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5 Tips For Choosing A Payment Processor For Adult Websites

5 Tips For Choosing A Payment Processor For Adult Websites

Payment Processor For Adult Websites
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Did you know that some estimates say that roughly one-third of the internet is made up of adult websites? It’s difficult to get a full read, as the number is constantly changing and adult porn websites are difficult to tally. But if you’re trying to join the ranks, there are a few steps to follow beforehand.

Looking into payment processors for adult websites feels overwhelming, but it’s critical to your success. Even free adult websites still may need a payment processor for one or two features. Read on to learn more about finding the perfect payment processor for your site.

1. Use A Secure Processor

Above all else, you need to ensure that you’re using a secure payment processor. Many “not safe for work” websites of all sorts have a reputation for being unsafe and insecure.

Even the giant websites that most know about aren’t free from data breaches or scams. Some people may avoid an adult website that doesn’t seem secure. Others may only stay for a few moments to see if you have what they were searching for.

A secure processor is paramount to making your visitors feel that they can trust you. Not only will this secure longer-term visitors, but it will also convince others at first glance that you’re one to stay with.

The best adult payment processor is a secure one. Make sure you’re working with a reputable and secure payment processor before you use them.

2. Worldwide Payments

With a purely internet-based operation, you may find yourself growing beyond your nation’s borders. How will your payment processor handle the issue of payments from abroad?

For some payment processors, this may add an additional fee. Such fees can be excessive if most of your traffic is coming from foreign visitors.

If you need to accept payments from abroad, you should look into everything that interacts with your processor. Investigate fees, allowances, securities, and the like. Make sure there’s no factor you’re fuzzy on before you start using the processor.

3. Look Into Customer Support

It’s far from uncommon for a situation to arise where you need to discuss an issue with customer support. A customer may need a chargeback on their card, or you may need to switch plans. What do you do if the customer support isn’t as good as you’d like?

You can often get a grasp on a company’s customer support before you sign on. Payment processors for adult websites are no different with this rule.

One great way to understand a company’s customer support is to look at reviews. Check on the best adult websites and see if the processor is in use. From there, consider reaching out to the site’s owner and see if they have any concerns about the processor.

You can also try more “traditional” areas such as review sites, Glassdoor, and more. Look into the processor’s reputation both on family-friendly sites and free adult websites, if possible. Some may treat one clientele differently from the other.

Overall, it’s critical that you be aware of the company you’re signing up for as your processor. Making sure their customer support is useful and helpful is important for your future working with them. If their customer support is lacking, find a different processor for your adult website.

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4. Investigate Any Fees

There’s more to look into than customer support and security. Payment processors often come with a high number of fees for you. These fees may be one-time or come from every transaction.

There are also fees that may come with specific types of transactions. For example, will you need to pay a startup fee as well as an annual fee? What about maintenance fees for them to keep the servers running?

If you have the need to lease credit card processing equipment, this is also a factor. Does your adult website have a brick-and-mortar store that you run as well? You may use the same processor for both and need card-scanning equipment.

There are dozens more fees to know about on your end, such as liability for credit card chargebacks. But one of the most important is the fees that you’ll need to pay for your customers.

For example, some payment processing companies may charge a fee per transaction. Some instead use a model where they charge for every X transaction, such as every hundred or thousand.

Finally, they may charge a monthly subscription on top of these many fees. They could decide to charge you a termination fee if you decide to change processors.

That’s all to say: there are countless hidden fees that are in your terms and conditions. These fees can drastically eat into your profits if your site is meant to generate income.

For free adult websites, these issues aren’t as important. However, if you are running the site for free, these fees can begin to accrue and eat up funds.

5. Long Or Short Term?

With everything else considered, your last step is to think of whether you want a long or short-term contract. Some companies offer subscription services that won’t function with a contract. These monthly subscriptions are terminable when necessary, sometimes at a moderate fee.

Others may provide contracts that are a year or longer. You can save money on monthly subscription fees with an annual subscription. But if you’re “locked in” to the contract, you won’t get a refund should you decide to switch processors or stop operations.

Think of how long you’ll need a processor before you sign up. The best adult payment processor won’t lock you down but will help in the long-term operations.

Running The Best Adult Websites

Adult websites make up a massive chunk of the internet, so there are countless resources for them. Whether you’re running free adult websites or premium adult porn sites, a well-functioning payment processor is critical. Look into the best payment processors for adult websites to see what fits your needs.

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