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40+ Quotations About Fake Love That Every Heart Can Relate To!

40+ Quotations About Fake Love That Every Heart Can Relate To!

Quotations About Fake Love
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It inevitably always loves at first sight. I have come across the line so many times in real life and in the world of media that there’s no point in trying to convince me another way. Similarly, the whole love makes you blind is an even more relatable concept.

Falling in love is literally equivalent to looking at your partner with a pair of rose-tinted glasses – the illusion breaks once the reality starts sinking in, which can take weeks, months, and sometimes even years.

But once it breaks, it REALLY breaks. And I have been there, too – I’m sure some of you have also been in similar situations. So when I got an opportunity to write about some of the best quotations about fake love, I couldn’t resist delaying – I had to get it done.

Stay tuned to read some of the top quotes about fake love!

30+ Quotations About Fake Love That Every Broken Heart Can Relate To!

Welcome to The Dating Dairy’s ‘fake relationship quotes’ edition. If you just had a heartbreak, you will have fun reading these quotes. Because how low can your ex-partner fall, really? Dating someone casually is acceptable, but lying about your feelings shows how insensitive and selfish such a person can be – if you have been in such a spot, then you know how it feels!

So without wasting any time, scroll down and checkout 30+ quotations about fake love that every broken heart can relate to!

1. Fake Love And Commitment Phobia:

Fake Love And Commitmentphobia

Are you searching for ‘ relationship hurt quotes’ or even ‘relationship selfish quotes’ on Google? If you are, then stop right now because I am here to help! Commitment-phobia is such a millennial thing, tbh, but there’s no denying that it doesn’t exist anymore.

I am 26, and I often hear my friends complaining about partners who were in love with them but, for some strange reason, weren’t ready to commit. And that is where the problem begins. Because how can you ‘love’ someone but not commit to them? It just doesn’t make sense.

So if your partner loves you but can’t commit to you, it’s time to change your partner – #sorrynotsorry! Meanwhile, checkout these crazy quotations about fake love!

  1. I don’t know how people can fake whole relationships. I can’t even fake a hello to somebody I don’t like.
  1. Sometimes, you make me feel like I actually have a chance with you, but when I try to take that chance, you make me realize I never really did.
  1. I’m not crying because of you, you’re not worth it. I’m crying because my delusion of who you were was shattered by the truth of who you are.
  1. One day, I hope you look back at what we had and regret every single thing you did to let it end.
  1. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. I only exist when you need something.
  1. And tonight, I’m stuck here laying in bed wondering if you ever meant a goddamn word you said.
  1. I walked away because you were too busy finding faults in me while I was busy overlooking yours.
  1. Accept the situation and move on with a smile. No matter whether that smile is real or fake. Because no one really cares.
  1. Sometimes you have to give up on people, not because you don’t care, but because they don’t care.
  1. And if I’m honest, I don’t believe you ever truly loved me. You just got a little lonely at night, and you loved that I loved you.

2. Fake Love And Cheating

Fake Love And Cheating

Are you looking for ‘disappointment trust broken quotes’ or even ‘no love quotes’ on Google? If you are, then stop right now because I have arrived with some of the best quotations about fake love related to cheating.

Cheating is one of those deal-breakers in relationships that I just can’t forgive. If it’s the same thing for you, then you will relate extra to these fake love quotes. But if you can forgive cheating, then the impact of these quotes on you might not be a big deal. 

And that’s fine, too – as long as you can take these in good humor. If you have ever been cheated on, then you must have gone through pretty strong emotions, and I am so sorry that it happened to you. But during that dark phase, didn’t you grow?

  1. I am a good enough person to forgive you. But I’m not stupid enough to trust you again.
  1. Cheating isn’t always kissing, touching, or flirting. If you gotta delete text messages so your partner won’t see them, you’re already there.
  1. When you cheat on someone, you’re telling them they’re not good enough for you. That you never loved them.
  1. If you succeed in cheating someone, don’t think that person is a fool. Realize that the person trusted you more than you deserved.
  1. My psychology professor said, “when you fall in love with someone, you aren’t interested in anyone else. If you are, you aren’t in love.” And I think everyone needs to hear that.
  1. If I could go back to the day we met, I would turn around and walk away.
  1. Stop crossing oceans for people who won’t jump puddles for you.
  1. I let down my walls for you. But you only made me remember why I built them so high.
  1. When a relationship doesn’t have trust, it will always have problems.
  1. Meeting you will never be my regret. Tolerating the ways you hurt me always will be.

3. Fake Love And Lying

Fake Love And Lying

Nah, there’s no point looking up ‘trust broke quotes’ or ‘people fake quotes.’ Instead, stay with me as I navigate some of the best quotations about fake love related to lying. Lying is yet another deal-breaker for most people, and for me, I suppose. 

Sometimes, you might fall for compulsive liars, and that’s all right as long as you come out of it. Most toxic relationships are based on strong foundations of lying – the relationship turns truly toxic when you are unable to step out of the toxic relationship.

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If you have dated a liar and managed to end the relationship, then you know what I am talking about. And that also means you will find the quotes mentioned below really funny.

  1. Secrets and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you are, you will get caught.
  1. Never lie to your partner, even if the truth might hurt them. Lying ruins trust.
  1. Of all the lies I’ve heard, ‘I love you’ was my favorite.
  1. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine for believing every word you said.
  1. I’m not upset you lied to me. I’m upset from now on. I can’t believe you.
  1. I don’t understand how someone can tell so many lies and never feel bad about it.
  1. In a relationship, you don’t lie and keep secrets. You are in a relationship to grow closer, not hide things and ruin trust.
  1. If you get that gut feeling that something isn’t right about a person or situation, trust it.
  1. I thought truth and love came together, but you made me realize you could either love or tell the truth.
  1. Never lie to the eyes that look at you with love.

Bonus Section: Fake Love And Just About Everything!

Of course, we had a section on fake love, heartbreaks, reality checks, and everything in between. Welcome to The Dating Dairy’s bonus section! In the sections above, we have talked about quotes related to fake love catering to commitment phobia, lying, and cheating. 

But on second thoughts, we also had to write for everyone who has been a victim of fake love, not because their partners were commitment-phobic or cheating on them. But because their partners just couldn’t stay true to their feelings or were completely selfish and narcissistic to even begin with. This one’s for them!

  1. “One can always fake a smile, but it’s not that easy to fake your feelings forever.”
  2. “It’s surprising that someone could pretend to love just to become a part of someone else’s life.”
  3. “You shattered the remainder of my heart, yet you expect me to be okay with it day after day.”
  4. “I don’t hate you. I’m just disappointed.”
  5. “People wear masks of lies so that they look attractive, so be careful.”
  6. “What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?”
  7. “It’s far better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone so far.”
  8. You said, I love you. I said it, too. The only difference is, I didn’t lie to you.”
  9. “I didn’t fall in love with you; I fell in love with the person you pretended to be.”
  10. “You said you would love me forever; you lied. You never loved me.”
  11. “If someone wants you, nothing will keep them away, but if they don’t want you, nothing will make them stay.”
  12. “Some people are going to love you no matter what you do. And some people will never love you no matter what you do.”

And It’s A Wrap On Quotations About Fake Love:

The perfect quotation about fake love does not exist – that’s what I thought before writing this entertaining article. But then this article happened, and now I am full of quotations about fake love. Of course, I am not saying true love doesn’t exist. I have a perfectly loving boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t experienced fake love or the after-effects of such love.

So, tell us, which is your favorite quote about fake people, fake love, and even fake relationships? I will love to know – if you know of such quotes that sound absolutely savage or eye-opening, but I haven’t mentioned them here, then feel free to share them with me.

Feel free to drop your thoughts, favorites, and opinions related to fake love in the comments below.

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