?

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It’s that time of the year! There’s something so different in the air during this time – and no, I am not talking about the intolerable heat or the pollen. I am talking about that sudden urge to blow my savings on a spaghetti-strapped, impossibly cute sundress – but the thing is, you aren’t alone on this. 

The Sundress Season is officially here – and we can’t keep calm!

IRL, the horniest time of this year, is HERE – the perfect time to pick date night fits, not just with the possibility of taking the same off, but of actually leaving them on…if you can catch my drift. 

Real fans of Sundresses know the only thing that is hotter than a summer dress lying on the floor is a dress that is hiked up just the right amount for absolutely easy entry. 

It’s about to get hot in here – stay tuned to find out what is exactly so hot about getting railed in a sundress. 

The Sundress Challenge: Here’s All That You Need To Know!

When I came across the term ‘sundress challenge,’ I was confused – I thought it had something to do with fashion. But like most stuff on the internet, the sundress challenge happens to be a sex thing. 

The Sundress Challenge

The trend first started on the TikTok platform – it basically is all about having public sex when one partner is wearing a sexy sundress, something that’s perfect for easy access, thereby retaining some privacy under such circumstances. 

But if you do want to check it out on TikTok right now, chances are you cannot anymore. It seems like TikTok has ended up catching onto the inappropriate nature of the trend and simply banned the same from the whole platform.

TikTok prohibits “nudity, pornography or sexually explicit content” according to their Community Guidelines. At the moment, the search result for the challenge on the TikTok platform has zero results. 

Plus, you will also get a message saying that this particular phrase “may be associated with behavior or content that violates our guidelines” if you do look up Sundress Challenge on the platform. 

From TikTok To Twitter: The Switch!

Given the ban on the sundress challenge, it is unclear how long people were actually trying their tricks with sun dresses, i.e., ill-advised sex challenge, and that too publicly. 

the sundress challenge

Predictably, the sundress challenge has switched its space – a safe haven for horny content on social media. Yes, I am talking about Twitter, where you meet two types of people,

  • The ones doing the challenge, 
  • The ones asking you not to do the challenge. 

Sundresses for women in Summer now have a double connotation – fashion and public sex. In spite of several warnings pointing out the natural consequences of doing the deed in public just for the sake of a trend on the Internet, so many people on social media continue to lust over the idea of getting railed in a sundress. 

I can’t help but wonder what exactly is so HOT about getting railed in a sundress or flowy dresses and even long summer dresses? It’s about easy access and ‘not getting caught’ – but there’s more to it, or so I am assuming. 

Here are a few tweets!

  1. Who’s trying to do the sundress challenge with me this summer? (Alyssa with 2 “C’s”)
  2. Tired: “railed in a sundress” Wired: “shall I impale thee on a summer’s day” (Also Known As Tex)
  3. railing my boyfriend in a sundress season coming up (reformed trad wife)
  4. My goal is to stop thinking about this tweet by railing someone in a sundress this RIAS season. (xyphophorus)
  5. If you get sad, just remember what that ass does in a sundress. (M)

What Exactly Is So Hot About Getting Railed In A Sundress?

While you are already planning to ditch your usual red sundress and instead go for the less likely pink sundress or even a blue sundress, let’s pause for just a few minutes and find out what exactly is so hot about getting railed in a nice floral sundress. 

What Exactly Is So Hot About Getting Railed In A Sundress

The sundress challenge is perhaps one of the most memorable and honored annual traditions since the time TikTok first urged the horny and intrepid to do the deed in public, with the sundress providing some meager privacy.  

And even though the TikTok prudes did their best to eliminate the challenge entirely from the social media platform, the popularity of basic sundress debauchery continues to trend on the internet at this particular time of the year. 

It has reached an extent where people now low-key hate the same – you know how Twitter usually hates anything or anyone that becomes too popular. 

But then see, while I understand that the whole white sundress fantasy (or any color for that matter) hardly has any originality – people have literally been doing the deed under the flowy covers of skirts and sundresses for a long time now – it is a classic for some GODDAMN reason!

There is this girl-next-door innocence simply veiling a real world of absolutely ‘horny hedonism’ – the sneaky sex in public, the versatilty, and the whole innocent appeal to the act. Come on TikTok, what is not to love? 

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In honor of this traditionally relevant sex act, we decided to ask ‘experts’ (railer & railees) to simply share their horny stories in Summer’s favorite wardrobe staple. 

1. Can’t Wait To Take Your Clothes Off:

“Most of the time it’s just hot because someone wants to rail you so badly they don’t even want to take your clothes off. But honestly, it’s also a great (and sneaky) way to have public sex. The last time, it wasn’t even that public, we were just so horned up that it happened. Something about a cute tiny sundress and your partner bending you over is hot” – Christa, 30 (Source)

2. It’s Just Oh-So-Girly:

“We were driving back from a wedding and she had on a yellow sundress. It was just…‘girly.’ She had dark brown hair and the faded yellow against her skin was pretty without trying to be, if that makes sense. Eventually we had to pull over and we both climbed into the back. I flipped up her dress and we went at it. It was summer in Virginia so we were both sweaty already. Just kind of a, ‘Oh, who cares’ moment.” – Dean, 42 (Source)

3. The Classic Summer Date Dress:

“I literally have a short sundress that I bought specifically to be my date dress and I only wear it when I intend to have it hiked TF up.” – Beth, 26 (Source)

4. It’s Not Complicated:

“Seeing a sundress that fits in all the right places while maintaining a certain air of classiness is the ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail.’ It gives a man most of the information he needs but makes him want to explore even more. Sundresses are sexy because they are effortless and give off a girl-next-door vibe. Gosh, I love summer.” (Source)

5. A Sultry Summer, Indeed: 

“Ah, the glory of a sundress. I endure the outdoors with its sweltering heat and armada of murderous bugs for such sights. The bare shoulders kissed by the sun, the sensual yet tasteful way the dress moves with the hips—I’m here for all of that. At the risk of sounding any creepier than I already do, I’m going to stop there.” (Source)

Hot Girl Summer Is Here With Its Favorite Acessory: The Sexy Sundress!

Hot Girl Summer Is Here With Its Favorite Acessory

Like I was saying, it is way too hot outside and a black sundress is not a good idea – ditch the usual shades this Summer – yes, you don’t need that black sundress this year, I swear! Hot girl Summer is here, and finding the perfect short sundress might just make your summer memorable. 

May this summer is all about beautiful sundresses and sultry sexperiences – you deserve it! Feel free to share your thoughts, stories, and experiences related to wearing a sundress in the comments below. 

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