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How To Make A Man Cry In Bed: 10 Things You Can Do

How To Make A Man Cry In Bed: 10 Things You Can Do

how to make a man cry in bedroom
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When you are in bed, the pleasure that we girls receive during sex is much more than the guys in certain cases, but that is not fair.

So it is now up to you to know how to make a man cry in bed. It is possible that you don’t know all the tricks, but that is exactly why I am here to tell you about it.

The first thing that you should know is that guys don’t need much to feel absolute pleasure, but they take longer time to get there than us. So we have to be very patient to help them out.

To know all the naughty secrets that will help you making him moan in the bedroom. Then keep on scrolling through this article to know every last detail and even technique.

How To Make A Man Cry In Bedroom 

Making your man cry in bed is not a bad thing, rather a make him cry out loud out of pleasure. When the moment is just right then he will sure cry out loud moaning. So here are a few ways you can do that.

1. Try A Sensitive Position During Sex

Try A Sensitive Position During Sex

If you really wanna know how to make a man cry in bedroom, then there is not a single thing that you should do, there are a lot.  

The same goes for girls, it is important to try out new poses and positions while having sex to make things interesting. But it is not that only girls want to try new things, guys crave them as well.

Like, have you heard of Nipple stimulus, well, guys usually do that to us, but guys love it as well, but they are too shy to say it.

2. Concentrate On His Thighs During Sex

Concentrate On His Thighs During Sex

A few of the best places to kiss and touch a guy’s body is their inner thigh. Those areas are what turns on a guy, it is like foreplay that turns him on faster than usual.

If you plant even a feather-like kiss on his inner thighs, that is enough for him to cry out of pleasure. So if this was unknown to you, then you should learn more about soft porn.

3. Play With His Neck During Sex

Play With His Neck During Sex

As for us girls, guys have a sensitive neck as well, they get squirmy when their neck is touched in a softer way. So use that as your way of enticing him even more.

Maybe pull their hair a bit, nibble on their neck, even go for a hickey and whisper your needs in his ears to let him know. These things work like magic once you are a master of it.

4. Going Down… After Sex!

Going Down… After Sex!

To know how to make a man cry in bedroom, then the best way to do is if you go down on him, even after your sweaty bodies are tangled together on the bed.

Nothing would give your man more pleasure than that, cuz let’s face it, guys do a lot while having sex, sometimes more than women.

5. Up Your Dirty Talk

Up Your Dirty Talk

If you think your level of dirty talk is at the kinky level then, then you have to work harder and more slutier, tell them explicitly about what you crave.

Show him that he is what you need, and he can only quench the thirst inside of you. So to know how to make a man cry in bedroom, up your dirty talking level.

6. Bite And Nibble

Bite And Nibble

Seems quite normal, right? Well, it’s not as much, you need to know exactly when and where to bite and nibble on your man’s body.

But it is highly recommended that you should nibble and bite during sex. It is not only hot but will make him keep on going in if you know what I mean.

7. Bring Toys

Toys are a few things that need to be approved by both of you, as both of you will be playing with them. Don’t you think that ‘Why bring toys, am I not enough for him?’

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The toys are just an addition, like external stimulation during sex. If you have seen 50 shades of Grey, I won’t have to say how you should use certain toys.

8. Deep Throat

Deep Throat

Well, what kind of a guy doesn’t love the feeling when we go down on them, but making him moan in pleasure is a different thing.

For that, you have to go down even deeper, if a girl deep throats her man, then he will scream out of pleasure. So giving him a deep throat is going is how to please a man in bed.

9. Give The Balls Some Love

When I say play with their balls, that is not only during a blow job. But during sex, give the balls a ‘softer bite’ of attention.

He won’t say, but that is what all guys dream of from their woman when in bed. But while biting, make sure you don’t a bit harder, or else they will be in pain, and the mood will be gone.

10. Touch Yourself

Touch Yourself

For a guy, only a handful of things are as sexy and hotter than seeing his girl pleasuring herself and touching herself while having sex. The moan that comes out from your mouth is enough for him to go crazy.

That scene is hotter than any porn he might have seen in his life. So girls, scenes everyone knows how to masturbate, start doing yourself in front of your man, that is gonna turn him on like nothing else ever.

Wrapping Up!

If you are well aware of what you need to do to know how to make a man cry in bedroom, then definitely try a few out the next time.

And then tell us about what was his reaction to your new tricks during sex to entice him. So if you liked this article, then surely give us a like and comment down below.

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