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Exploring Feminine Desire: The Power Of Erotica For Women

Exploring Feminine Desire: The Power Of Erotica For Women

The Power of Erotica for Women
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As a woman myself, I can assure you that women are more imaginative than men. Women get aroused when they read things or imagine things in their minds. It begins in their mind. We often rush our partners and ourselves to orgasm without even actually experiencing what our mind experiences. We tend to get off quickly without the full experience that we can have when our mind is fully aroused, just like our body.

Eroticas often get a bad reputation, but that seems a bit unfair. As the literary work can be a turn-on, that doesn’t mean it should get a bad reputation in the literary world. The power that erotica has over women is huge. This is again a basic characteristic difference between men and women that women get turned on when they read or hear stories and imagine those in their minds, whereas men prefer to watch.

It is a fascinating thing how erotica turns women on. Many steamy stories like Fifty Shades Of Grey and 365 Days have been made into films, but they are not nearly as arousing as the books are. Women get turned on by their brains first. It is not just about the physical attraction, it is a lot more.

The best 12 erotica are listed here:

1. Seven Days In June – Tia Williams 

An award-winning novel writer and a best-selling author of erotica meet at a literary event in NYC and feels an instant connection with one another. There is chemistry between them instantly, and that is because they had an affair for a week 15 years before. The rest you can imagine for yourself what can happen when they get back together again.

2. While We Were Dating – Jasmine Guillory 

In this book, an actress who is looking forward to being the next star of Hollywood and an executive from an advertising agency find themselves attracted to each other and start to fall in love, and the love they feel for one another goes way more than physical attraction.

3. The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang

This tale of romance will make you swoon. This is the story of an economist, Stella, and a male escort she hires to give her an erotic experience. Though the escort, Michael, tried very hard to keep this relationship strictly professional, it didn’t take very long before they started to fall for each other.

4. You Make a Fool of Death with Your Beauty – Akwaeke Emezi

This is a soft romantic novel about a young artist who decides to get back to the dating world after 5 years of losing her love in an accident. The new relationship she gets into also gets complicated when she gets her mind occupied by her boyfriend’s dad.

5. Girl Meets Boy – Ali Smith

This is a steamy love story between Anthea, who works in a company that produces bottled water, and an environmental activist, Robin. This is a lot like the modern-day representation of Ianthe and Iphis.

6. The Pieces – Mellia Border

This extremely erotic novel tells the story of a woman who moves to Venice Beach to finish her dissertation on Sappho and starts to fall for a merman and starts questioning everything she once thought to be real.

7. A Court Of Thorns And Roses – Sarah J. Mass

The first part of this book mainly focuses on a 19-year-old girl, Feyre, who is a huntress who gets captured by a beast. But he is not a beast, he is an immortal faerie. She starts to grow feelings after he shows her who he actually is and stops with the ice-cold behavior.

8. Naked in Death – J.D.Robb

This is a very long death series, and the first part is set in 2058, way ahead of time, showcasing Eve Dallas, a New York detective who inspects a series of horrific murders and begins to grow feelings for the prime suspect of these murders.

9. One Last Stop – Casey McQuiston

A detective named August, who is starting to figure out the job and has recently moved to NYC, falls in love with an interesting punk-rock lesbian named Jane, who is actually from the 1970s and has got trapped and misplaced by time on the subway.

10. Lilith’s Brood – Octavia E. Butler

Lilith’s Brood was written in three different parts as a trilogy- Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago which were stories that revolved around the sensual process of transformation.

11. Emmanuelle – Emmanuelle Arsan

This book is from the perspective of a young bisexual Frenchwoman. With a minimal plot and literary language, the erotic scenes will disclose themselves like a dream. The plot does create any obstruction as Emmanuelle explores herself with men and women everywhere.

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12. Lady Chatterley’s Lover – D. H. Lawrence

This steamy store is a love tale that is now placed among the masterpieces. This story tells the tale of an extramarital affair between a woman and a gamekeeper. The woman is married to an aristocrat. Previously in 1960, it was banned.


There are many erotic stories available online nowadays, and there are different kinds as well. If you just want to get the hack of it or just trying for the first time, soft erotica for women can be the best option for you.

Audio erotica for women is also available if you prefer to listen to them instead of reading. This is a healthy way of exploring your sexuality before getting into anything more.

This will help to figure out what things you like and what you are comfortable with. Get things clear in your mind first before getting into bed with your partner.

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