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Sneaky Link: Having A Crazy Moment With This Social Media Term

Sneaky Link: Having A Crazy Moment With This Social Media Term

Sneaky Link
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When it comes to making a trend go viral, the best thing to do is make a video of it and put it on the social media app TikTok.

It is the birthplace of viral trends, challenges, and most funny videos, which go viral to go crazy on the internet, especially on social media like TikTok.

But among these trends, the latest of this trend is the “sneaky link‘ trend. The trend took the attention of most of the creators here on the platform. Do you even know the meaning of the word, Sneaky link?

If you didn’t, then I am here to make to help you understand, so keep on reading and keep on scrolling down to know more about the topic at hand.

What Is A Sneaky Link Meaning?  

What Is A Sneaky Link Meaning

In plain sight, the meaning of the trend “Sneaky Link” on TikTok means to have a sexual relationship with someone secret. It means you are either cheating on your partner or you engaged in a casual hook-up it someone you wanna keep a secret.

Well, the meaning can also be when you wanna keep your husband or wife a secret, then also the word “sneaky link” word can be said.

But when it comes to keeping a relationship secret, it means that you are probably having a casual hookup or affair that is shameful for you to reveal. This might prompt you to be uncomfortable talking about it, and that is when the trend of “sneaky link” slang became such a trend online.

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The “Sneaky Link” Song And Inspiration  

When a song by Soulja Boy and Kayla Nicole was released by name “Sneaky Link 2.0,” the song became a hit on TikTok. The lines of the song go like this.

[Soulja Boy]



Uh. Hxllywood. Yea Waaa. Remix,

Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky link)

You my sneaky link (Sneaky link)

Other: (Chopper mouth sounds) Run it up

Yeah (uh), ayy (uh), ayy Uh


Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)

Be your sneaky link

Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)

Be your sneaky link (sneaky)

Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)

Be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)

Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)

Yea I am your sneaky link


I said this beat gone make her clap go bizzurk

[Soulja Boy]

Yo, that’s the only plan

Cash out on Bugatti shirt on Only Fans

Beat the pot like Peter Pan

Spin the block then spin again

She turn around like ceiling fan

I make it rain


I’m breaking down a brick again

In the trap and I’m whipping my wrist again

Spin through the block with them choppers and hit at him

Underneath its Pirellis ain’t riding on Michelins


I had to knock out the middleman

Stand in the trap, and I’m passing, and I got rich again

Yea, breaking down bricks again

He come to the block, and I’m serving him

Twenty-Twenty Two Bugatti I’m swerving in

Slow it down. Slow it down

She working it

Pop on the block

And they green like zucchini

She slide and she eating

She say that she sneaky

I bust down that Cartier I slide on my 40

I make it look easy

We pop to the top like some pieces

I’m swishing the cups and they looking like Reese’s

She makin it clap and my wrist in the freezer


And I heard you got a man

Hxllywood don’t give a damn

I make lil mama jams

So I know that you a fan

Gone and dance for all these bands

Like I am your only fan

Girl I can be your only fan

Girl you can be my sneaky link (we sneaky)

But you my weakest link

No cap bitch your pussy weak

So what the fuck you think

I heard you got that sloppy toppy toppy

You a thoty body

Shorty got that body ody ody

Like she Megan probably

In the Stu bitch I go stupid

I can’t love no bitch No cupid

Shorty slide just like she Nike

I call her and she just do it


Shorty kind of crazy tryna get up in my pants

Say she tryna have my baby but plan b the only plan


Boy you just my sneaky link


I am?

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So don’t keep texting me

I’m not your bitch stop checking me

You come last when he next to me

His special bitch no recipe

Like salt bae open sesame

You calling while he sexing me

I’m such a… Freak

He cum fast when I say link

Got him saved as Uber Eats

What’s the plan I say plan b

You can’t take me out the streets

I’m fat mun nu a mami

Aint no bun you just my link

I got body and good brain

He my break when my heart break

I step on bitches’ neck then go ride they niggas chest

He gon shoot cuz I’m the best

I go temp cuz he a guest

Save me last cuz I’m the best

Before he eat I say god bless

He be hearting all my shit

But he could never picture this


Yea Whaaa

Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)

Be your sneaky link

Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)

Be your sneaky link

Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)

Be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)

Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)

Yeah, I am your sneaky link

Yeaaa Waaaa

Sneaky Link: Refer To Your Hookup Buddy  

Sneaky Link Refer To Your Hookup Buddy

The line “Boy you just my sneaky link, so don’t keep texting me.” These are the lyrics that are sung over and over again in the whole song. The song is meant to be a song about cheating or a secret affair without your partner knowing.

The TikTok community is sharing videos by making videos based on this song. The video can also be based on their own sneaky link affair, which they are revealing on their TikTok platform.

But since the sneaky line trend is a very adult genre, so it is important for parents to keep a check on their kids when they are using the platform. Since the content is adult, a parental check is needed on kids with the trend.

Wrapping Up!  

So now, if you understand the Sneaky link trend properly, then you can very well understand why the song became so popular and trendy.

Then with this article, if you get to understand the trend properly, then if you liked this article, then give us a like and comment down below whether you kept up with the link on TikTok or not.

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